Saturday, 11 April 2015

Like A Boy

Shirt dress - H&M (here)
Sunglasses - Miu Miu (here)
Culottes - Zara
Trench - Primark
Shoes - Nelly (here)

I'm the first to admit I can be a little lazy when I get dressed most times, especially when i'm in uni all day or something so I love anything easy to throw on like this giant shirt from H&M. There's just something about looking like a slob that's right up my street - maybe it's that you can eat as much as you like and no one will know except you and those 10 slices of pizza... Who knows? 
Anyway, less of pizza (*dreams of pizza whilst sobbing into my broccoli*) - isn't a leather pairing just the perfect way to spruce up something 'lounge-y'? I pinched these culottes from Annabel's wardrobe and I must say, they're the perfect alternative to sweatpants - one could say sweatpants for the chic girl?

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  1. It's about time I invested in an oversized white shirt, like you say, you can just throw it on. It looks great and I love the shoes!


  2. This is such a cool look, I absolutely adore it Laura x

  3. love the trench coat and the leather culottes! great look!

  4. Yassss, love the culottes with the shirt dress and those heels are to die for *.* <3


  5. Freaking love those sunglasses! Extremely fashionable! And those shoes, wow! x

    Jasmine ||


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