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The Single Girl's Guide to The Cliche 'New Year, New Me'

It's that time of year again for your generic basic bitch 'New Year, New Me' facebook statuses that you're bound to roll your eyes at and then write a status complaining about said 'New Year, New Me' facebook statuses. Let's face it, by February we've all forgotten what we said we would do and decided to jump on the lent bandwagon in an attempt to regain that bit of enthusiasm towards making a change in your life - and that never lasts very long either (have you ever met somebody who successfully gave up chocolate or alcohol for lent? Nope, me neither).
It usually starts with 'get a boyfriend' and 'join the gym so I can get hot to get a boyfriend', but really ladies, you should be applauding yourself for being that fabulous independent wo-man that gets to see the new year in as freshly as possible.

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There is so much stigma attached to being single at this time of year, but jokes on those who create it (aka your entire family at the dinner table at Christmas asking why you can't get a boyfriend instead of all those cats...) because by the time January 1st hits us and we've hit those 10 shots of vodka in the countdown, we're armed and ready with a new arms-length list of goals that we're ready to get straight at (after our New Year's Day hangover, anyway). So, without further ado, here's my guide to being the bad ass single gal that you are this new year!

1. Set your goals high and you're standards higher
Since there's nobody standing in your way this January, why not set your goals as high as you can? For me, it's all about me, myself and my career. I worked my little ass off for 6 years studying so why stop now? Since I don't need to split my time between work and another human being, my entire energy can be thrown into climbing that ladder - and when I eventually do find someone, my priorities will be in check because I grafted solo for what I have.

2. Stop doing those things for other people, and do it for yourself
Thinking of joining the gym to get those boys crying over dat ass? Waiting for that someone special to take that dream trip to Thailand? Don't worry about anyone else but yourself, there is no better reason to do something but because you wanted to. Sure, squat and make those boys drool all day long, girlfriend, but you don't need no man to drive you.

3. Be your own best friend
Having amazing friends around you is the best and I adore mine to the moon and back - but sometimes, they have their own shit to do. Being single means you don't rely on anybody else, and learning to be there for yourself is one of the best things any strong, single woman can do for herself. You gotta look out for number one, after all!

4. Don't wait around
Hugging that tub of Ben & Jerry's whilst pining over Holly and Varjak's love in Breakfast at Tiffany's? As much as we all love that movie, if you want it you've got to get yourself out there because unless your pizza delivery guy is hot and single (which mine, unfortunately, is not), Mr Right isn't gonna be knocking at your door today. Do you see Rihanna sitting around twiddling her fingers and pity-binging? Nope, she's out slaying - so get those dancing shoes on, girl!

5. Leave the baggage behind
Having nobody to worry about has other benefits too, such as being able to leave any baggage in the 2015 departure lounge and board that plane to your new destination - 2016. Dated some bad eggs in 2015? Not a problem! Rid anything unworthy of your shiny new year and start again more fabulous than ever.


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