Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Brooklyn Baby

what to do in brooklyn

So, you may or may not have seen on my Instagram that I recently went to NYC... If you follow me on Instagram and didn't see, well, I've been posting as if i'm still there for a whole month now you ok hun? 
Anyway, so yeah, I went to NYC and it was as amazing as you'd expect. I have tons of content for even more posts (I know, i'm a gem aren't I?) so I won't reveal everything right now, but one of the highlights of the trip was definitely heading over to Brooklyn for the day. We stayed in NOMAD close to Times Square which was the perfect location (i'd definitely recommend looking around there if you're heading over for a trip). But, as you know, NYC is absolutely huge - so it's impossible to just brisk through the city and see it all in one day.

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We travelled pretty far and wide on foot this day, starting at our NOMAD base and walking through the city towards the Soho area for some shopping, gradually making our way down Lower Manhattan to Brooklyn Bridge. It took us a really long time, but we did get to see a lot of different parts of the city - and there are literally so many different quirks to see. One part of NY is very different to the next, so I was really surprised to see what Soho was like in comparison to the Times Square area that we spent most of our time in. I'm not gonna lie, walking this far (especially after my wheelchair history) was painful, and i'd probably get an Uber if I was to do it again - but yay for toned legs right?!

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Brooklyn is a charm all on it's own and i'd definitely recommend doing the walk over the bridge. The walk into New York from Brooklyn is much prettier as you can see the views of the Trade centre, but there's also some pretty good photo-op spots on the way over to Brooklyn too. It's super busy though, so i'd recommend being an early bird if you want the perfect gram shot without anyone in the background cos in the afternoon, it was really hard work getting a photo anywhere, including the infamous DUMBO!

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Some of the photos we took this day are some of my favourites from the trip. What says you went to NY more than a photo in front of a landmark, right? DUMBO was a really cute spot for photos, but it was super packed full of people wanting to get a cute shot in the road so there was always people in the background (the one downfall of NYC!). But it's really great to see and a cute little spot outside of the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, with some really great local spots to try out.

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We had a stroll over and decided to get some food at a spot called 'Westville' which was a really cute bar/restaurant that had an outside terrace and garden area. There was a lot of locals there gathering for after work drinks, so the vibe was super chilled and the food was really good! I had my eye on the desserts but I behaved... For once. 
After that we headed to a cocktail bar on the waterfront called 'Sugar Cane', which is really great if you like a more happy hour vibe and al fresco drinks. The Bellini's I would definitely recommend! It's safe to say we didn't leave sober.

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While we didn't get to discover too much of Brooklyn, there's so much more to go at. It's known for it's graffiti work as well as a ton of amazing breakfast, dessert and burger spots that are classed as the best in the whole of NYC. There was so many burgers I wanted to try but just didn't have time. The famous Coney Island is also in Brooklyn - which is meant to be incredible during the Summer. 
Next time, i'll be hitting up Williamsburg and pretending to be a local hipster...


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