Saturday, 7 May 2016

When Doves Cry | Glitter Trousers and Rainbow Hair

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Does there ever need to be an occasion for glitter trousers and rainbow hair? If you ask me, the answer to that will definitely be no.
There's something about the seventies that has a place in my wardrobe and a prominent one at that. If you know me in real life (or live with me like the lovely Rebecca, who yes I do feel sorry for for having to put up with me), you'll be aware that my collection of glitter clad shoes and clothing is excessive and my approach to colour is pretty spontaneous. Did I live a past life in Studio 54? I do hope so - who wouldn't have wanted to be bezzies with Queen Bianca Jagger?
 But anyway, moving on. I picked up these glitter trousers from H&M about a year ago and they've been a staple part of my wardrobe ever since. Sticking to a tailored fit when opting for a fun colour or finish makes for a more wearable approach for any occasion. Pair with a contrasting colour such as white and you're good to go!

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Roll Neck - Primark
Trousers - H&M



  1. Oh wow, your hair looks amazing! So so so gorgeous! x

  2. Cool outfit with your new hair ! I love how it's bold rainbow colours but very subtle at the same time.


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