Saturday, 9 June 2018

Holiday Essentials with Fragrance Direct

We're finally all packing up and heading South for the Summer and as ginger-skinned as I am, i'm literally so excited to finally ditch the coats and the Manchester rain for something a little more humid (and trust me humid is a light statement to describe the city weather right now...).
It's not just our wardrobe that needs a switch up with the change of weather though, our beauty cupboard does too. There's actually nothing worse than being caked in your fave Mac foundation on a hot day and feeling like your mascara is spreading further and further down your face as the day goes on... Trust me, i've been there too.
I've teamed up with Fragrance Direct to share what my on-hand beauty essentials are this season...

NYX is a common sight in my make up bag, and there's a lot of products of theirs that I swear by - which is great since the price tag is so low (winnerrrr). I've been a huge fan of their Lingerie lipsticks and the High Definition foundation (such a great high street find - lightweight, buildable and not too matte for us combination gals!) so I'm always eager to try more - and their baked eyeshadows are soooo nice. I don't really experiment much with my eye make up as I know exactly what I like. I like to stick to brownish tones and have an inner-corner glow, and sometimes i'll venture into bronzey tones if i'm getting ready for a night out (I have green eyes so it's so hard to wear a lot of colours!). Anyhoo, I chose shades 'Bittersweet' and 'Supernova' to get me through any trip and avoid lugging about a palette to every destination. Plus, 'Supernova' is perfff for a subtle highlight if you wanted to tag-team it.

Need I even explain this one? I for one can't stand the feeling of wearing make up when i'm on holiday, which is exactly where BB Cream comes in. Always make sure you choose products for your face with SPF in to protect your skin in the sunshine. MAC's foundations are always amazing once you find the perfect match for your skin type, which is why they're my go-to for anything else skin related. They've really upped their game in this area and their BB Cream is no exception - super lightweight with enough coverage to feel as confident as you do with a full face of make up.

Tan prep is an essential for most before they go on holiday. I've fallen victim to not bothering with this step before going away and looking like a stylish lobster for my entire holiday (it's the ginger skin thing...). Cos i'm so fair, I always stick with the lighter shades of fake tan for a bit of a sun-kissed glow without looking ridiculous (we're not all blessed with the genes able to pull off a lovely dark tan i'm afraid!). Fake Bake has always been a go-to for me since growing out of my St. Moritz days - and if you're not a confident tanner like me, their gradual tanner is an absolute SAVIOUR.

Ok, so this is the holy grail product in my make-up bag. Even my mum pinches it when I visit (thanks mum...). I've been a huge fan of Nip+Fab and Rodial since they hit stores in the UK and tried just about all of the Nip+Fab range looking for my perfect skincare solution. The range i've always gone back to is the Dragon's Blood range. If you're not familiar with Rodial already, they're super popular with celebs like Kim Kardashian - and the founder also created Nip+Fab (a more high street version that sisters the brand - and has been fronted by Kylie Jenner). 
Both brands are great, so it depends what you're looking for. I use the Nip+Fab Dragon's Blood Serum, but prefer the Rodial version of the moisturiser for a more premium, silky application. I tend to splurge a little more cash on my moisturiser as for my skin, it's the most important part of my routine. This one's super hydrating, plumping and refreshing. Fun fact: This one's £60 to buy in store but only £25 at Fragrance Direct!

Last but not least, the most important holiday essential of course - SUN CREAM. One thing I hate is piling on thick, white suncream that hardly rubs in and getting it all over my hands for half the day. It makes being in a warmer climate so much more stressful as you literally feel like you're covered in paste, am I right?
I always opt for the 'dry' ones or sprays that absorb themselves to eliminate as much fuss as possible. I also recommend going for a higher SPF if you prefer to be tan and not burnt. I usually go for a kids factor 30 for the first few days before moving onto a factor 20 for the rest of the holiday. This Garnier Dry Mist is non-greasy, so perfect if applying sun cream is the bane of your life like it is for me.

If you need to stock up on holiday essentials you can get them for discounted prices on Fragrance Direct here ANDDDD they also just launched a new app that I can't get enough of which you can download here!


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