Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | January 2017

New year - new look! My Look Fantastic Beauty Box arrived this month with a streamlined makeover, and it's looking pretty cute! Even the lid's reference to a new adventure had me feeling those new year vibes! But as always with Look Fantastic, it's the contents that steal the show and this month didn't fail to impress.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Shades Of Grey...

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Winter is almost over and i've had the sudden realisation I haven't even had to wear many wintery outfits so far. I mean, sure there's been a little bit of snow and i've been moaning that it's freezing, but in hindsight it's actually really not that bad. The scarves have hardly been out and neither have the hats, so I figured why not style something up ahead of the annual February freeze. Let's face it, around LFW it always gets icy cold and it's bound to happen this year too to throw off the fashion peacocks (who will no doubt just rock their mental outfits for the paps anyways...). 
The older I get the more I realise that my style is getting 'plainer'. Gone are the days that hot pink faux fur dominated my wardrobe, and here to stay are the new monochrome additions in simpler styles. Another thing I now love which i'd never incorporated before? Layering. The holy grail of winter style for me now. Looking chic whilst staying warm? YES PLEASE. There's nothing cooler (for me anyway) that rocking an oversized baggy shirt underneath a cropped sweater for an extra something to an outfit, with more knitwear thrown over the top - as long as it's not a la Lenny Kravitz, that is... 

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

So Lost

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I know, I know - it's such a cliche to keep talking about 2017 and new starts and all that jazz, but it's totally normal for that to be all that's on your mind during the first week of January. We all have that hope that the beginning of the year will start off remarkably - myself included - but bloody hell this year has already come down like a ton of bricks on me and we're only four days in. While it's shook me, i'm more determined than ever to turn 2017 on it's ass flying-side flip style and finally have that well deserved breather. 
Putting together my '2016 in Outfits' made me realise how much i'd neglected something i'd started from the ground up and used to love (and still do love!) and i'm feeling more creative than ever to nurture my baby a little bit more and that starts from now. I have so many ideas that I really want to stick to once I get back on my feet in life and finally do that 'make this year my year' thing that people babble on about on Twitter. 
What would you want to see from The Fashion Wonderland this year? 

Sunday, 1 January 2017

2016 In Outfits

So, 2016 was a crazy year as we all know, but we've already chatted about that in my last post. I went from blogging full-time to having a career overhaul and putting my blog on the back burner - which while I've felt guilty for a really long time, wasn't such a bad thing. Sometimes we all need a little break to sit back and view things from a different perspective so that we can come back with a fresh mind and better ideas - I think that's exactly what i've been able to do. I also got to detach myself from what can be an all-consuming hobby and breathe for a few seconds.
This year, The Fashion Wonderland has dipped it's toes in other sections from lifestyle, food and beauty surrounding the usual fashion posts that have been going strong for four years now - phew, long time right
Not only have I relocated which has switched up my content naturally, but my interests have changed and so has my lifestyle - but that's where 2017 comes in. While I want to keep integrating those little extra pieces of content into my blog, I also want to head back towards the content that used to live here and make the primary focus fashion again - after all, that is my primary focus in life. Looking back at the year in outfits has showed me just how much my style has constantly changed (sometimes not for the better), so I can't wait to put together some posts that i'm happy with again and bring back that light that used to live here. Here's to 2017! 2016 has been a blogging gap year for me, but this year - i'm ready to come back hopefully better than ever! 

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