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Finally, I can say it. I've just had a nose job. One thing that i've wanted for years but seemed so out of reach was finally in grabbing distance and i'm so excited about it. I'm a very open person so I can never hide anything, particularly when it comes to something so taboo such as cosmetic surgery and i'm happy to wave the flag and say that i've had it. After all, it would be quite wrong of me to have a changing face and act oblivious to it.

So 'why' I hear you ask, and the answer is fairly simple. I refuse to sit here and be insecure about something knowing that there is a solution, and by going ahead with the procedure, I know that i'll be much happier when I look at myself in the mirror (which I have to do everyday). A lot of people may disagree with this kind of thing, and that's fine, this post isn't for you if that's the case - but in my opinion, it's a personal decision that should be respected - I mean, it doesn't really affect anybody else  but myself now, does it?
Hating something so focal about yourself affects so many aspects of your life. Sure, you're probably sat thinking 'you post photos of yourself online and on Instagram every single day, and you're telling me you're insecure?' - well yes, I am. In photos, you can control your appearance and angles - in real life you cannot. This has led to me hiding away, covering my face with my hair so no one notices my nose, never dating or making a real effort to meet someone new in case they think i'm ugly because of my nose, and never feeling good enough when i'm with other people - feeling like the ugly duckling of the bunch. I don't want to feel that way anymore. I don't want to cry when someone tags me in a photo and it's a bad angle of my nose or hide my face when I walk by someone attractive in the street because there's no way in the world they would think i'm pretty.

transform nose job before afterI've been bullied, had my nose the subject of jokes for the majority of my life, and even had people shout things at me in the street. Honestly, no I don't think my nose was that bad that people should shout things to me in the street, but apparently drunken boys think it's perfectly acceptable to point out your flaws when you're with a group of close-to-perfect girls and are the odd one out. It's quite crushing, and the silliest of remarks that should be discarded have been a weight on my shoulders for the whole of my adult life. 

But anyway, let's talk about the how rather than the why.

Around a year ago, I booked in my first consultation with a well known cosmetic surgery group in the UK before continuing my research. I was a little hounded by calls in the run up to my consultation (receiving a call a day which was majorly off-putting) and after reading a few reviews, I decided to put it off and chicken out again. It's a big decision and definitely not one that should be rushed without time and research being put into it and having a surgeon pushed onto you without your full agreement is never something you should back down to. I was quite uncomfortable with this particular group and felt that my needs and wants weren't really being considered. I felt a bit like when your phone provider calls you trying to make a sale.

I continued my daily ritual on Google into where to go in London and narrowed it down to a few surgeons, a couple of which are known for their work at Transform - so I went ahead and booked in a consultation with my mind set on a particular surgeon who was coming out on top and had actually performed surgery on someone that I knew. This time, it was so much different and I had a quite calming feeling about taking the plunge. The staff being so friendly and understanding made all the difference in the weeks coming up to my first meeting with my patient co-ordinator. So, off I went one day last Spring to the New Cavendish Clinic with a friend to finally talk about the procedure i'd been desperately wanting since being so young. I was so nervous but excited at the same time. My patient co-ordinator in London was Astrid, and she was the most lovely member of staff I could have asked for. She was completely understanding and listened to exactly what I wanted, and even happily put me forward for the surgeon of my own choice, rather than recommendation. Before leaving, I booked in a second consultation with the surgeon I had chosen to go ahead with - however with him being so popular the waiting list was a few months long and in that time I got extremely ill and had to put it off again.

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By Spring 2016 It'd been almost a year, and I was finally ready to get back on track with my 'nose job journey', but this time in Manchester! It had been a massive juggle and almost like being at square one again with me now living so far away from London, meaning that it would be a really difficult process using the surgeon I originally wanted. So, back to the drawing board I went and having my heart set on Transform, I continued researching into other options in Manchester and after being pleased with my findings, I took the leap once again and booked in another consultation. The team called me up right away and were extremely helpful and accommodating to move things along as quickly as possible for me (and by this I mean as I had previously had a consultation about the surgery, I was comfortable enough to go ahead and schedule a meeting with the surgeon). My Manchester patient co-ordinator this time has been Sharon, and I couldn't have asked for a better co-ordinator to help me with such a huge decision. She recommended my new surgeon of choice to me (after i'd already decided myself anyway beforehand) and I knew we were on the same page with what I was looking for and armed full of tips and tricks to help me pre and post surgery I felt in really good hands.

My surgeon was Mr Persico, a well known surgeon in the North who is known for his nose surgery and BA's. I met with him in April, and we discussed what was possible and what he felt should be done to achieve what I was looking for, and after a few illustrations and examinations, we agreed on an end result. We decided on an open rhinoplasty which is a preferred method for a lot of surgeons which would include removal of bumps around the bridge to give a straighter nose and profile with a slight curve and reduction of cartilage to thin the nose and to lift the tip slightly. I was really happy that the issues Mr Persico pointed out were the ones that bothered me and that I was looking to fix - which left me leaving my consultation really happy and we set a date immediately.

To be continued....

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing this, I can't wait to read the rest. I've always hate my nose so I can relate. I want to do it but I'm very afraid, after all it's something that is right in front of everyone, middle of face, no one can miss it but what if it's even worse after surgery... So I like reading testimonies. Hope you're more happy about yourself now !


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