Tuesday, 30 July 2013

AUTUMN/WINTER 2013: Black and gold

As you've probably noticed, I have Autumn/Winter fever! I am so excited for the coming season (fashion-wise, definitely not weather wise) and my inner shopaholic is going insane wanting to buy everything (which I will try and stop myself from, but I will fail). Black and gold seems to be emerging for it's usual top spot in Autumn/Winter and I think this year it will be better than ever! Here's what's on my black and gold list this year (i'm particularly in love with the snakeskin skirt): 

Cut out embellished midi dress - Missguided (here)

Thread wrap necklace - ASOS (here)

Snakeskin look midi skirt - www.madamrage.com available 1st September!

Buckled platform - Nasty Gal (here)

Leather look midi dress - www.madamrage.com available 1st September!

Chunky chain - Topshop (here)

Gold panel dress - www.madamrage.com available 1st September!

Laser cut studded clutch - Missguided (here)

Pointed court shoe - Topshop (here)

Don't forget to check out Madam Rage (photo is linked) for some great stuff at low prices and check out their black and gold selection available on the 1st of September!


Monday, 29 July 2013

WISHLIST: The kind that will break the bank.

So my 21st birthday is approaching and i'm one of those that likes to be organized (and give my parents chance to save up for my present, of course) so i've been thinking about what I want. Obviously it has to be super special and why not? I'm only 21 once, it's the perfect opportunity to flutter those eyelashes and ask for something you wouldn't ever get on any other occasion. I'm still undecided on what I want because I ended up finding a million amazing things, what can a girl do?! Here's my very expensive wishlist:

Christian Louboutin 'Isolde'

Celine luggage tote 

Prada Saffiano tote

Christian Louboutin 'Pigalle Spike'

Christian Louboutin 'Pigalle Spike'

Givenchy Antigona tote

Chanel flap bag

Chanel flap bag

What would you do? 

See more at: Pinterest


Saturday, 27 July 2013

AUTUMN/WINTER 2013 on the high street: Zara new collection

Sorry to wish Summer away already, but it's almost over and if you live in the UK like me, it's not gonna be long before we need to start shopping for our winter wardrobes and digging out the boots and worse - wellies! I'm one of those overly prepared people that can't sleep at night until they have sorted everything out that's on their mind, and a new coat has been one of them. The reason for this autumn/winter craziness on my mind? Zara's new collection - which of course is gorgeous as usual. Here are some of my favourites:

Short coat with pockets (here)

Pinstripe skort (here)

Checked shirt (here)

Studio top (here)

Jacket (here)

Checked jacket (here)

Ankle strap sandal (here)

Basic bowling bag (here)

Shopper bag (here)

All links are to the UK site, apologies if they don't redirect to your country but hopefully they will!


WISHLIST: Missguided

I am a huge fan of Missguided - and if you've not visited their website before (here) then you need to get your pretty little self over there and fall in love! They update and restock pretty much everyday and are always fast with providing you the latest trends and not forgetting how cheap they are... I rarely shop anywhere else anymore because I just love everything (a little too much)! Here are alllllll the things i'm saving my pennies for right now, and if you have anything Missguided of your own I would love to see!

Jungle print dress (here)

Tassle crop top (here)

Tribal print trousers (here)

Leather court shoes (here)

Plunge neckline playsuit (here)

Lace sleeve dress (here)

Crossover tailored jumpsuit (here)

Cut out platform wedge (here)

Heart shaped sunglasses (here)

Denim biker jacket (here)


Friday, 26 July 2013

WHAT I WORE: Hella Good - Outfit of the day

Today is the first day this week i've actually been dressed properly and it's only because i'm dying of starvation... You may already know that i'm totally 'buggin' over the 90's right now so pretty much everything I pick up lately to wear has to be inspired by something 90s. I've been listening to too much No Doubt lately so a shade of red lips was a must and I figured a white crop and denim leggings would probably do the trick with me being lazy and all...

Tshirt - Rihanna for River Island (here - also available in more colours)
Leggings - Topshop
Bag - Zara


The life of a London girl

In case you're wondering why an alleged London girls life is so boring, it's because i've been tucked away in the abyss of Yorkshire for a while now visiting family and my time here is almost up. Soon i'll be packing up and going back to my little house in London where I definitely belong. I'm missing London unbelievably so I decided to do a post dedicated to my first year there and show you guys how fun and fashionable life really is when you live in such an amazing city...

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