Thursday, 27 October 2016

Losing My Wagamamas Virginity at Manchester Printworks

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Being new in Manchester, i'm still yet to discover most places and i've been pretty lucky to have Sophie as my tour guide when it comes to the city. Another thing i'm new to is food. After spending most of my life as a fussy vegetarian, there's many restaurants to me that are still so untouched and as I continue to discover new varieties of food, I also discover new restaurants and for me, heading to Wagamamas for the first time at Manchester's Printworks was a pretty big deal. If you know me, you'll know how many things i'm picky about when it comes to food - MSG, gluten, meat, dairy - there's something from each category i'm funny about so finally venturing into the unknown was quite out of character (but i'm dipping my toes and i'm getting there!). So before you start thinking 'wow this girl's crazy how has she never been to Wagamamas before' - i've been brought up eating Indian food by the ton so spicy food and curries are nothing new to me, but Chinese food was completely avoided all of my life so anything kind of restaurant related to that oriental cuisine was also crossed right off my list - until last month that is.

The most i'd ever tasted was a little bit of a friends Katsu Curry on a shopping trip one day when she popped to Wasabi for some lunch, so I wasn't fully sure of what to order but eventually I opted for the Surendra's Curry with chicken and steamed rice - and lo and behold, I actually liked it. It was hot, spicy, coconut-ty and everything i'd ask for in a curry. On the side was the Barbecue Ribs (because how could I resist) lathered in a sticky Korean BBQ sauce. While these were super yummy, the only thing that was a downside was the lack of meat on them. 
Dessert is always the highlight of a dinner trip for me so I was basically waiting for this round the entire evening. One thing I love about a restaurant is variety and a good dessert menu, so when I saw sharing options I immediately knew what to order. What better way to try everything? We ordered the Mix It Up Mochi Ice-cream and the sharing mini cakes in a bid to literally try the whole menu. The Mochi Ice-cream flavours consisted of sticky rice covered Coconut, Raspberry (my absolute fave) and Toasted Sesame, and to compliment was the plate of mini cakes which included a White Chocolate and Ginger Cheesecake, Wasabi Chocolate Fudge Cake and Passionfruit Cheesecake (absolute YES!). 
Did someone say food coma? Extra props for the incredible juices too... If they do takeaway juices, i'm gonna be spending my salary there every day.

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