Sunday, 25 February 2018

5 Things I'm Looking Forward To In Spring

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Spring is so close it's literally in sight and I know i'm definitely not the only one ready to be rid of this awful, cold weather! When I was younger I used to LOVE Winter, it was my favourite season by far. All the best occasions are in Winter. My birthday, Christmas, New Year's... All the fairs and events are the best, as well as the seasonal foods (it should be acceptable stuff your fave with Pigs in Blankets ALL year round lets face it). 
I've always loved cosy nights in all wrapped up and binge watching Netflix or watching a cute movie, and Winter is so perfect for that - I mean really anytime is perfect for that, but we're made to feel far less guilty for doing it on a daily basis when it's actually Baltic outside.
HOWEVER... In my older age, all gal wants is to be warm and in the sunshine - Spring, we're counting on you. So, i've already said what's fun about our current, sufferable season, now, onto the next...

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Why It's Ok To Fail

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Life... It seems to go from worrying about whether your mum was gonna make you chicken nuggets or vegetables for dinner that night, to worrying about literally everything possible in the world (you'll all relate to 'did I leave my straighteners on this morning?'). 

Being a worrier is something that was genetically passed down to me from my great grandma, to my grandma, to my mum, and then to me. We're a family of worriers. Generations of us. We worry about everything - even the small things in life like getting somewhere at a certain time, or standing on three grates in a row, or did I say something stupid earlier? It's a headache and a half. 

But one thing I worry about the most? Failing. 

Monday, 12 February 2018

What Day Is It, Again?

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Adulthood: it really takes it out of you doesn't it? Honestly, the further into adulthood I get, the less often I know 1) what planet i'm on, or 2) what bloody day it is.

Responsibility isn't for everyone, I mean honestly I couldn't look after a goldfish if I tried - but it gets thrown at us anyway involuntarily and we kinda just have to fumble through life and get on with it (preferably without moaning about it too much). We all struggle with the turn into adulthood at some point in our lives and wish we could go back to the simple days of drawing on your parents walls in crayon and not having to worry about the mess afterwards, or even just the days when you lived at home and your mum worried about what was for dinner that night. Let's face it, we'd all probably take any scenario along those lines right now. 
As much as we moan about it, it is pretty fun being all grown up - but there's definitely a few things I wish people warned me about before having to figure them out all by myself... 
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