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Go Love Yourself - Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day

kylie cosmetics burgundy palette blog review
Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy Eyeshadow
You either have a good social life, love life or work life - and in my case, the love life part is basically non-existent at the moment. I'm definitely not bitter about Valentine's Day, but it has less of an impression on me since it's not exactly something i'm celebrating - unless using it as an excuse to eat the cheap chocolate afterwards counts...
Sometimes though, you just need a little excuse to treat yourself - so instead of proclaiming your love for someone else this Valentine's, treat yourself with those gimmicky chocolates and gifts instead... We all love a mid-month treat, right?
From actual sweet treats to my top beauty picks this month, i've rounded up the ultimate gifts for yourself this Valentine's Day...

movenpick free from ice cream review
Movenpick Free From Ice Cream
Going guilt-free this February? I wish I was... Sometimes we all need a bit of a binge that isn't so naughty, and an ice cream craving can be hard to crush. I'm kind of obsessed with Movenpick's Fruity and Creamy range which is free from lactose and as far as ice cream goes, pretty damn low-cal (thank god!)... Basically means you can eat the entire tub and feel approximately 200 calories less guilty for it. What else could a girl want in life? 

best nail polishes beauty blog
Nailed By Rosie Fortescue
Food? Check. Chick flick? Check. Next, it's all about the pampering. There's nothing better than a girly night when you're single AF doing all of those cliche gal things like lathering on a face mask and painting your nails - but honestly, what could possibly beat it? My favourite ever thing is chilled nights with a friend binge watching absolute shite and chatting even more shite - so the addition of a few girly things makes for an ever more perfect evening. 

personalised prosecco gift
Personalised Prosecco
Sometimes, when you say the bottle has your name on it - it literally has your name on it. Probably more of a gift for a friend, but how cute having your own designated alcohol? I personally think everybody should have their own personal prosecco on Valentine's Day... What else are you supposed to do on a Tuesday night? 

best valentines gifts 2017
Pinkster Gin
With the tagline 'Let the love be Gin', this distillery really knows the way to a gals heart. Keeping in the pink Valentine's theme of course, this Raspberry infused gin is probably going to be my absolute go-to tomorrow - oh, and did I mention my gin lovers - it tastes DELISH!

spectrum collections brush beauty review
Spectrum Make Up Brushes
Do these babies even need an introduction? I think not! I think every beauty lover for the past couple of years has been dying to get their hands on some of Spectrums brushes - and they definitely spend a lot of time being out of stock still. I mean, look how pretty? If someone wants to treat me to a Glam Clam, please, do go ahead.

sleepover essentials blog valentines
Tangle Angel, 7th Heaven Face and Hair Masks
The Tangle Angel has got to be undoubtably the prettiest brush out there... I mean, it has angel wings... You may also recognise it as being the brush that Kim Kardashian was using in that Wonderland shoot not so long ago... Claim to fame right there! I've had a Tangle Angel before and I absolutely loved it - nothing feels better than not having to rag your locks out after a relaxing shower, right? (You thick haired gals will feel me!). 
Next is every single girls Valentine's essential - the face or hair mask. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do and prepping and preening on 'Galentines' is an absolute requirement. I definitely plan on drinking vino with my housemate tomorrow whilst donning one of these, that's for sure. 
what to buy for valentines day blog
Scavi & Ray Prosecco, Emoji Pillow, Guylian Chocolates
Scavi & Ray have been making the rounds as the fashion worlds go-to beverage, and to be fair - i've become extremely accustomed to their mini prosecco bottles. If you're fancying a bit of fizz this week - they're definitely worth a glass (or all six). 
Chocolatey treats at this time of year wouldn't be the same without Guylian, I think their seashells are pretty much everyone's favourite praline and I absolutely love picking up a cheeky box to share with those I love. I probably had about five boxes of these delights during Christmas and my addiction isn't ending there... They even have a Valentine's themed box available if you needed another excuse to indulge... 

galentines gifts 2017 blog
Esthechoc, Olverum Bath Oil
More chocolate? Of course, it wouldn't be Valentine's without it now would it? This time it's kind of a healthy one though. I discovered Esthechoc last month and at first thought it was a convenient way of getting a little sugary taste and restricting your chocolate intake, but not only is it a convenient way of doing this, it's also a food supplement to help enhance you skin. With research showing just one square a day is all you need, Esthechoc can help bring back your glow. Who knew chocolate could have as many benefits as it does? 
Another wellbeing style product is the Olverum Bath Oil - a bath oil designed to help relax and de-stress (exactly what the doctor ordered if you ask me...). It has a herbal scent to it that smells absolutely devine and a little goes a long way - making it a long-lasting bath oil that i'll definitely be saving for a rainy day. 

valentines hair care 2017
Rose Haircare

valentine's day 2017 gift guide
Grace Cole Body Care Duo, Beverley Hills Formula, Qsilica Exfoliator
And finally, those standard little treats that you don't need Valentine's as an excuse for. You can probably tell I love any general health and beauty product, and sometimes it all starts with even the simplest of products - such as teeth whitening! I have pretty sensitive teeth which I find some products can be way too harsh for, so I love anything less abrasive such as the Beverley Hills Formula Range for a whiter smile. 
Grace Cole have been stealing my heart (and a pretty hefty spot in my bathroom) since Christmas now - and their gorgeous packaging continually leaves me wanting more and more! How cute are they with their little tassels on? They smell incredible too, nothing feels better than showing with a pretty product that makes your skin super soft. 
Lastly is the Silica Exfoliator, a new product to my overflowing skincare cupboard that i'm super excited to try. All the way from the land of Aus, Silica uses natural, botanically based ingredients to promote cleansed, healthier skin without irritation. It even uses a little Salicylic Acid which is the key ingredient to combatting skin problems such as spots and imperfections. 


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