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5 Things I'm Looking Forward To In Spring

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Spring is so close it's literally in sight and I know i'm definitely not the only one ready to be rid of this awful, cold weather! When I was younger I used to LOVE Winter, it was my favourite season by far. All the best occasions are in Winter. My birthday, Christmas, New Year's... All the fairs and events are the best, as well as the seasonal foods (it should be acceptable stuff your fave with Pigs in Blankets ALL year round lets face it). 
I've always loved cosy nights in all wrapped up and binge watching Netflix or watching a cute movie, and Winter is so perfect for that - I mean really anytime is perfect for that, but we're made to feel far less guilty for doing it on a daily basis when it's actually Baltic outside.
HOWEVER... In my older age, all gal wants is to be warm and in the sunshine - Spring, we're counting on you. So, i've already said what's fun about our current, sufferable season, now, onto the next...

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1) Fresh mornings

I think my all-time fave thing about Spring is those dewy mornings when everything's so fresh and green again, still a little chilly but you know it's gonna warm up throughout the day so it's like the anticipation of nice weather. Nothing beats a lunch time stroll and actually getting off your backside because you can finally enjoy a bit of fresh air without frostbite. I live in Manchester so I say this now, it's probably gonna chuck it down 80% of the time.

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2) Easter

Easter is of course a family occasion and my family are pretty close-knit, which means a monster of a roast dinner with a full table and copious amounts of chocolate! Also, the run up to Easter eating all of the Easter Eggs obv is something I look forward to every year... (anyone else feel like they're definitely in the shops FAR too early every year though?!)

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3) Al fresco outings

One of my favourite hobbies is eating out, and there's just something about being out with the gals and having al fresco cocktails and dinner at cute places. Our Instagram's get so much better cos we actually have something to do other than eat a pint of Ben and Jerry's in front of the tele in our Harry Potter PJ's and on a more serious note, we just feel 500% better because we're not cooped up in the house.

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4) Longer, lighter days

I hate how limited you feel in the Winter. Before you've even finished work the sun has set and it's pitch black outside, making you feel like you need to rush home and get tucked up in bed. Out goes going to the gym after work or being motivated to do much else but throw a blanket over you and hibernate. Spin class, i'll see you soon! And plus, only having one day a week to take pics for the 'Gram just AIN'T the one.

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5) New styles on my favourite sites

My fave collections are usually A/W, but after a few months of seeing the same thing - change is more than welcome. I love fashion, so naturally I do love every season shopping and i've already seen some cute things for the new season that doesn't involve faux fur and a blanket scarf - fun, huh? And you know, I can also wear the heck out of this cute River Island dress when it's finally a bit warmer out...

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