Sunday, 11 March 2018

Social Media: Why Does It Matter So Much?

social media effect on mental health

Let's talk all of our fave topic.... SOCIAL MEDIA. We're all on it, even our nan's are on it (and probably their cats too), and some form of it the majority of us check daily (read: when we wake up, when we're on the loo, when we're on the train).

Just seven years ago, I was sitting in my uni room signing up to Instagram and trying out the 'Valencia' filter like it was the best thing since sliced bread. My first ever photo was a selfie of me taken on my Mac's webcam pouting before a shift at the pub in Ruby Woo (wow how times (and megapixels) have changed!)... Little did I know that the platform would be the core of my career right now - and the 'be all and end all' of the blogging community. 
When I first joined Instagram, it was treated like just another Facebook platform. We overshared menial shit and nothing about it was aspirational at all (read: nobody put avocado on their fucking bread because why would we?). I'd have probably never dreamt of following someone I didn't know and stalking their photos all day every day, because I wanted to see my friend's dog or what my aunty had for dinner. And not even in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible either, I didn't even care if it had a filter on... Nobody did. How mad does that sound? Today, we live in a much different world - where we definitely judge people for using the Valencia filter (it's clearly all about Lightroom and VSCO now, Instagram filters are SO over)... And on their follower count. Ouch.
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