Friday, 28 July 2017

Pep(lum) Talk

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Do you ever aimlessly stroll into Primark with absolutely no intentions of liking anything, and then leave with EVERYTHING? Yep, me too. I like to think that I hate Primark - I can't go even one metre near a sale rail and I don't have the attention span for messy shops, but there's something about that one section of Primark (don't act like you don't know which) that hooks me every single time. Last time I went in I left £50 lighter, with surprisingly a lot to show for it - this mesh dress included.
Frilled/peplem/flute sleeves are taking over right now and I don't think i've looked at an average-joe sleeve the same for a really long time (sorry, old sleeves)... They just add a little 'extra' to your day-to-day look and who doesn't want a bit of that?  
I also love an item that serves a multi-purpose. Wanna pop to a festival? Sure thang... Out for dranks? Got ya back gurrrrl... Just wanna spice things up at the office? You got it! This dress checks all the boxes and you've probably noticed already i'm a bit of a sucker for a simple t-shirt dress - it's a very 'me' style if there was to be a style to describe me (that sounds dead boring, but you also know that if I was an item of clothing it would be a fluffy shoe so it swings both ways here...)
This time, I paired it with the most Instagrammable shoes in my shoedrobe right now - these gorgeous embroidered platform heels from Ego. I've had these for a little while now but unfortunately haven't had a chance to wear them as must as i'd have hoped due to the old ankle injury, but these won't be leaving the 'feature' shelf anytime soon... 

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Dress - Primark


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  1. The dress is really nice but I'm sooo in love with your shoes! Just brilliant! ;)


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