Saturday, 22 July 2017


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Weekends are definitely for chillin', and it feels like a LONG time since i've had a minute. But that doesn't stop me dressing like all I do is relax... I never used to own a pair of jeans, never mind any form of clothing with the word 'sweat' or 'hood' in the description, but now I literally couldn't live without my chill-essentials. Maybe i'm just getting old (don't answer that...).
Since investing in this pair of 'Jamie' jeans from Topshop, i've been back and also got the 'Joni' jeans (my current faves) and they've become my ultimate daily go-to pants. I actually feel like i've been missing out on years of comfort - i'm like a changed woman.
The next new addition to my wardrobe was another item from work that has tempted me (that is yet another item from Sarah Ashcroft's range) - the 'Boss Babe' hoodie. I'm not gonna lie - every single piece is actually amazing and it's definitely my type on paper. Hardly a surprise i've purchased so many items already (and planning to invest in Spanx so I can buy even more). I'm officially sold on the whole hoodie hype. I can finally put my hands up and say - I GET IT. So much comfort in one piece of clothing...

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  1. You look amazing! This is such a cute cropped jumper & it looks fab with those jeans!
    Emma at


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