Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Waking Up With Teami Alive

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I'm at it again with the tea, and this time it's with the Teami Alive 'Natural Booster'. I just can't keep myself away from a good old cuppa, especially any one that includes green tea (aka my lifeblood)
Taking a break from the 'teatoxes', I opted to try this energy boosting tea blend from Teami, a natural detox tea brand offering teas with all sorts of health benefits from increasing energy levels, assisting with sleep, aiding with weight loss and strengthening the immune system. 

To take a break from caffeine, I chose the 'Alive' blend, which is a combination of Ginger, Honey, Lemongrass and Green tea - making it an enjoyable, light beverage for even those who dislike hot drinks. Because of the sweetness of the honey and lemongrass, it's super easy to drink and doesn't give that false buzz that caffeine packed products like coffee do, rather a natural release of energy that lasts longer. 
It also promises to boost the metabolism (winner!), heighten focus and concentration and relieve migraines and stomach aches. Although it's impossible to heighten my concentration being as whacky and ADHD packed as I am, I definitely felt an improvement with my headaches (which I mostly get from dehydration and hypoglycaemia), and felt rehydrated at last. It's safe to say I felt more 'Alive' after my 14 days was up and found that get up and go in me that i'd previously lost!

Due to the enjoyable taste - I'd definitely like to enjoy this tea on a daily basis, especially when that 4pm peak of the day hits to banish that sluggish feeling. 

Have you tried any of the Teami products? 
teami alive energy tea review


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