Wednesday, 4 January 2017

So Lost

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I know, I know - it's such a cliche to keep talking about 2017 and new starts and all that jazz, but it's totally normal for that to be all that's on your mind during the first week of January. We all have that hope that the beginning of the year will start off remarkably - myself included - but bloody hell this year has already come down like a ton of bricks on me and we're only four days in. While it's shook me, i'm more determined than ever to turn 2017 on it's ass flying-side flip style and finally have that well deserved breather. 
Putting together my '2016 in Outfits' made me realise how much i'd neglected something i'd started from the ground up and used to love (and still do love!) and i'm feeling more creative than ever to nurture my baby a little bit more and that starts from now. I have so many ideas that I really want to stick to once I get back on my feet in life and finally do that 'make this year my year' thing that people babble on about on Twitter. 
What would you want to see from The Fashion Wonderland this year? 

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Bag - Zara



  1. Great post, I like your boots :)

    new post

  2. Well with those boots you are definitely starting the year very well. But I get what you are saying, everyone on Twitter is like new year, new goal bla bla and here I was for a week feeling like shit. Made a post about it and let's hope this year is our year. Hugs:)


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