Sunday, 3 December 2017

Christmas Jumpers with PrettyLittleThing

christmas jumper day 2017 prettylittlething

If there's anyone more festive than me, I'd like to meet them. I mean, Buddy the Elf would be perfect company for me so we can sit and eat weird sugary concoctions and talk about how excited we are for Santa to come and hit up every festive event happening in Manchester right now... All jokes aside though, who wouldn't wanna hang out with Will Ferrell?... 

Anyway... As soon as the leaves fall I start my Christmas shopping, and that involves stocking up on festive jumpers to get me through the season. If you own as many as I do (i'm really not even sorry), you'll also be looking at the coolest options possible to make sure you don't have that standard 'merry Christmas you filthy animal' one that every man and his dog has... Including me...
Pretty Little Thing have some INSANE Christmas jumpers this year, and I was super fast at snapping up my faves before they were gone. Let's face it, finding a cute one isn't even the problem - it's styling them up that is. There's nothing more difficult to style than something that is cute but frumpy but that's where the fun is with Christmas jumpers, cos who ever looks sexy wearing a bright red chunky knit?! I've styled mine up two different ways to make sure you're feeling the festive sass at the markets this year however you wanna! (insert hairflip emoji here...)

Friday, 10 November 2017

Introducing: Glo & Ray Make-Up

glo & ray make up review

I might have been almost MIA recently, but i'm back - and my addiction to beauty products is getting worse (I mean, I don't think it's 'worse', but some people may...). Is that what an addict sounds like?
Anyway, I love to try new products - it's always my favourite part. It's like the Christmas of beauty products everytime when discovering something new that you like.
I heard about Glo & Ray through an old client of mine when they started stocking them, and after hearing great things from each team member - I immediately followed them on Instagram to keep my eyes out for what they were up to. 

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Ibiza Throwback: The 5 Worst Things About Winter

missguided kimono playsuit fashion blog

The transition from Summer, into Autumn, into Winter is such a fast one - and for what people will presumably blame on global warming (which I admittedly haven't really been keeping up with because it's a bit of a slow burner...), I really don't feel like we had an Autumn at all. I mean, it's technically still supposed to be Autumn, but i'm sitting here in my bed under a duvet and a blanket, wearing my pj's, a jumper and slipper socks to try and hide from the chill (it's not working, my feet are bloody frozen). Naturally, i'm reminiscing on times when I was much warmer such as Ibiza in September - and wishing I could feel my toes again. In the spirit of a true Brit, I thought what better thing to do than round up the five worst things about Winter, so we can all moan together about the weather and indulge in a brew, dreaming of tropical heat and cocktails - which we won't have, because we live in England.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Winter Styling with River Island #ImWearingRI

autumn winter 2017 fashion trends

Because there's absolutely no way i'll accept that it's still Autumn, here's to Winter already. I'm ditching the jackets and thin knits for the chunky jumpers and cosy coats. Not to mention it's absolutely freezing in Manchester... 
River Island are one of the first places that I check at the beginning of any season, and i'm always guaranteed to have a wishlist as long as my arm every time. This season, they have the most amazing jumpers and as a self-professed knitwear obsessive, I found it so hard to not buy them all! If you love a huge, chunky, cosy knit like me, you won't be disappointed. This one's SO warm and is a chenille knit, perfect for an office day to Christmas market boozing afterwards. Not forgetting the cute multi-purpose trousers to match, right?
My next fave thing about the new season? My colour palette is darker, autumnal shades that are mostly warm, so dual tonal dressing is my absolute fave. Plus, the benefits are that you don't have to think of what you're gonna wear things with, right? A lazy girl's dream. 

Friday, 27 October 2017

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | October 2017

Look Fantastic Beauty Box October 2017 review

I think my favourite part of the month has to be receiving the latest Look Fantastic Beauty Box. There's nothing I love more than finding new products and testing them out - i'm a self confessed beauty addict.
This month's box has the theme 'Indulge Me' - including the pamper essentials to leave you feeling super refreshed.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Chill Time with JD Womens

how to wear sportswear fashion blog

I'm back after an impromptu break thanks to the rain, dark evenings and general life. And TBH, it all got me thinking about the things we do to ourselves in the name of everything but ourselves
It's such a commonly discussed topic, but taking time out for ourselves sometimes is actually a really big deal, and while it may sound so easy to do - in most cases it really isn't. 
My whole life i've been a people pleaser, always putting everybody else before me and constantly trying to avoid disappointing people - it's my biggest hate (followed by being late and ignorance, but irrelevant here). I don't want to be a burden or cause anyone else inconvenience, so instead - I lumber it all on myself. Anyone else do this too?

Sunday, 17 September 2017

The Ibiza Diaries: Wearing Swimwear365

swimwear365 bikinis blog

Summer is basically over now, but it's ok cos my tan is still going strong from Ibizaaaa!
All I needed in life was the sun, sand and a poolside gin in my hand to complete a well deserved (if I may say so myself) break.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Take A Walk On The Wild Side...

leopard print trend 2017

So, it happened. The one trend we all thought would never return did and let's all be honest here, it's actually pretty good. There once was a time when leopard print/any animal print to be perfectly frank was a bit tacky and reminded me of Kat Slater from Eastenders - not exactly the go-to style icon (unless cockney barmaid chic is your thang, which isn't a bad thing if you can werk it). 
We can thank the likes of Givenchy and Dolce and Gabbana for the return of fashions most faux-pas'ed trend with it's chic remix, and to jump on the trend i've been styling up this amazing cape coat from Lavish Alice which I picked up in one of their sample sales last year. Guess I just got a vibe from it? #TrendForecaster in the making...
The best part about a print? It's super easy to make a statement and the rest of your outfit can be boring as hell without anyone noticing it's boring as hell. Crack out those white tees and black jeans, honeys and throw on a print for a basic-outfit-refresh.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | August 2017

look fantastic august 2017 beauty

My holiday is almost here, so it was good timing when this month's Look Fantastic Beauty Box landed! The theme for August is 'Global Glamour' which celebrates all things suitcase worthy to prep your beauty game for the sunshine. 
Stay tuned to find out what's in this month's box...

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Iridescent Vibes

sarah ashcroft x in the style 2017 blogger

It's almost time for IBIZAAAAA! But until then, i'm just trying to incorporate all of the amazing new wardrobe additions into my daily wardrobe because i'm too impatient to wait to wear them - story of every gals life. 
I've become such a jeans girl lately - I guess that's what happens when you work in an office and literally hide behind your desk for an entire day, but they've even incorporated themselves into my day-to-day life. But today, Sophie and I headed for a Sunday brunch to catch up and we got talking about how we would define our style. I actually realised that i'd totally lost myself and didn't even know who I was anymore. Since I moved to Manchester it's like i've had some major identity crisis and as i've grown up a little more, i've forgotten who I used to be when I had more time to care. The Laura we all know and love is all about anything glittery, furry, velvet and flared. That's it in a description - but as trends change so do we. My new mission is to get back that well dressed retro-lovin' honey we all used to know - bring on A/W!


Monday, 14 August 2017

Travel: The Dublin Guide

dublin travel guide 2017

It's actually been quite a while since I headed off to Dublin for a long weekend and i've been saving this one for a rainy day... And today is a very rainy day in Manchester! With super cheap flights, you could say it was a pretty spontaneous (albeit booked well in advance due to super cheap flights) trip. I had never been to Ireland before and since it's my heritage, I felt I was letting the team down. 

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Suitcase Essentials with Boohoo | Part 2

what to wear on holiday 2017

Part 2 is herrrre! Yesterday I showed you a more chilled look as challenged by the gals at Boohoo, but today i'm really getting into Ibiza mode! I'm still feelin' those beachy vibes with this fringed maxi, but absolutely lovedddd spicing it up a little for those night time feels. 
I actually also have this bodysuit in white (one reason why I love black so much) so switchin' it up really wouldn't be difficult. All about savin' that suitcase space! 
Whether it's Nikki Beach or just the beach, some looks can be so versatile that you wouldn't look out of place at either - the beauty of the maxi skirt
What are your suitcase essentials this season?

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Suitcase Essentials with Boohoo | Part 1

what to wear on holiday blog

It's almost holiday time for meeee - woohoo! It feels like a lifetime since I last felt the sun shining on my skin (it's been since April - I live in Manchester need I say more) and i'm so excited to get packing. But one thing that bugs me is how expensive it is to actually get a suitcase onto a plane - ain't nobody got time (or spare dolla) for that. I'm all about that cramming everything into the on-board luggage life. To prep for my holibobs, Boohoo tasked me with styling up just one skirt in two ways - to show you guys how easy it is to be versatile without taking your entire wardrobe with you, and what dya know? They were correct - it wasn't as hard as I thought!
I chose this mega thigh high split skirt to style up (I do love a challenge...) and paired it with this amazing embroidered t-shirt for a day-to-night look. Literally from beach to bar with the fringing, right? Throw a mesh tee over your bikini and you're good to go! A maxi is also perfect for wearing different shoe styles - be it platforms, flats or heels and the thigh high splits make it even easier to wear whatever shoes you want without looking like your mum in the early nineties. 
SORTED. Stay tuned for part 2! 

Friday, 28 July 2017

Pep(lum) Talk

mesh dress trend 2017 fashion

Do you ever aimlessly stroll into Primark with absolutely no intentions of liking anything, and then leave with EVERYTHING? Yep, me too. I like to think that I hate Primark - I can't go even one metre near a sale rail and I don't have the attention span for messy shops, but there's something about that one section of Primark (don't act like you don't know which) that hooks me every single time. Last time I went in I left £50 lighter, with surprisingly a lot to show for it - this mesh dress included.
Frilled/peplem/flute sleeves are taking over right now and I don't think i've looked at an average-joe sleeve the same for a really long time (sorry, old sleeves)... They just add a little 'extra' to your day-to-day look and who doesn't want a bit of that?  
I also love an item that serves a multi-purpose. Wanna pop to a festival? Sure thang... Out for dranks? Got ya back gurrrrl... Just wanna spice things up at the office? You got it! This dress checks all the boxes and you've probably noticed already i'm a bit of a sucker for a simple t-shirt dress - it's a very 'me' style if there was to be a style to describe me (that sounds dead boring, but you also know that if I was an item of clothing it would be a fluffy shoe so it swings both ways here...)
This time, I paired it with the most Instagrammable shoes in my shoedrobe right now - these gorgeous embroidered platform heels from Ego. I've had these for a little while now but unfortunately haven't had a chance to wear them as must as i'd have hoped due to the old ankle injury, but these won't be leaving the 'feature' shelf anytime soon... 

Saturday, 22 July 2017


what to wear comfort fashion blog

Weekends are definitely for chillin', and it feels like a LONG time since i've had a minute. But that doesn't stop me dressing like all I do is relax... I never used to own a pair of jeans, never mind any form of clothing with the word 'sweat' or 'hood' in the description, but now I literally couldn't live without my chill-essentials. Maybe i'm just getting old (don't answer that...).
Since investing in this pair of 'Jamie' jeans from Topshop, i've been back and also got the 'Joni' jeans (my current faves) and they've become my ultimate daily go-to pants. I actually feel like i've been missing out on years of comfort - i'm like a changed woman.
The next new addition to my wardrobe was another item from work that has tempted me (that is yet another item from Sarah Ashcroft's range) - the 'Boss Babe' hoodie. I'm not gonna lie - every single piece is actually amazing and it's definitely my type on paper. Hardly a surprise i've purchased so many items already (and planning to invest in Spanx so I can buy even more). I'm officially sold on the whole hoodie hype. I can finally put my hands up and say - I GET IT. So much comfort in one piece of clothing...

Saturday, 15 July 2017

MAC Cosmetics x Look Fantastic

mac cosmetics at look fantastic

It's HERE! MAC has officially landed at Look Fantastic, what more could a gal want? One of my forever favourite make-up brands at my favourite online stop for all of my beauty essentials. Included in the launch is over 37 categories including our fave brushes, lipsticks and Prep + Prime range - FINALLY! Not forgetting the Limited Edition ranges that have been known to sell out SO many times. 

Saturday, 8 July 2017


how to style denim jacket

The gingham obsession continues with these incredible trousers that I spotted in Urban Outfitters last month. After visiting them THREE times in their Dublin store, I finally persuaded myself to buy them. I'm so bad at treating myself and it takes a lot of convincing to get me to buy myself something if it's not essential (tbh, even the essentials such as socks pains me). I like to spend my money on the finer things in life, such as McDonalds... 
I've been styling these up on an almost daily basis recently and my fave combo has to be with a slogan tee and denim jacket. After only a few weeks at my new job i've definitely picked up a couple of cheeky pieces including this amazing applique jacket. Until last month I hadn't ever owned a denim jacket (I know, a travesty) and now I own THREE. Addicted, much? 
The trainers are also back after the sprain - I even bought MORE. Who am I becoming? 

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Double Denim'in'

how to wear yellow 2017

I'm back... I know... I have a habit of making a disappearing act don't I? I officially pulled Sophie out of her photographer retirement and shot some brand new outfits for you guys!
After spraining my ankle on a terrible level two months ago, i'm sort of back up and (not) running and can finally hobble a bit in all of the amazing shoes waiting to be shown off in my closet. 
I snapped up these absolute baes about a month or so ago from Ego and i've been absolutely devastated that I couldn't wear them for such a long time - so typical! Yellow is taking over right now and while it can look a bit silly against blonde hair, there's no stopping us when it comes to accessorising (and by that, I mean SHOES!). Who doesn't love a new excuse to pick up a new pair?
I think these 'Florence' heels have actually taken over Instagram and who can be surprised? Look how pretty they are! I'll happily take them in every colour thank yaaaa. 
Not quite sure how to style up the super bold hue? Play it safe with denim overload to keep it casual.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | June 2017

June is all about those Summer vibes, and this month - Look Fantastic are celebrating all things travel (while making me wish I even had another holiday booked)... 
The Wanderlust box includes the travel essentials you need in your life, along with some tips and tricks on keeping your beauty game strong all while being a travel bee. 

Monday, 29 May 2017

Pinstripes and Late Nights

summer workwear 2017 fashion blog

I did it again, I dropped off the face of the blogosphere without any warning. Sometimes life just gets in the way, and apparently i'm at that stage in life where all it does is get in the way. For good reason though.
I can finally tell you all that I have officially moved on from my Label PR days which a lot of you may now know me from, and started my new job specialising in social media. Exciting! It has definitely been a manic couple of weeks, but I think i'm finally settling into the changes in my daily routine that come with starting anew and back on the bandwagon. 
With a new job comes a new work wardrobe though, of course, and i'm inlove with the current tied shirt trend. Nothing says 'casual but boss bitch' more than a slouchy shirt and I love that we can finally diminish that unflattering waistline that comes with shirts (yes brands, even trying to dart them they still look hideous, soz) without looking like a slob! If it's even possible, Zara have definitely upped their Summer game and many an occasion i've almost left the store with basically everything. Yep Zara, you have taken my salary for ransom. Oh, and would it be a Laura outfit without a pair of furry shoes? Na... 

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Weather Dependant

how to style sweatshirt fashion blog

If there's one thing i've learned in the year and a half that i've lived in Manchester, it's that planning your outfit is weather dependant - and even then, you're not guaranteed the forecast knows what's going on. So many days I leave the house prepared with a giant raincoat for the sun to be shining and me wondering what the hell iPhone Weather was chattin', and others to head out in shorts and a tee for it to absolutely sling it down - always a good 'en. 
What I usually find works? One out and not both - and by that I mean, legs or arms, take your pick. Women's legs are usually made of absolute steel. Us Northern birds can go through a snowstorm and back just because we wanted to wear THAT dress, so I usually opt for wrapping up on top to stay warm - in which case sweaters, you are my ultimate BFF. 
This one's from Missguided and takes a spin on your usual boring plain sweatshirt taking props from one of the biggest trends of the past few seasons, tie waists. There is almost nothing worse than wanting to be comfy, but also completely diminishing your waistline in the name of comfort and looking like a hag whose boobs hang to her crotch. Detailed, I know - but it's true. Pair comfort with something more tailored such as a pleated skirt and cute mules or boots and voila, tomorrow's outfit sorted (and, it kinda feels reminiscent to the weekend's slob fest, no?).

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Blue Velvet

blue velvet dress primark

I love a velvet dress so it's no surprise I was as happy as I was to see the fabric floating around in Primark lately as part of their Spring collections. I wore so much blue when I was younger it now reminds me of terrible blusher moments and bad hairstyles - which made me write the colour of as anything that suited me for a really long time, but i've gotta say i'm feelin' how tanned i'm looking in this baby blue dress and i'm glad I reconsidered it. 
I think slip style dresses make up probably 80% of my wardrobe and i'm sure as hell verging on too many, but there's something about being able to chuck a cute dress over a slogan tee that's just so 'me'. You know me, comfort over anything! 

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The 'Kris Jenner' Shoe

best gucci loafer dupes uk

I know what you're thinking, and new post so soon? Are you ok Laura? 
Yep, i'm ok. I'm just back on track with everything at last after a whirlwind few months and a sprained ankle (which is actually the cause for all of these posts! I've even been shooting on one leg for you guys...) 
Anyway, this 'transitional weather' has me going crazy - and in true brit style i'm wearing a coat with my legs out (how else?!) in a bid to defeat the schizo weather. This fleecy beaut from Zara has literally been shoved away in my closet until the rain flees temporarily from Manchester and i'm so happy i've finally been able to dig it out. It's been a long road of waiting, but we're finally there - although it's probably even a little too warm now but sod it we're going with it and it's fine. 
Another new addition to my wardrobe? The Instagram shoe of the moment from Ego, of course. I think my feed has been so flooded with these, I had no choice but to pick them up (which I even snapped up 25% off a couple of weeks back, seriously guys Ego have the best offers!). They basically go with everything, and even my mum commented on them saying 'oh my god are they the ones that Kris Jenner has'... I wish mum... Who knew walking on fur would feel so good? Another bonus point, they are the perfect shoe for a sprained ankle in all their backless glory - who'd have known? 

Saturday, 6 May 2017

The Gingham Saga Continues

how to wear gingham 2017

The obsession for gingham continues... I snapped up this gingham baby from Zara a couple of months ago during a payday splurge and i've been wearing it almost everyday since - especially for work! The poofy, layered sleeves and high neck are super dreamy and it literally goes with anything - well, potentially not my weekend go-to sweatpants but I could give it a good go... 
I wonder how long it will be until something new comes into my life that I can obsess over? Probably soon since idiot over here but it in the tumble dryer.
Last weekend I headed to Liverpool for the very first time and wandered around the centre for a while while taking in a little bit of Northern sunshine (at last!). I've lived in Manchester for well over a year now so it was about time I ventured out of town and went somewhere new. Can you tell I couldn't resist the pink walls outside Love Thy Neighbour? 

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | April 2017

look fantastic april 2017 beauty box

Another month another delivery packed with everything I need in my life and more. I'm a self-confused beauty junkie who needs new products in my life on the reg, be it new skincare, treatments or a new lipstick. Every month, i'm spending my money on products, products, products - so it's an absolute saviour to have something like Look Fantastic's Beauty Box in existence. What else is a beauty lover supposed to do? Most of all - I love trying something new, especially if it's been hyped about recently on Instagram or my favourite bloggers are talking about it - let's face it, we're all a sucker for a pretty picture, especially when you love Instagram yourself! 

Drizzy Love

drake tshirt missy empire fashion blog

Any excuse to take me back to my dance roots, I take it... And you could probably say any excuse to take me to my childhood days, I'll take that too! 
I'm having so much fun styling up old favourites lately and one thing I never stopped loving was my tulle skirt from Zara. I've loved it for so long, it's not even in season anymore! I picked this one up at the beginning of the A/W season and I literally haven't taken it off since. I'm a sucker for a midi, throw some tulle in there and i'm completely besotted. Kinda regret not buying it in every colour, obv.
Another old fave? These gold platforms I picked up last Summer from Missguided. I've only worn them once because i'm such a wimp when it comes to breaking in shoes (and I own so many by the time they make their way through the cycle, they need it all over again) but there's something about a touch of metallic that finishes any look whatever the season or year. For more of a daytime look, I paired these with some old school frilly socks to take it from bar to office without looking too OTT. 

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Sleeve Game Strong

SS17 sleeve fashion trend

IT'S WARM AT LAST! This time is both my favourite time of the season, and my least favourite. Where we get to adorn pretty frills and abolish the jackets, we also have to go through the entire 'wardrobe overhaul' bullshit that nobody has time for (especially lazy little me...) - and for the record, I definitely haven't done that yet and i'll be putting it off for as long as possible.
Back to the strong AF sleeve game going on over here though... Sleeves ain't going ANYWHERE this season - and if you thought you were fed up of seeing those flute sleeves, sorry guys, the rest of us aren't! As soon as I saw this dress I knew I had to add it to my S/S wardrobe - baby blues (and of course gingham) are my absolute faves for the season and i'll be flooding my rail with anything and everything that fits the bill.  
Pair pretty Spring pieces with cool metallic pieces to update that frilled style if you're not a girly girl like moi. These Stella-esque rose gold babies from Public Desire are my ultimate go-to shoes lately to finish any look, and did I mention they're actually comfy too? I'll take all colours, please and thank you. 

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Gingham Obsession

gingham ss17 trend

It's return of the gingham, and I couldn't be happier. Each season there's a trend that literally wipes out the high street and has fashion followers snapping up an array of pieces left, right and centre - and this season it's the take on the old school girl pinafore that's got us all gaga. There was something about the red, yellow and blue gingham checks that paraded down the runway at House of Holland's SS17 show that had us all craving our old school uniforms, and when Shrimps also revealed their gingham collection for the season, it definitely sealed the deal as one of the seasons biggest trends. 
Personally, I probably own close to double figures now of pretty gingham items that won't last the fight of the trends next season, but it's definitely worth it even for the short lived obsession. 
With the pretty addition of floral embroidering, this shirt from Influence secured it's spot as a workwear fave which i'll definitely be sporting at least twice a week.
How are you styling gingham this season?

Monday, 3 April 2017

The Beauty Egg Collection | Look Fantastic

look fantastic 2017 beauty blogger

IT'S HERE! As soon as the teasers came out for The Beauty Egg Collection by Look Fantastic, I KNEW I had to get my hands on it... And then lo and behold, the buzzer rang at the office and the post man surprised me with it today - I even let out a little squeal! 
So if you're as big of a Look Fantastic fan as I am, you'll know that they stock the best of the best when it comes to beauty... And if you're as much of a beauty addict as me, you'll want the whole product list! 

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | March 2017

This month's Look Fantastic Beauty Box is another exciting one for me, mostly because it's an edit by Elle (aka, The Bible...) in celebration of powerful women, particularly paying homage to women in beauty! My kinda theme!

Saturday, 11 March 2017

London Fashion Week A/W17 | Day Two

london fashion week street style 2017

So i've been a little slow on the London Fashion Week posts, but in the world of PR there is no pause button on life! I guess Fashion month really is a busy time... 
This season was all about being comfy and only two days in, it was time to whack out my trusty faves - the Nike Thea's. Trainers and tailored trousers have been my one true pairing since being an intern way back when - if I could have ever understood people who wear Crocs, trust me that was then (can we make that thing next season?)! I'm all about comfy cosy and zero of this blister malarky. 
As always, it's all in the details with playing it down. Wearing trainers doesn't necessarily mean it's sweatpants day - pairing minimal amounts of sportswear and clashing with a day-to-day look works too (let's face it it's been pretty much the only trend for a good three years now...). 
This season is about amping up your tailoring game with an extra sportswear (or Vicky Pollard) touch  and I, for one, am a FAN. Popper detail trousers have basically been parading Missguided's 'New In' section recently and i've been sitting on my hands trying to refrain myself from buying everything (I mean, hello, those Londunn popper detail joggers are to diiiiiie for!). I snapped up these wide leg babies (now in the sale) last month and have been living in them ever since - and paired with this tie waist sweatshirt made for warm-comfy-chic in the bitter cold of February!

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | February 2017

best beauty subscription boxes blog review

Everybody knows February is fashion month, so it's only right that everything we do is 'so fash' the whole way through, right? And that includes our beauty regime... 
I was so excited to see this month's Look Fantastic Beauty Box was themed around getting 'runway ready' and not all soppy and romantic (i'm single and my love is targeted towards shoes...) and as always, more excited to reveal the contents! 

Sunday, 26 February 2017

London Fashion Week A/W17 | Day One

like realizing stuff uk fashion blog

London Fashion Week is over for another season (dare I say thank god?) and it's time to pack away the gladrags for another six months (hi cosy warm outfits, I missed you...) - but it wouldn't be another season if I didn't show you what I actually wore to spot the A/W17 trends now, would it?
My general approach to such a busy week now is to abolish the urge to wear heels and opt for something a little comfier and i'm so glad I did. It was definitely the comfiest season i've attended to date! These incredible Stella dupes from Public Desire were the shiny photo-op filled shoes of dreams  that I needed in my life and they may as well be surgically attached to my feet now. Sometimes, all you need is something shiny to make the world keep spinning round. 
In true 'Laura' style, I paired them with everything metallic I could possibly get my hands on and said 'fuck it' to the general rule of one statement piece. And what did I learn from that? Sometimes, saying 'fuck it' really works.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Styling Up Chartreuse

chatreuse fashion blog

You know what bugs me about S/S fashion? It drops in the stores in all of it's pretty, colourful glory - but it drops in January and you're literally unable to wear it for months. Who wants to buy in advance? Not me... I always have to find a way to where it immediately and in the heart of the Winter it can sometimes be difficult to pass it off, particularly if it's some kind of floral maxi dress... Lucky for me, I picked up these straight leg trousers from Primark's SS17 range that just hit stores, and straight away I knew exactly how I was going to wear them the following day. It might be winter, but oh my god am I bored of dark tones already. Navy? Over it. Pass me a brighter palette before I lose my mind! 
Culottes are basically the life and soul of my wardrobe so i'm happy to see they're still going strong season to season - here's to hoping their glory days aren't over anytime soon! 

Monday, 13 February 2017

Go Love Yourself - Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day

kylie cosmetics burgundy palette blog review
Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy Eyeshadow
You either have a good social life, love life or work life - and in my case, the love life part is basically non-existent at the moment. I'm definitely not bitter about Valentine's Day, but it has less of an impression on me since it's not exactly something i'm celebrating - unless using it as an excuse to eat the cheap chocolate afterwards counts...
Sometimes though, you just need a little excuse to treat yourself - so instead of proclaiming your love for someone else this Valentine's, treat yourself with those gimmicky chocolates and gifts instead... We all love a mid-month treat, right?
From actual sweet treats to my top beauty picks this month, i've rounded up the ultimate gifts for yourself this Valentine's Day...


Saturday, 4 February 2017

Beware of the Flare

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I'm definitely getting ahead of myself ditching the tights so soon into February, but hey ho - life's about optimism, no? 
Last month, I headed to the Northern Quarter to meet the ultimate babes girl bossin' over at Ego for a bit of a tipple and dinner and had the best night catching up with some old faves as well as meeting some new. But best of all, I headed home with a bag full of some incredible shoes and these boots were one of the pairs I was so kindly gifted on the night. The girls on the team had me down to a T with their surprise gifting! Sometimes, the more 'out-there' shoes can be daunting to style, but even simply styling them up with a shirt dress as easy as this one can tick the boxes. What outfit isn't complete with a thrown on leather jacket? 
I picked up this shirt dress from Missguided on boxing day from their SS17 range and was obsessed with it's sleeves and non-fuss style overall. Fluting here there and everywhere can literally leave you looking like you just rolled out of the 1500's so less is definitely more with this trend. 

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | January 2017

New year - new look! My Look Fantastic Beauty Box arrived this month with a streamlined makeover, and it's looking pretty cute! Even the lid's reference to a new adventure had me feeling those new year vibes! But as always with Look Fantastic, it's the contents that steal the show and this month didn't fail to impress.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Shades Of Grey...

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Winter is almost over and i've had the sudden realisation I haven't even had to wear many wintery outfits so far. I mean, sure there's been a little bit of snow and i've been moaning that it's freezing, but in hindsight it's actually really not that bad. The scarves have hardly been out and neither have the hats, so I figured why not style something up ahead of the annual February freeze. Let's face it, around LFW it always gets icy cold and it's bound to happen this year too to throw off the fashion peacocks (who will no doubt just rock their mental outfits for the paps anyways...). 
The older I get the more I realise that my style is getting 'plainer'. Gone are the days that hot pink faux fur dominated my wardrobe, and here to stay are the new monochrome additions in simpler styles. Another thing I now love which i'd never incorporated before? Layering. The holy grail of winter style for me now. Looking chic whilst staying warm? YES PLEASE. There's nothing cooler (for me anyway) that rocking an oversized baggy shirt underneath a cropped sweater for an extra something to an outfit, with more knitwear thrown over the top - as long as it's not a la Lenny Kravitz, that is... 

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

So Lost

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I know, I know - it's such a cliche to keep talking about 2017 and new starts and all that jazz, but it's totally normal for that to be all that's on your mind during the first week of January. We all have that hope that the beginning of the year will start off remarkably - myself included - but bloody hell this year has already come down like a ton of bricks on me and we're only four days in. While it's shook me, i'm more determined than ever to turn 2017 on it's ass flying-side flip style and finally have that well deserved breather. 
Putting together my '2016 in Outfits' made me realise how much i'd neglected something i'd started from the ground up and used to love (and still do love!) and i'm feeling more creative than ever to nurture my baby a little bit more and that starts from now. I have so many ideas that I really want to stick to once I get back on my feet in life and finally do that 'make this year my year' thing that people babble on about on Twitter. 
What would you want to see from The Fashion Wonderland this year? 

Sunday, 1 January 2017

2016 In Outfits

So, 2016 was a crazy year as we all know, but we've already chatted about that in my last post. I went from blogging full-time to having a career overhaul and putting my blog on the back burner - which while I've felt guilty for a really long time, wasn't such a bad thing. Sometimes we all need a little break to sit back and view things from a different perspective so that we can come back with a fresh mind and better ideas - I think that's exactly what i've been able to do. I also got to detach myself from what can be an all-consuming hobby and breathe for a few seconds.
This year, The Fashion Wonderland has dipped it's toes in other sections from lifestyle, food and beauty surrounding the usual fashion posts that have been going strong for four years now - phew, long time right
Not only have I relocated which has switched up my content naturally, but my interests have changed and so has my lifestyle - but that's where 2017 comes in. While I want to keep integrating those little extra pieces of content into my blog, I also want to head back towards the content that used to live here and make the primary focus fashion again - after all, that is my primary focus in life. Looking back at the year in outfits has showed me just how much my style has constantly changed (sometimes not for the better), so I can't wait to put together some posts that i'm happy with again and bring back that light that used to live here. Here's to 2017! 2016 has been a blogging gap year for me, but this year - i'm ready to come back hopefully better than ever! 

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