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Pink Soda Sport

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After training myself crazy in previous years, moving around quite a lot over the past eight months has highly affected my gym schedule and with it came bad diet and lack of activity. I sadly said buh-bye to my abs and condemned myself to a life of misery without the gym, but i'm back in action and it's time to get fit again - so to kick off my new fitness journey, I have a fabulous new brand introduction for you!

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Pink Soda Sport have been cooking up a bit of a storm in the social media world lately, so it was in good time that I picked up a set of my own - and it's safe to say that i'm glad I did. Co-ordinating my sportswear has always been something i've been a little OCD about and until now, my collection was a repetition of the same Nike Styles in different colours. Pink Soda first launched in January, and have since been providing us with the most gorgeous gym wear a girl could ask for, focusing on a more stylish approach inspired by a 'clean living LA lifestyle' - which definitely shines through the fabric choices and lounge styles of some of the collection.

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The collection is quite capsule in the way that you can see which pieces are meant for one another, but you can also mix and match quite easily and pick and choose pieces from each story - which massively appeals to me since I like to match things together. I picked up the Lifestyle Leggings to pair with the 90s Crop Vest and Mesh T-shirt which are so perfect for Summer runs and the cotton fabric doubles up as the perfect loungewear companion. It's all in the details for me, and those little branded touches around the elastic and waistbands really make the brand more of a lifestyle and a one i'll definitely be sticking with.

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Have you tried Pink Soda Sport yet? Which are your favourite pieces? 



  1. I never thought that sportswear could look so alluring, this actually tempts me to buy a whole new workout set because I should start training these days to stay in shape. :)


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