Sunday, 13 November 2016

Incorporating Your Summer Wardrobe Into Your Winter Outfits

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We all know how it feels to have panic bought a thousand and one dresses in the Summer to create the ultimate Summer wardrobe, and then be left with a rail full of clothing still with the tags on (at least I hope we all do) - like living in your very own retail store but messier. 
Every season I think to myself 'ooh this is nice i'll give it a go' even though it's too tight for me and my crazy pizza addiction and instead of returning it I say 'it's fine i'll just cut out pizza for a week, i'll be skinny in no time'... Aaaaand never do. In fact, I just did exactly that this week with a new dress I thought would be cute for my birthday this month, and still I continue to consume a week's worth of calories in one day. HMMPH
But we digress... My point is, why waste a perfectly good dress just because the season is wrong? Maybe don't run around in fluro (because that's never nice even in the Summer, including at a festival), but layering up versatile pieces can mix up your Winter style perfectly without having to spend a penny. It can be as simple as throwing it over a plain roll neck, or chucking a chunky knit over the top for more of a Chung vibe - or if you're feeling a little less lazy, opt for a cute detailed shirt with flute sleeves to keep it fresh and feminine... 

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Roll Neck - Primark


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