Sunday, 15 October 2017

Chill Time with JD Womens

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I'm back after an impromptu break thanks to the rain, dark evenings and general life. And TBH, it all got me thinking about the things we do to ourselves in the name of everything but ourselves
It's such a commonly discussed topic, but taking time out for ourselves sometimes is actually a really big deal, and while it may sound so easy to do - in most cases it really isn't. 
My whole life i've been a people pleaser, always putting everybody else before me and constantly trying to avoid disappointing people - it's my biggest hate (followed by being late and ignorance, but irrelevant here). I don't want to be a burden or cause anyone else inconvenience, so instead - I lumber it all on myself. Anyone else do this too?

The point to the long essay of me moaning is... Sometime's life gets a bit much and we all need a break sometimes. I've taken my own challenge of just zoning out whenever possible - whether it's staring at the ceiling for a few hours completely switched off from the world, or leaving my laptop behind to have a natter in the living room with my flatmate and honestly, it's every little helps. We all reach the point of burn out from time to time - and 2017 has definitely had me burning the candle at both ends 98% of the time.

I absolutely love getting home from a long day at the office and changing into my loungewear (yep, i'm a changed woman) and just being comfy. I'm definitely a staying-in over going-out kinda gal so my creature comforts are just everything to me (so big shout out to JD for hooking me up with this beaut Ellese tracksuit which is literally my pop-to-Costa-for-a-brew statement look now...). So many people make fun of me for being that person who's literally watched every series available on Netflix, but you've just got to find your own little distraction and for me, it's a duvet day with a movie or a series binge watch away from everyone else. Anti-social - yes, but hey, get off of my cloud.
So, here's to keeping up with doing it for yourself and trying not to let the world stop you from winding down!

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  1. Cute! I love this loungewear look. I'm the same way. I love coming home from work and throwing some comfy clothes in. Makes me feel more relaxed!

    May from La Vie en May

  2. Such a beautiful outfit!


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