Saturday, 31 December 2016

Realising Stuff - Looking Back On 2016

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Just one year ago, we all mocked Kylie Jenner after her little end of year 2015 video clip was released where she briefly babbled about how 2016 was the year of 'realising stuff' - but what we didn't realise when we mocked the then seemingly naive 18 year old, was that she was definitely on to something.


Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Embracing Casual

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Winter is that time of year where style can go out of the window and be totally substituted for comfort - and that would be completely ok if you ask me. I don't think i've worn anything particularly stylish for quite some time now living in the Manchester wind and rain and i've gone from the girl who wouldn't touch a pair of jeans with a ten-foot barge pole, to pretty much living in them. In fact, i've bought three pairs in the past two months - I know, I can hear you saying 'who is this girl and what have you done with Laura?'... 
The next major change? You may have spotted a peak of the trainers. I know. What happened to me? It was kind of hard to resist these gorgeous Thea trainers from Nike though, i'm not gonna lie. I've always been a Converse gal on my off days but was never truly into trainers - I guess the life in the North has given me a touch of chav enough to appreciate a bit of sportswear these days? Who knows... All I know is, i'm comfy and i'm warm!

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | December 2016

look fantastic december 2016 beauty box review

So you've scoffed hard on the Turkey, smashed a good few boxes of chocolates and put yourself in a standard Christmas food coma - what you gonna do now? Online shop of course! I think one of my favourite parts of Christmas is shopping the sales after dinner with the family. It's like a tradition for me that I never do any other time of year and i'm not one to break from routine. 
I'm sure i'm not the only one who loves treating myself to the odd beauty product every now and then, and when they make us feel fabulous it's kind of hard to not make a cheeky purchase on the occasional lunch break, which is why I love the Look Fantastic Beauty Box - I get to try new products the lazy way and not even leave the office to do so. 
This month's box of course was all things Christmas - from those feel good essentials to a little party helping hand, this box was literally packed with some amazing goodies to try. 

Friday, 23 December 2016

The Annual Last Minute Gift Guide

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Jo Malone candle

You guys know me, i'm a pretty last minute kind of gal. I get so busy in my own little cloud that before I know it, it's the 23rd December and I have two days to go to treat my family and friends (but i'm definitely not the only one). With that said, it's time for the annual last minute gift guide! If there's one thing us last minute shoppers should do, it's stick together - so without further ado, here's a little bit of everything for everyone, no matter who you're buying for this year! 


Friday, 16 December 2016

Brand Favourite: Nip+Fab

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If there's one thing i've fallen for recently, it's skincare - and it's pretty vital that you find 'the one' for you. I love trying out a brand new product, so when Nip+Fab drop something new, I never say no. 
I've been padding out my collection lately with their brand new Teen Skin range, No Needle Fix range and the newest addition to the Dragon's Blood Fix range - the Hyaluronic Shot. 

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Pink Velvet

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That one fabric that's associated with December? Velvet. Every season it's an A/W favourite - especially in my wardrobe. Not only that, it always comes back around. There are pieces in my wardrobe from 8 years ago that are being recirculated this season, and i'm extremely glad I kept hold of them just in case. Wow, that makes me sound old... 
This baby pink co-ord set from Missguided had me hooked the moment I saw it shared on Instagram and I knew it had to make it's way to my wardrobe one way or another. And so it did. The perfect go-to outfit for when you just can't fathom matching something up, or if you want that casual chic vibe for the day - not to mention comfy. I have so many days in the office where I'd just rather be wearing my pyjamas - so anything I can add to my wardrobe that makes me feel that way is a bonus. 
Nothing is easier to style than a co-ord - I love being able to throw on a t-shirt, a roll neck or a bralet and be good to go without having an outfit drama beforehand and i'm sure i'm not the only one. 
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