Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The Witching Hour

October is one of my favourite months of the year. The leaves are falling, and as unpopular an opinion as it is, us vampire-like pale people can finally exit the house without melting/sparkling like a Cullen/setting on fire... And weirdly, dressing is just so much easier when it's colder. Now, before you all go calling me crazy for wishing the cold on you all, I have a list in defence of my reasoning, so without further ado... 
- It's finally the time of year where you can cover your legs (*cough* stop shaving *cough*)
- Autumnal colours that suit my skin tone are now acceptable
- Fresh/cold air greets us in the mornings
- Copious cups of tea (need I say more)
- Cosying up with blankets and netflix and calling it a social life is a thing
- Beautiful textures such as velvet and knitwear can be rummaged out from the back of the closet
and of course
- Halloween.

But let's go back to one of my first points. Autumn dressing. First of all - black, everybody's favourite wardrobe staple shade makes its return for a good, solid 5 months meaning less thought required when conjuring up your morning outfits. Second of all, auburn, brown, beige, teal, khaki and burgundy - is anyone else not just completely obsessed with that entire colour palette? And third of all - the comfort of throwing on a pair of cosy trousers in knitted fabrics, velvets, and wools and still looking super chic. Case closed.



  1. Gorgeous Darling:)
    Love this Look and Style:)
    Happy Day
    Much Love, Open Kloset
    True Beauty Comes From Within

  2. I definitely think October and Halloween both get overlooked for December and Christmas, and they shouldn't be. They are wonderful times to snuggle up in blankets and drink lots of tea, as you mentioned. I always like the changes into fall better than winter. :)

  3. I love fall,and also the colors you mentioned.
    The pants you are wearing are amazing,also I'm huge black lover and hats,BOOM,the one you have has beautiful shape and color !


  4. Discovered your blog thanks to Ego's instagram (I'm obsessed with their Dior dupe boots so of course I had to click !^^), Followed you both on insta & bloglovin, really love your style and I'm obsessed with this particuliar outfit, the pants are just crazy ! :O



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