Saturday, 31 December 2016

Realising Stuff - Looking Back On 2016

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Just one year ago, we all mocked Kylie Jenner after her little end of year 2015 video clip was released where she briefly babbled about how 2016 was the year of 'realising stuff' - but what we didn't realise when we mocked the then seemingly naive 18 year old, was that she was definitely on to something.


Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Embracing Casual

fur jacket winter 2016 fashion trend

Winter is that time of year where style can go out of the window and be totally substituted for comfort - and that would be completely ok if you ask me. I don't think i've worn anything particularly stylish for quite some time now living in the Manchester wind and rain and i've gone from the girl who wouldn't touch a pair of jeans with a ten-foot barge pole, to pretty much living in them. In fact, i've bought three pairs in the past two months - I know, I can hear you saying 'who is this girl and what have you done with Laura?'... 
The next major change? You may have spotted a peak of the trainers. I know. What happened to me? It was kind of hard to resist these gorgeous Thea trainers from Nike though, i'm not gonna lie. I've always been a Converse gal on my off days but was never truly into trainers - I guess the life in the North has given me a touch of chav enough to appreciate a bit of sportswear these days? Who knows... All I know is, i'm comfy and i'm warm!

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | December 2016

look fantastic december 2016 beauty box review

So you've scoffed hard on the Turkey, smashed a good few boxes of chocolates and put yourself in a standard Christmas food coma - what you gonna do now? Online shop of course! I think one of my favourite parts of Christmas is shopping the sales after dinner with the family. It's like a tradition for me that I never do any other time of year and i'm not one to break from routine. 
I'm sure i'm not the only one who loves treating myself to the odd beauty product every now and then, and when they make us feel fabulous it's kind of hard to not make a cheeky purchase on the occasional lunch break, which is why I love the Look Fantastic Beauty Box - I get to try new products the lazy way and not even leave the office to do so. 
This month's box of course was all things Christmas - from those feel good essentials to a little party helping hand, this box was literally packed with some amazing goodies to try. 

Friday, 23 December 2016

The Annual Last Minute Gift Guide

jo malone christmas gifts 2016
Jo Malone candle

You guys know me, i'm a pretty last minute kind of gal. I get so busy in my own little cloud that before I know it, it's the 23rd December and I have two days to go to treat my family and friends (but i'm definitely not the only one). With that said, it's time for the annual last minute gift guide! If there's one thing us last minute shoppers should do, it's stick together - so without further ado, here's a little bit of everything for everyone, no matter who you're buying for this year! 


Friday, 16 December 2016

Brand Favourite: Nip+Fab

nip+fab skincare blog review

If there's one thing i've fallen for recently, it's skincare - and it's pretty vital that you find 'the one' for you. I love trying out a brand new product, so when Nip+Fab drop something new, I never say no. 
I've been padding out my collection lately with their brand new Teen Skin range, No Needle Fix range and the newest addition to the Dragon's Blood Fix range - the Hyaluronic Shot. 

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Pink Velvet

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That one fabric that's associated with December? Velvet. Every season it's an A/W favourite - especially in my wardrobe. Not only that, it always comes back around. There are pieces in my wardrobe from 8 years ago that are being recirculated this season, and i'm extremely glad I kept hold of them just in case. Wow, that makes me sound old... 
This baby pink co-ord set from Missguided had me hooked the moment I saw it shared on Instagram and I knew it had to make it's way to my wardrobe one way or another. And so it did. The perfect go-to outfit for when you just can't fathom matching something up, or if you want that casual chic vibe for the day - not to mention comfy. I have so many days in the office where I'd just rather be wearing my pyjamas - so anything I can add to my wardrobe that makes me feel that way is a bonus. 
Nothing is easier to style than a co-ord - I love being able to throw on a t-shirt, a roll neck or a bralet and be good to go without having an outfit drama beforehand and i'm sure i'm not the only one. 

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Christmas Gift Guide: Beauty

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Payday is here at last and unlike other months, this month is all about splurging on those all important loved ones. I know, it breaks my heart a little bit too that those shoes from Zara have to wait until next month, but at least we can revel in their happiness on Christmas Day when we hand them their presents! To help out with that gruelling shopping we all dislike this time of year, i'll be rounding up the best gifts available to treat your friends and family stress-free - starting with the very best of beauty. 

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | November 2016

look fantastic beauty box november 2016

Tomorrow we start the biggest countdown of all - THE COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS! I have two advent calendars at the ready (it's taken a lot of willpower to not demolish both of them ahead of December) and i'm officially in the festive spirit. When this super shiny, snowflake adorned box came through my door, I was super excited. It was like the first mark of Christmas ahead of the festivities and of course, I couldn't wait to see what was insiiiiide! Look Fantastic have a way with themes each month and I love that, especially around an occasion such as Christmas which definitely involves a ton of products at the ready. 

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Getting Party Ready with YSL and Debenhams Beauty

ysl beauty christmas party look

So it might not quite be December yet, but i'm definitely starting to feel extra Christmassy now that my birthday is officially over. Getting party ready definitely takes a lot of planning, a few strops and numerous 'i'm not even coming' texts to your friends - so it's safe to say i'm planning that process early ahead of work's Christmas do next week! Aaaaand that's where YSL Beauty comes in. If there was a more Instagrammed packaging than theirs, i'd love to see it - YSL's has premium written allover it, perfect for a treat this festive season. I mean, you know it's good when it's golden
With so many items to choose from, there's definitely way more than enough essentials for the party season - particularly the Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick alone. If there's one item you could possibly need to get your through December, it's always a bold lipstick to brighten up your style - although I may be slightly biased being a total lip product addict. 

Sunday, 20 November 2016

A Year In The Life of a Manchester Fashion Blogger...

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It's been a whole year since I gave up my life in London to 'make it' somewhere new, and that somewhere new was Manchester. I've hardly spoken about it on here (or anywhere) and it feels so weird to not really be known in Manchester as anyone - not in an entitled way, just in a way that all of my friends are part of the London blogging scene and now i'm pretty much riding solo and had never set foot in Manchester before that day I arrived here to start my job. 
It's such a tight knit community here and in honesty, it kinda sucks to not be a part of it. Starting a new life isn't easy, especially when you're older and finished with uni. Everyone has their own little lives already and you just kind of sail into the new city blindfolded and have to fumble your way around unguided to survive. 
So, i've fumbled my way around for the first year of my life here and while I still seemingly am not part of anyone's friendship group, i've been keeping my head down and working hard at what I do have - work, work and work. To most, it's probably like i've been in hiding for a whole year and I pretty much have. I've been running back and forth to London as though I never left, calling up my friends every day to make sure i'm still in the group, showing up at events when I am around and completely leaving the part out where I live at the opposite side of the country. My bad.
It's hard to admit that you've left your home when you already feel so secluded and are afraid of experiencing even more exclusion - but I think after a whole annum, it's probably time to admit that i'm a Londoner no more, but a Mancunian in training - and it's only fitting that i'm wearing Lavish Alice when I do so. 

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Incorporating Your Summer Wardrobe Into Your Winter Outfits

how to style dresses in winter blog

We all know how it feels to have panic bought a thousand and one dresses in the Summer to create the ultimate Summer wardrobe, and then be left with a rail full of clothing still with the tags on (at least I hope we all do) - like living in your very own retail store but messier. 
Every season I think to myself 'ooh this is nice i'll give it a go' even though it's too tight for me and my crazy pizza addiction and instead of returning it I say 'it's fine i'll just cut out pizza for a week, i'll be skinny in no time'... Aaaaand never do. In fact, I just did exactly that this week with a new dress I thought would be cute for my birthday this month, and still I continue to consume a week's worth of calories in one day. HMMPH
But we digress... My point is, why waste a perfectly good dress just because the season is wrong? Maybe don't run around in fluro (because that's never nice even in the Summer, including at a festival), but layering up versatile pieces can mix up your Winter style perfectly without having to spend a penny. It can be as simple as throwing it over a plain roll neck, or chucking a chunky knit over the top for more of a Chung vibe - or if you're feeling a little less lazy, opt for a cute detailed shirt with flute sleeves to keep it fresh and feminine... 

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Black and White

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A/W dressing is my ultimate favourite when it comes to the fashion seasons. Layering up just comes so much easier for me (not to mention you can literally eat what you want and disguise it with something mega oversized and no one will ever know). I love that cosy, familiar feeling of leather, knits and soft fabrics or that barrier of denim on a windy day - the knowledge of being able to bury yourself in the worlds biggest scarf (probably not Lenny Kravitz style albeit), and honestly if it was socially acceptable to leave the house in a Unicorn onesie and slipper socks - I definitely would. 
If you were to ask me what my favourite item genre in my winter wardrobe was, however, i'd tell you each time that it's boots. I'm obsessed with shoes and if you asked me to count them, i'd be there for three days - but the one shoe that dominates my 'shoe-drobe' is a good boot. Leather or patent to be specific - in every colour necessary. I might stray into a little glitter or velvet from time to time, but my heart truly lies with those glossy, patent babes that are bang on trend this season. This perspex style that has dominated the blogger scene for quite some time now is one of my favourite styles (which I may have expanded my collection in massively with just about every colour...) and has never let me down. From office, to press event, to drinks with the girls and straight to the club - they are literally the easiest shoe to style for any occasion and nothing lengthens those legs better than a nude shade. 

Monday, 31 October 2016

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | October 2016

look fantastic beauty box october 2016

Another day, another Look Fantastic Beauty Box and this time it's all about the #LFPamper box. This month, i've been putting it to the test and found so many pleasant surprises when doing so. First of all, seeing something Murad in there was pretty exciting - they're one of those brands that I hear so many trustworthy things about but haven't quite dipped my toes as such yet and starting with their Intensive-C Radiance Peel was a promising start. I loved the feel of this product and with it's promise to hydrate, sooth and heal damaged cells it didn't disappoint. 
The next little piece of happiness in this month's box was the Pout Perfection Laura Geller Lip Pencil. I love anything lip related and my make up bag is literally always overflowing with products like this yet I still can't get enough (I'm pretty positive I say this every time too...). This one glides smoother than mashed potato and is on the top of my product list for the Christmas season. 
Lastly on the list of 'most exciting products in the box for Laura' was the Oskia Face Mask. You can probably tell by now i've turned into quite the skincare buff so I was allover this product as soon as I opened the box. The packaging definitely helped reel me in, too. Designed to bring dull skin back to life including natural fruit acids to exfoliate the skin, I immediately fell in love with this product. Do you ever try things and think 'my mum would love this'? Well, if so, this one is one for the gift list.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Losing My Wagamamas Virginity at Manchester Printworks

wagamamas blog review uk

Being new in Manchester, i'm still yet to discover most places and i've been pretty lucky to have Sophie as my tour guide when it comes to the city. Another thing i'm new to is food. After spending most of my life as a fussy vegetarian, there's many restaurants to me that are still so untouched and as I continue to discover new varieties of food, I also discover new restaurants and for me, heading to Wagamamas for the first time at Manchester's Printworks was a pretty big deal. If you know me, you'll know how many things i'm picky about when it comes to food - MSG, gluten, meat, dairy - there's something from each category i'm funny about so finally venturing into the unknown was quite out of character (but i'm dipping my toes and i'm getting there!). So before you start thinking 'wow this girl's crazy how has she never been to Wagamamas before' - i've been brought up eating Indian food by the ton so spicy food and curries are nothing new to me, but Chinese food was completely avoided all of my life so anything kind of restaurant related to that oriental cuisine was also crossed right off my list - until last month that is.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

The Metallic Midi

how to style breton stripes fashion blog

Let's talk metallics. They're one of the biggest trends of AW16 - in fact, any AW - and i'm far from the only one snapping up anything golden in sight right now. I've been searching the internet high and low, in fact, for a little piece of shimmer and it just so happens that every time I do stumble upon the perfect metallic pleated skirt it's sold out. Typical, huh? 
Eventually, I finally found this dreamy little thing at Little Mistress in both gold and silver (it was a very, very tough decision) and it's officially getting to the point where someone may have to surgically remove it from my body. Sprucing up your wardrobe with a little something different never hurt nobody, and that is what metallics are here to do. The beauty of a pleated midi is that it can transfer to any occasion, be it work, dinner or drinks with the girls - it's the kind of piece that can be paired with anything (crop tops, sweaters, button downs) for an ultra feminine touch. To keep it extra low key, i've been pairing the style with an oversized boxy sweater and stacked heels for the perfect office look that takes me from my desk to dinner on Thirsty Thursday. Who said duo-dressing had to be so difficult?

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Ya Blew It

what to wear aw16 fashion blog

You know me by now, and you for sure should know my love for shiny things. Let's be real - what woman doesn't love a bit of shimmer? It's such a known fact, even men have caught on and try to distract us with said shiny things... But anyway, we digress. Updating my Autumn wardrobe is such an easy task - what's the challenge is updating a Summer wardrobe. Autumn is forever about the velvets, the cords, the glitter, the shimmer and the muted and berry tones - it's an easy season and by far by favourite... Give me a piece of knitwear over daisy dukes any day and i'll be the happiest fashionista alive. My favourite part of styling up for the season is mixing all of the aforementioned trends into something against their intentions and having a complete cross-over to keep the winter wardrobe funner than ever. Let's face it, who wants to wear all black for an entire season? Pairing shimmers and glitters with bland knitwear and berry tones is the perfect way to utilise last season's Christmas party dress or work those glitter knits you only get to rock during Christmas week. It's the season to be merry after all... Get glittered or go home... 

Sunday, 16 October 2016

AW16 Staples

In the midst of an Autumn/Winter wardrobe update, considering the staples is a key factor. I'm constantly switching up my style with trend pieces and regretting it later when the schizophrenic weather of Manchester screws me over and I don't have those chic, trans-seasonal pieces that would get me by perfectly.
I've been scouting the stores for over a month now in the search of capsule pieces and found the perfect mix of tailored pieces have been my ultimate saviour, paired with delicate and detailed knits (who else is seriously over the moon about knitwear season's return?). You've probably already spotted that the mix in question is completely monochrome which you may be thinking is completely unlike me, but apparently my heart can go out to those monochrome lovers out there - and let's face it, what better way to pull together a capsule wardrobe than the muted way? Swapping and choosing is easier in monochrome, so when the rest of your wardrobe lets you down - it's a guarantee your capsule one will always be there for you. Take this Sleeveless Ribbed Top by Maison Margiela for example (I know, that's the dream), paired with the coolest pair of day-to-day culottes for the office and switched for a delicate, lace skirt for post-work drinks - you have the most perfect top for everything, everyday.
Spending too much money isn't necessary when picking up staples, just look for pieces you know you'll wear over and over for more than one occasion and voila - your go-to rail is complete!


Sunday, 9 October 2016

Bloggers vs The World

On a fine autumnal Sunday morning, I began my day as always - scrolling through Instagram under my duvet mindlessly before eventually leaning over to pick up my laptop and begin some form of lazy Netflix marathon. However, this Sunday morning, I stumbled upon a piece by Pandora Sykes in retaliation to the latest debacle.


Saturday, 8 October 2016

Autumn Blush

colours to wear in autumn fashion blog

One thing that never changes season upon season for me is my colour palette. Sure, the occasional trend piece is thrown in there if I really like it and a printed item that I love one season, but once you know your palette it's always best to stick to what you know. For me, neutral tones work well since I have 'Autumn' colouring - this includes purple hues, nudes, emerald/forest greens, browns, reds and oranges - so as you can imagine it's a tough one to rock in the Summer and I have to mix up my make up look to alter my palette when needed. When Autumn finally does come round however, it's officially my time of year to compliment my skin tone with all those shades that suit me best. But all of this is where nude steps in. Nude is a shade I can wear all year round, and when I spotted this playsuit in all of it's glory I need it was my season upon season trusty wardrobe BFF. I also knew it was going to meet it's unlikely match of these purple jewel toned velvet boots that i'm officially forever in love with. Throughout the years, i've completely poured my affection for velvet allover this blog and this year that won't be coming to a halt either..... Long live the velvet booties! After all, what's the best way to profess your love for a trend than to adorn your feet in it?

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Modern Day Feminist vs The Man's World

best sex and the city quotes

We move mountains and make sacrifices for the men in our lives that we just long to impress, but along the way we lose the things that we love trying to make them feel more 'man', while we feel less 'woman'. These guys have us weak at our knees working for their attention and approval, while in reality there should be a mutual ground of effort being put into a 'relationship'. A two-way street of respect and energy. If a man is so insecure that he can't handle all of you, then why should you dilute your fabulous self and bring yourself down?


Sunday, 2 October 2016

The Re-Ignitation of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Here we go again, another blogger with a 'mental health' issue, you say. So many bloggers over the past couple of years have shed light on their problems and allowed thousands of people an insight of their sufferings - and with that so many people have rolled their eyes and exclaimed that these bloggers are seeking attention and making it up. What do I think of this? I think raising awareness for invisible mental health conditions which are ridiculed and overlooked is the best thing the blogging community has ever done, and with that I need to come forward myself and stop being so worried about what everybody else thinks.


Thursday, 29 September 2016


london fashion week 2016 street style

Day 3 of London Fashion Week was a cold, cold day - but that didn't stop me having a glam day (for once). This season was all about the sleeves, so it was my blogger duty to participate with this gorgeous frill sleeved dress. So maybe it wasn't quite the contribution in comparison to the billowing sleeves parading Brewer Street Carpark, but they deserve sleeve brownie points in their own right. My current obsession, however? Velvet. Everything velvet. I don't even care how impractical it may be for the Manchester rain - I want it all. My velvet shoe collection has been growing recently, and these dusty pink platforms are just the latest additions to sit on the rack (and may I say very comfortable indeed). So there you have it - two things you need to be wearing right now. Statement sleeves and all velvet everything (just maybe not knickers, because I can't imagine velvet knickers would be any good for anyone)

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | September 2016

lf beauty box blogger review

Everyone loves a birthday, and this month the spotlight's on the Look Fantastic Beauty Box who are celebrating their second birthday! This month's box is packed with party essentials, and with the impending party season ahead of us including Halloween, my birthday and Christmas it's all in good time. 

Sunday, 25 September 2016


autumn winter 2016 accessories fashion blog

Day 2 was officially the most freezing day since the start of September and I was extremely thankful to have these PVC boots on hand for this occasion - not to mention a warm bomber to snuggle up in while waiting in line outside of shows. After an always uncomfortably dressed Day 1, comfort was absolute key for me on Day 2 - purely for my own sanity (being cold and uncomfortable provokes a mardy Laura and I can assure you no one wants to see that). 
I picked up this tulle skirt from Zara a few weeks ago and knew right away that it would be in my case for LFW to jump right in for the AW16 trends - and being a former ballet dancer I fell completely in love with not only this skirt, but the entire tulle offering this season's collection has in store. I basically have a wishlist longer than my arm of pieces that take me back to my glory days - its safe to say i've officially developed an obsession which is tempting me hard to book my next barre class and start over again! 
Ballet's influence on the fashion world has not only dominated our high street, but also the editorials we're seeing in our favourite publications. I'm sure you've all spotted the controversy of Kendall Jenner's most recent Vogue Spain shoot, where she's photographed frolicking in leg warmers and sophisticated pieces donning a pair of Capezio's. Dancers around the world have been going wild about the 'appropriation' of ballet, but the point they're missing is that it's actually appreciation... Here's to hoping this trend that brings so much nostalgia sticks around for a while. 

Friday, 23 September 2016

The Last Days of Summer

what to do at board masters 2017

If there's one thing I can be certain of, it's that looking good half way through a festival isn't a thing - but this dress definitely helped! The last day of Boardmasters was a total blur, but I can say for sure that it was super hot and chilling by the coast was all I could have asked for! Accessorising was a necessity for making outfits look cute but still being as comfortable as possible in the crazy heat and this In The Style bag was literally by my side the entire weekend for that exact purpose - plus excessive amounts of glitter.... 

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Boardmasters Diaries Part 2

boardmasters 2016 fashion blog

Stepping into autumn seems fitting enough to throw back to the summer in the form of my final Boardmasters post... I know, it's a sad time, the world's smallest violin plays just for me and my remorse for the end of summer. The last two days consisted of MNEK, James Bay, a bit of reggae, dancing to Sigma with Nandos, and a lot of Corona related fun.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

LFW S/S17 Day 1

london fashion week ss17 blog

And here we go again, LONDON FASHION WEEK! We wait twice a year for the biggest event on the fashion calendar, and what a wardrobe crisis it is every year (despite us pondering around freezing and uncomfortable season after season and preaching each time how we'll be leaving those stacked platforms at home next time - and then never do). Every season for me is all about the co-ord, it works for everything - brunch, the shows, lunch, dinner and the after parties. After running from the office in Manchester to get the (disrupted) train straight to London to catch the Ashley Williams show, Converse were essential to my LFW sanity. Thank god they go with everything, right? 

Saturday, 10 September 2016

New York Fashion Week: SS17 Trend Report

new york fashion week ss17 trends blog

It's officially my favourite time of the year - FASHION MONTH! There's nothing that makes me feel more content than seeing next season's new trends and the incredible masterpieces our favourite designer's put on display for the world to see and be inspired by. Coming from a design background, it's so easy for me to appreciate the entire creative process (which is definitely something I miss being a part of) and it's kind of fulfilling seeing it come full circle this time of year knowing the true chaos of behind the scenes. 
SS17 so far has been a pretty tame one, with style sticking to what it does best and keeping the devil in the details - and while we haven't quite seen all of what New York has to offer yet, i've pulled together the best of the season so far...


Friday, 9 September 2016

Boardmasters Diaries Part 1

how to festival glitter make up blog

So i'm sat writing this wonderful flashback while listening to the rain and wind hammer against my very thin bedroom windows of my Manchester apartment... It's safe to say it's a far cry from the incredible summer's weekend spent in Newquay at this year's Boardmasters Festival.
We sunbathed, danced to Chase and Status and ultimate baes MNEK, Kaiser Chiefs and the bae of all baes Mr James Bay (in which you could only describe my excitement as pre-teen fan girl) and roughed it in a tent for four entire days while drinking cider for breakfast. It really was an experience to say the very least. 
Before I babble on forever, i'm gonna let the photos do the talking - so without further ado, I bring you part one of the Boardmasters Diaries... 

Monday, 5 September 2016

Sundown at Watergate Bay

boohoo festival fashion blogger

Well, Summer is officially over... But it's ok cos I still have content to take you back to a time when uni was over/you were on annual leave and the nights were a little lighter than they're getting now... 
It's only been a couple of week's and it already feels like Autumn is setting in ahead of schedule, doesn't it? 
But anyway... Less of the reminding you of the fact that winter is coming... 
Day 2 at Boardmasters was another hot one, and that called for getting my hippy on with this incredible Boohoo playsuit. At this point, the level of glitter on my body had multiplied drastically since the day before, and my inner Florence Nightingale was unleashed with the floaty, chiffon sleeves. I mean, it's not a festival without a floaty sleeve really, is it? 
This outfit covered all festival cliches with glitter, head jewellery, floaty sleeves, and of course, multi coloured sandals - the 2016 pompom edition. Go hard or go home, right?

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Mermaidin' With Missguided

boardmasters outfit blogger

At last, I finally got round to showing you guys what I wore to Boardmasters! I had the best weekend with Annabel, and it was by far the most chill festival i've ever been to before - but you'll get to read more about that soon! 
For Day 1 - it was a little bit grey out (albeit still warm as hell) so I opted for the least leg revealing outfit possible teamed up with this incredible jacket from Missguided (in which approximately every girl who walked by me asked where I got it). It's a statement piece on it's own and hardly needed a helping hand in the styling department. I lit up that beach pre 12 noon like a bright green discoball! 
Definitely working on incorporating this sequinned piece of heaven into my A/W16 wardrobe...

Monday, 29 August 2016

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | August 2016

best beauty subscriber box blog review

Celebrating the best in British beauty, Look Fantastic's August beauty box features exclusively that - British beauty. A few of the brands thrown in there this month will come as a pleasant surprise - with old favourites such as Ren and Bloom and Blossom making their comeback in the box... And for you skincare nuts out there, you'll be spoiled for choice with this month's offering.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Doing It For Yourself

fashion blogger aw16 trends

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the world that's around us that we completely forget those little cogs that make you, you. It's so easy to be hidden in a bubble in your work life and the norm of your surroundings that those things you once held so dear slip right through your fingertips without you even batting an eyelid - and that's ok, it happens to us all sometimes. The trick is getting those things that were once so centric in your life back close to your chest where they belong, but sometimes it can be a case of love completely lost.

For me, that was this - the place you're at right now reading about why I fell out of love with something I started to express my creativity, which was so important to me growing up.


Saturday, 20 August 2016

The Z Hotel: Piccadilly

the z hotel piccadilly review blog

So this is a new post for me, but hey - who doesn't like something new? After checking into The Z Hotel in Piccadilly Circus, I couldn't resist sharing our little find!


Wednesday, 10 August 2016

House Of Fraser Christmas 2016 Preview

embroidered jacket highstreet fashion blog

If anyone knows how to do Christmas, it's House of Fraser - and this time its glitter and gifts galore with some of their amazing brands such as Biba and Charlotte Tilbury. From the perfect Christmas party outfit for you, your mam and your nan, to cute little kitsch accessories and on trend pom pom adorned footwear - House of Fraser's A/W offering has everything you'd need for any occasion. Star embellishment is a huge trend for next season and I can't wait to own everything embellished from top to toe in the shape - with gold beading on soft black fabrics for a super elegant touch. 
But the best part? Definitely the gifts. Moschino, Kate Spade and Charlotte Tilbury jumped immediately onto my list to Santa with Charlotte Tilbury's new mini lipsticks being an instant must have in my life. 
To truly make Christmas Christmas though was the incredible home set up that House of Fraser showcased - a true Winter Wonderland of glittery reindeers, Gatsby style dinnerware, a haven of wreaths and the most perfectly decorated Christmas tree I ever saw - and that sequin tablecloth? I'll take five please! 

Monday, 8 August 2016

Dreamin' In Chartreuse

uk fashion blog trends

Who knew those colours that you'd usually avoid would turn out to be your favourites? This chartreuse shade from Missguided's latest collection has been making it's way through the bloggersphere lately and i'm guilty of jumping on the bandwagon. I couldn't resist trying something new, especially when this shade would usually be a no-go with blondes, but paired with a pop of red to brighten your skin tone and voila, it works! It's all about breaking the rules with your party wardrobe now, and if you're more of the one to keep it simple, switching up your usual colour palette is the easiest way to do the trick.
What are your thoughts on this new season colour palette? Will you be rocking a no-go shade? 

Sunday, 31 July 2016

The 70s Comeback

70s trend 2016 what to wear

There's nothing wrong with touching on a trend that lived once upon a time... especially one that you loved back when (so long as it's not those god awful disk belts from the noughties - remember those?) - i'm saying this like the 70s trend was so long ago, but really it was the style phenomenon of just last year. It took over every colour palette, every trouser cut, and every print design that resided on the high street - along with my wardrobe. And guess what? I'm still feeling those mustard and brown shades that fought for their place in our closets thanks to the likes of Hedi Slimane and Chloe all that time ago. Want to take an old trend up a notch? Go all out on the colour scheme for a fresher look and clash textures and fabrics to keep the style bang up to date!


Sunday, 24 July 2016

River Island Xmas In July 2016

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Christmas in July? Really? Well, yep - it's a thing, and here I am showing you what to expect when the time comes... I mean, who doesn't love a sneak peek? 
Last week, I swung by River Island to check out the what's what ahead of A/W16, and let's just say on a hot day in London as it were, i've never been more excited for the premise of Christmas... 
Next season, you can expect the usual glitter-clad pieces that high winter brings, but also a more cool, wearable vibe to what's available. Gone are the days that your Christmas party is dotted with that green sequin dress - and back are those where velvet, glitter knits, lace and actually layering up take the spotlight. 
Featured trends varied not only for the party season, but for casual wear too - from military inspired puffa jackets, backpacks packing a bad gal punch, to the silkiest loungewear you ever saw (with velvet embroidered slippers of course). But, it isn't a round up on The Fashion Wonderland without some seriously incredible shoe game, and I can say for certain that next season has zero disappointments. Expect Gucci style loafers and boots that could make you double-take for a pair you saw down the Saint Laurent runway. And if you're worried about the lack of glitter in your life next season, don't be... I can assure you, you'll be covered in it from November to February. 

Monday, 18 July 2016

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | July 2016

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The warmer weather has finally set in, so it's that time again to switch up the routine! This month's box is 'packed with products to get your skin and hair in the mood for some sunshine' - about time, huh? 
Summer is all about that natural look, perfect skin, hydration and looking as sun kissed as ever - so when I opened the box, I was pretty pleased to find everything in this month's Look Fantastic Beauty Box I could ever need for all of the above.


Saturday, 16 July 2016

Peaches and Cream

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These days, my work wardrobe is my everyday look (even on those days out of the office) and monochrome looks (presumably under Sophie's influence) weave their way into what once was a pretty colourful selection... I like to think I steer clear of black where possible, but sitting in front of my 'everyday clothes' rail I can see that's definitely not the case anymore! Shopping in summer is a saviour for injecting colour into a wardrobe in dire need and after heading to Missguided, I went a little crazy with the spending... Oops! 
Picking out a little something brighter doesn't mean it has to be cerise pink and neon yellow, even the lighter neutral tones can make a differentiation between funeral attire and summer dressing, and switching up the tones in your pieces can make all of the difference. Wear the same boring trousers/jeans everyday and pair with a coloured top? Swap this around for a bigger block of colour on your bottom half for a fresher look or pair with metallics for an extra shine... Who said it had to be so hard? 

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

S/S16 Shoes - Fresh Off The Runway

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Whether you're breathing a sigh of relief or feeling let down that the stiletto heel didn't even make an appearance on this year's top shoe trends list for summer, both parties can rest assured that there are plenty more options just hankering to take their place. With styles like the block heel, wedge sandal, and flatform, it seems as though this season is a little more comfort-focused and laid-back than in previous years. Fortunately, comfort doesn't mean frumpy or glamour-free, because the shoes I'll be discussing are just as fashionable as their spiky-heeled counterparts.


Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Digital Revolution and Making Friends in New Places

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Meeting new people is easy, right? WRONG. 

It always seems such a breeze when you're young. You move to a new place, you go to work, you go out for drinks - people are everywhere, especially in the city and you just assume you'll acquire friends in no time. But how long is no time? Everyone makes it look so easy but realistically, it doesn't happen that way and these days our heads are in our phones more than they are the actual conversation. 


Sunday, 3 July 2016

When It Rains...

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Who knew seasonal wardrobes wouldn't count in a certain city? Well in the west having a Summer wardrobe separate to a Winter wardrobe isn't possible at all. One day it's 3 degrees and the next 27... Talk about weather schizophrenia. I know I talk about this fashion dilemma all the time, but honestly, finding the right balance is a challenge when you're new in town. Thin roll necks and dungaree dresses become your saviour and ankle boots are a must whatever the weather (mostly due to the fact that even the nicest of days will have a few mm's of rain!). I'm starting to think that staple festival wellies and shorts look was created by Mancunians to survive day-to-day life! Give it a little pop of colour to take the wintery edge off and voila - Summer/Not Summer in the west! 

Friday, 1 July 2016

The Nose Job Diaries | Consultations

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Finally, I can say it. I've just had a nose job. One thing that i've wanted for years but seemed so out of reach was finally in grabbing distance and i'm so excited about it. I'm a very open person so I can never hide anything, particularly when it comes to something so taboo such as cosmetic surgery and i'm happy to wave the flag and say that i've had it. After all, it would be quite wrong of me to have a changing face and act oblivious to it.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Silver Linings

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It's the grand unveiling of my new nose! Bet you didn't expect that one did you? (Well, if you follow my social media you probably did, but anyway...) - it's so exciting for me, the first set of images since my op! But anyway, I have LOTS about that coming soon for you guys to have a nosey at (see what I did there? Yeah, I know, I'm not funny...).
As part of my recovery, I decided to basically spend all of my money to cheer myself up whilst I was house-ridden and that involved buying a ton of new clothes and make up. I picked up this cute little swing dress via Octer, which is basically a website that allows you to shop from various popular retailers such as Missguided, River Island and Urban Outfitters - so basically, it's convenient as hell. Who doesn't love browsing all of their favourite brands under one roof? If you're as much as a shopper as I am, then you'll be raising your hand to that one too! 
Holographic was out, but it's definitely back in again and just in time for the festival season. This little dress is from Urban Outfitters (where else?!) and i'm obsessed with it's versatility. Wanna rock that silver style in the day? Cool, throw on a tee underneath. Taking it to the bar? Easy - take the tee off. Who knew it could be so simple? 

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Here Comes The Sun

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Sometimes in the UK, it gets sunny - and it's that time of year where it's sunny the most... at long last. 
My wardrobe is finally getting it's 'out with the old, in with the new' attitude back and that all begins with new summer dresses to switch up old style habits and put in a little optimism. My first summer in a new city calls for all the shopping and more, so i've been picking up new dresses here there and everywhere like there's no tomorrow.
Anything with tassels on is my fave this time of year, so I snatched up these In The Style pieces the moment I saw them! I mean, how perfect is this little cross-body bag for the festival season? Paired with more tassels, it's a summer pairing like no other. 
In The Style have been killing it this past year, going from strength to strength, and they've quickly become one of my new favourite go-to's for my wardrobe needs! 
Some oldie but goodies are these lace up shoes from Just Fab. I signed up last year and although this is my only pair from them - I am in looooooove. I mean look at them?! Teaming them up with something a little prettier is my favourite look for a tough meets girly style to mix up those outfits. 

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | June 2016

look fantastic beauty box june 2016 review

The day the postman comes with a little rectangular shaped package, I know the time has come for this months Look Fantastic Beauty Box - and this month it's the #LFJetsetter box! 
Celebrating the start of Summer, Look Fantastic curated a box to get you prepped and ready for your travels, where ever you may go (and what's best? Well, they're travel sized to pop in your hand luggage!)

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The New Normal | Plastic Surgery and Millennials

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Over the past few years, a lot has changed by way of aesthetics and what people are into - and by that I mean we're all getting pumped up to the nines with filler and all guys (and girls) care about lately is a Kim K style booty to grab hold of (you know, 'cause that's easily achievable *rolls eyes*).

Until recent years, plastic surgery was for the likes of the rich and the famous, the Playboy bunnies of the world... And the Pete Burns and Jodie Marsh's. Today, every Z list reality star in the UK has dabbled in it and that girl that passed you in Co-Op this morning probably has too. It's an evolution of either vanity or self-consciousness and most of the time, it's hard to tell which.


Sunday, 12 June 2016

Maybe We Can Work It Out

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Let's talk fitness. It's a love/hate relationship and involves a hell of a lot of commitment and time - but what makes it easier? Good sportswear is what. If i'm going to be truly honest with you, i'm kinda lazy. I like to eat pizza and binge watch the Kardashians on a daily basis and leaving the house isn't my favourite thing to do. I'm a hermit and I don't care. But that one thing that gets me off my butt and to the gym is some gorgeous new gym wear as I just can't wait to try it out, and this time, it's all about USA Pro. 
You've probably seen Little Mix parading their fantastic bodies around sporting USA Pro lately in the amazing super-bright collection which I. Am. Loving. In fact, i'm loving it so much I bought my mum and sister some of their latest collection so they could try and it love it themselves. Quality, comfort and colour is key to the sportswear in my gym drawer and this tie dye effect sports bra ticked all the boxes with it's seamless finish as it's so comfortable (and looks so good on!). The leggings sit at the perfect mid-rise height to keep those lumps and bumps tucked away and the seaming detail provides an extra supportive fit - it's the kind of gym wear you don't want to take off, even after a sweaty session (gross, but true). 

Saturday, 4 June 2016


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Jumpers in June? 'Are you mad?' I hear you asking. Well, if I didn't live in the North West then yeah probably, but unfortunately it's still bloody freezing here and Summer is a rarity (so i've learned) - plus, it's ok if it's Calvin Klein! 
The shirt/jumper combo is a vital duo in my wardrobe and a failsafe work day-casual weekend look come rain or slight shine. 
I love anything that's classic and can be repeated each season, and that's what I love about Calvin Klein. I'm fairly positive at this point most of my basics are by the brand, and it's no surprise why (we all still love them since the early 90's!). There'll always be something a little cool about that 90's logo shirt - did that sound too hipster? 

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