Friday, 10 November 2017

Introducing: Glo & Ray Make-Up

glo & ray make up review

I might have been almost MIA recently, but i'm back - and my addiction to beauty products is getting worse (I mean, I don't think it's 'worse', but some people may...). Is that what an addict sounds like?
Anyway, I love to try new products - it's always my favourite part. It's like the Christmas of beauty products everytime when discovering something new that you like.
I heard about Glo & Ray through an old client of mine when they started stocking them, and after hearing great things from each team member - I immediately followed them on Instagram to keep my eyes out for what they were up to. 

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Ibiza Throwback: The 5 Worst Things About Winter

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The transition from Summer, into Autumn, into Winter is such a fast one - and for what people will presumably blame on global warming (which I admittedly haven't really been keeping up with because it's a bit of a slow burner...), I really don't feel like we had an Autumn at all. I mean, it's technically still supposed to be Autumn, but i'm sitting here in my bed under a duvet and a blanket, wearing my pj's, a jumper and slipper socks to try and hide from the chill (it's not working, my feet are bloody frozen). Naturally, i'm reminiscing on times when I was much warmer such as Ibiza in September - and wishing I could feel my toes again. In the spirit of a true Brit, I thought what better thing to do than round up the five worst things about Winter, so we can all moan together about the weather and indulge in a brew, dreaming of tropical heat and cocktails - which we won't have, because we live in England.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Winter Styling with River Island #ImWearingRI

autumn winter 2017 fashion trends

Because there's absolutely no way i'll accept that it's still Autumn, here's to Winter already. I'm ditching the jackets and thin knits for the chunky jumpers and cosy coats. Not to mention it's absolutely freezing in Manchester... 
River Island are one of the first places that I check at the beginning of any season, and i'm always guaranteed to have a wishlist as long as my arm every time. This season, they have the most amazing jumpers and as a self-professed knitwear obsessive, I found it so hard to not buy them all! If you love a huge, chunky, cosy knit like me, you won't be disappointed. This one's SO warm and is a chenille knit, perfect for an office day to Christmas market boozing afterwards. Not forgetting the cute multi-purpose trousers to match, right?
My next fave thing about the new season? My colour palette is darker, autumnal shades that are mostly warm, so dual tonal dressing is my absolute fave. Plus, the benefits are that you don't have to think of what you're gonna wear things with, right? A lazy girl's dream. 
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