Monday, 15 September 2014


On a very spontaneous sunday, I headed to North London to see Rachel with a handful of life complaints, and left with a holiday to Lanzarote. 
I'm one of those people who will take on an insane workload because i'm too enthusiastic for my own good and I just love to work, and then at the end of it all realise i'm totally stressed and sleep deprived and after 2 years of doing this, as well as a ton of life changes in my personal life, I really just needed to get away - and where better than the Canaries to do just that and get the best possible tan while you're at it?
We didn't get up to much other than lying in the sand, soaking up the rays and swimming in the crystal clear sea, but sometimes - that's exactly what you need. I needed to wake up in a morning and instead of switching on my laptop and getting right to work, actually be able to think 'i'm gonna do this today' and enjoy it. 



  1. before one year I was at Lanzarote too, enjoy your vacation! Feel free to visit my Styleblog

  2. Love this! Such gorgeous pictures Laura, looks like you had an amazing time x


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