Monday, 28 March 2016

Instagram's New Algorithm: For Better or For Worse?

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The world of social media was slightly shaken up this week with the introduction of Instagram's new algorithm, particularly in the blogging world. I mean, how dare they? We've worked our asses off for years building a following on the platform for them to decide that actually, we're gonna change your feeds to show you what interests you the most instead - isn't it just outrageous?!

Well, no. Not really. 
Yes, it might mean that likes come in a little slower and those loyal followers that previously 'liked' your every move miss that photo of the bagel you had for breakfast, but what we gain is the original concept of social media back in our lives. One thing i've always said with my friends (all bloggers alike, however real life friends also, whose personal lives interest me so much more than Chiara Ferragni's daily antics) is that I never see their posts. Their images are diluted in a world full of beautiful girls pulling yoga poses on the beach somewhere in the Maldives and more people that I don't know and have never met showing off their enviable peachy bottoms and holding up the teatox they claim to be the 'be all and end all'. 

Sure, I enjoy following influencers and it's incredible how Instagram alone (never mind the other social media platforms) has become an integral marketing tool and connects millions of people to another each day, but what I enjoy the most is keeping in touch with my friends that I love and miss. I want to see their lives and be there for each celebratory moment, selfies and all. All of this has been lost in a world where Instagram has become only for the social elite, instead of being a place to share our authentic lives with family and friends. It's become a place of influence (which by all means isn't a terrible thing at all, I work in this world too) but it has also become a place of obsession, greed and smoke and mirrors. 
Don't get me wrong, I love the Instagram world for all of it's brilliance and creativity and every personality that I follow - I wouldn't change that for anything as I love being inspired every single day by these people who show us their amazing lives. But maybe the new algorithm is Instagram's way of telling us that we need to relax a little bit and enjoy the important bits, too. 

Let's all remember that just because your friends engagement photo our your aunty's selfie with her child isn't as Instagrammable as you'd like, it's so much more important than a consistent 'Valencia' filter and your favourite bloggers new hair. Embrace the new algorithm for all it has to offer! 

What are your thoughts on the big change to Instagram?


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  1. I haven't noticed a change. I have an Android device, so maybe we don't have the update yet. Most of my likes come from using hashtags & friends.


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