Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Edie Sedgwick - #ARWOMAN

I know this isn't something i'd usually do, but since part of my 2015 blog goal was to delve into other things other than outfit after outfit, I figured i'd go for it and share something kind of personal to me given the opportunity - which I was by the team at Atterley Road and their #ARWoman campaign. They basically asked me to share my inspirational woman as their campaign is about celebrating women, and as dysfunctional as that is, that women to me is Edie Sedgwick.
Now, i'm not a raging drug addict or anything, but I find her so relatable and so endearing and she has become my main muse for style and design lately (particularly my FMP which I will actually be blogging, so this is a great start) - plus, she was part of The Factory, and it doesn't get much cooler than that....



  1. Just saw this on your instagram, love Edie Sedgewick- her makeup, personality, style- definitely an inspiration/muse x

  2. She's a doll alright, I love her crazy hairdo and her face is exceptional!

  3. There's honestly something so stunning about the way she behaves, her smile is so bright; It would make anyone want to smile! But anyway she's definitely an inspiration so great post!


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