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Kylie Lip Kit | Posie K

kylie lip kit posie k review

So, I jumped on a hype again. I seem to be doing that a lot lately, but after hearing how amazing the Kylie Lip Kit was, it was kind of hard not to find myself waiting for the next re-stock. I kind of wanted every colour, but ended up opting for the Posie K to add a little bit of colour to my make up bag for the coming months and knew it would be a colour i'd use daily with it being quite a muted pink tone.

kylie jenner posie k blog review

It arrived within a week and I literally freaked out when I saw the box. Who knew lipstick could make a girl so excited? And who knew I could be so excited over a Jenner/Kardashian?! (Secretly i'm a superfan and everybody knows it so who am I kidding...).
The first thing you notice when you open it is the sweet, candy smell. It kind of reminds me of make up I had as a kid, but in a really good way. The lipliner is super creamy and soft and definitely is a true contender for Mac (that's coming from someone with a collection of Mac lipsticks and liners to challenge the store itself) and as someone who likes a matching liner to each and every lipstick, the fact that it comes as a 'kit' makes me extremely happy and fulfils all my lipstick needs already. The liner glides on really easily without making any mistakes and doesn't blunt too much once it's been used a few times - perfect if you prefer a bit of definition to the outer line like I do.

posie k blog review kylie lip kit

The lipstick itself is the first of its kind that i've personally used so I was super intrigued about whether it was going to give that awful burning sensation that the plumping glosses give, or was it even going to dry etc. but I was pleasantly surprised to find that no, it doesn't not burn and has absolutely no reason to, and yes, it dries super fast and feels so lightweight you forget you're even wearing lipstick. Not only that, the first application remained un-budged after eating an apple, a krispy kreme donut, a sunday roast AND a Burger King. Staying power at it's finest.
If none of that gives you faith in the Kardashians, there's always the gorgeous packaging...
My only downfall to the product was the shipping. Since it's shipped from the US there's the whole extortionate shipping and customs charges palava that no one wants or needs, so hopefully there'll be a much better international shipping service soon so we can all enjoy Kylie Cosmetics without paying double the price of the product just to have it arrive....

kylie jenner cosmetics blog review



  1. Wonderful color, like it!

  2. The colour looks gorgeous. I definitely want to try out some of the Kylie Lip Kits, but will probably wait and see if the shipping costs stop being so extortionate!

    Rachel |

  3. Kylie's lip kits are to die for so jealous you managed to grab one! This shade and the true brown K are our faves :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  4. Great color, looks gorgeous on your lips! :)

    Nora /

  5. I can't get enough of Liquid lipsticks at the moment. So i neeeed this! I love that shade too :) xx


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