Thursday, 12 September 2013

REVIEW: Blackhead killer

Recently, I was offered a chance to review a Blackhead facemask from so, as a blackhead suffer-er, I took up the offer to see how it went and i'd also noticed a few of my twitter friends suffering with the same problem, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to go on the hunt for the perfect Blackhead beater!

First up - appearance. I know not to judge a book by it's cover, but personally if I was to go into a store I would 100% go for a more feminine looking product with prettier packaging - but that's just me.

When I first opened the sachet of the mask, I was very surprised to see that it was black, with a tar-like consistency. It's definitely thicker than any other face mask I have ever used before, so it was a little messy to apply and also found it quite a pain to remove from my hands after I finished applying.

Here's me being silly in my onesie because, well, i'm an idiot. 

So, there's what it looks like on... Minus my face... It took around 15 minutes to dry and be ready to peel off and when I did peel it off it was a little tough to pull on the cheeks :( poor cheeks! 
Despite all this, when I did finally remove it and wash it off, I did notice a difference in my pores and that the blackheads were reduced significantly (check me out using a big word!), some did however remain but they weren't as bad as before. I also noticed that my spots weren't as sore and were reduced too.
I think that I would use this product again because I do believe that it will keep on improving my skin but I would prepare myself for a messy, sticky beauty sesh the next time! And i'd probably tie my hair back so it didn't all stick in my hair, but i'm a fool that didn't want you all to see my pea head with all my hair scraped back! 

You can find this product from Stylelux here for £14.95 per 5 pack, and you can also claim your money back if it doesn't work first time!



  1. O gosh, it reminds me of a plaster box hehe. Not great it stuck to your poor cheeks but good it kinda worked! :)

    Liza | Glambeautys

    1. Haha I know, looks so industrial! And yeah it kinda hurt but at least it pulled out some rubbish from my pores! x

  2. Haha that's a great look! £14.95 seems like a lot, but the Biore strips are like £8 and I use them twice a week...maybe this could be better value?! Did your skin flare up after?

    Ashleigh x
    These Days are Fast

    1. Yeah but you can always get it back if you don't like it, and you get 5 masks in a pack :) and no it was just a bit red from having to pull it from my face haha, it stuck a little on my cheeks so was sore :( x

  3. This sounds lovely, I'm always up for something to get rid of pesky blackheads x

  4. I always use the blackhead clearing cleanser from johnsons and find that really good, it's a bit harsh for everyday though, might give this a try.


  5. wow ! amazing!

  6. Omg haha I love your facial expression in the photo! I LOVE the idea of this, especially with the money back guarantee too! WIN WIN! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  7. You've pretty much convinced me to buy this! :) xx

  8. Seems really interesting


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