Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Christmas Gift Guide: Beauty

uk beauty gift guide christmas

Payday is here at last and unlike other months, this month is all about splurging on those all important loved ones. I know, it breaks my heart a little bit too that those shoes from Zara have to wait until next month, but at least we can revel in their happiness on Christmas Day when we hand them their presents! To help out with that gruelling shopping we all dislike this time of year, i'll be rounding up the best gifts available to treat your friends and family stress-free - starting with the very best of beauty. 

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | November 2016

look fantastic beauty box november 2016

Tomorrow we start the biggest countdown of all - THE COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS! I have two advent calendars at the ready (it's taken a lot of willpower to not demolish both of them ahead of December) and i'm officially in the festive spirit. When this super shiny, snowflake adorned box came through my door, I was super excited. It was like the first mark of Christmas ahead of the festivities and of course, I couldn't wait to see what was insiiiiide! Look Fantastic have a way with themes each month and I love that, especially around an occasion such as Christmas which definitely involves a ton of products at the ready. 

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Getting Party Ready with YSL and Debenhams Beauty

ysl beauty christmas party look

So it might not quite be December yet, but i'm definitely starting to feel extra Christmassy now that my birthday is officially over. Getting party ready definitely takes a lot of planning, a few strops and numerous 'i'm not even coming' texts to your friends - so it's safe to say i'm planning that process early ahead of work's Christmas do next week! Aaaaand that's where YSL Beauty comes in. If there was a more Instagrammed packaging than theirs, i'd love to see it - YSL's has premium written allover it, perfect for a treat this festive season. I mean, you know it's good when it's golden
With so many items to choose from, there's definitely way more than enough essentials for the party season - particularly the Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick alone. If there's one item you could possibly need to get your through December, it's always a bold lipstick to brighten up your style - although I may be slightly biased being a total lip product addict. 

Sunday, 20 November 2016

A Year In The Life of a Manchester Fashion Blogger...

manchester fashion blogger 2016

It's been a whole year since I gave up my life in London to 'make it' somewhere new, and that somewhere new was Manchester. I've hardly spoken about it on here (or anywhere) and it feels so weird to not really be known in Manchester as anyone - not in an entitled way, just in a way that all of my friends are part of the London blogging scene and now i'm pretty much riding solo and had never set foot in Manchester before that day I arrived here to start my job. 
It's such a tight knit community here and in honesty, it kinda sucks to not be a part of it. Starting a new life isn't easy, especially when you're older and finished with uni. Everyone has their own little lives already and you just kind of sail into the new city blindfolded and have to fumble your way around unguided to survive. 
So, i've fumbled my way around for the first year of my life here and while I still seemingly am not part of anyone's friendship group, i've been keeping my head down and working hard at what I do have - work, work and work. To most, it's probably like i've been in hiding for a whole year and I pretty much have. I've been running back and forth to London as though I never left, calling up my friends every day to make sure i'm still in the group, showing up at events when I am around and completely leaving the part out where I live at the opposite side of the country. My bad.
It's hard to admit that you've left your home when you already feel so secluded and are afraid of experiencing even more exclusion - but I think after a whole annum, it's probably time to admit that i'm a Londoner no more, but a Mancunian in training - and it's only fitting that i'm wearing Lavish Alice when I do so. 

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Incorporating Your Summer Wardrobe Into Your Winter Outfits

how to style dresses in winter blog

We all know how it feels to have panic bought a thousand and one dresses in the Summer to create the ultimate Summer wardrobe, and then be left with a rail full of clothing still with the tags on (at least I hope we all do) - like living in your very own retail store but messier. 
Every season I think to myself 'ooh this is nice i'll give it a go' even though it's too tight for me and my crazy pizza addiction and instead of returning it I say 'it's fine i'll just cut out pizza for a week, i'll be skinny in no time'... Aaaaand never do. In fact, I just did exactly that this week with a new dress I thought would be cute for my birthday this month, and still I continue to consume a week's worth of calories in one day. HMMPH
But we digress... My point is, why waste a perfectly good dress just because the season is wrong? Maybe don't run around in fluro (because that's never nice even in the Summer, including at a festival), but layering up versatile pieces can mix up your Winter style perfectly without having to spend a penny. It can be as simple as throwing it over a plain roll neck, or chucking a chunky knit over the top for more of a Chung vibe - or if you're feeling a little less lazy, opt for a cute detailed shirt with flute sleeves to keep it fresh and feminine... 

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Black and White

how to style oversized shirt blog

A/W dressing is my ultimate favourite when it comes to the fashion seasons. Layering up just comes so much easier for me (not to mention you can literally eat what you want and disguise it with something mega oversized and no one will ever know). I love that cosy, familiar feeling of leather, knits and soft fabrics or that barrier of denim on a windy day - the knowledge of being able to bury yourself in the worlds biggest scarf (probably not Lenny Kravitz style albeit), and honestly if it was socially acceptable to leave the house in a Unicorn onesie and slipper socks - I definitely would. 
If you were to ask me what my favourite item genre in my winter wardrobe was, however, i'd tell you each time that it's boots. I'm obsessed with shoes and if you asked me to count them, i'd be there for three days - but the one shoe that dominates my 'shoe-drobe' is a good boot. Leather or patent to be specific - in every colour necessary. I might stray into a little glitter or velvet from time to time, but my heart truly lies with those glossy, patent babes that are bang on trend this season. This perspex style that has dominated the blogger scene for quite some time now is one of my favourite styles (which I may have expanded my collection in massively with just about every colour...) and has never let me down. From office, to press event, to drinks with the girls and straight to the club - they are literally the easiest shoe to style for any occasion and nothing lengthens those legs better than a nude shade. 
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