Monday, 30 May 2016

The New Neutral

holiday fashion blogger 2016

Summer is so much harder than winter when it comes to matching things up. Winter consists of an array of shades of black and that trusty staple wardrobe that takes you through the big chill year after year. Summer, however, is the one season of the year that requires a wardrobe refresh annually and much more thought for the end result to work. It's a matter of colour and co-ordination and if you get it wrong - you'll look like you've just stepped out of an 80's rave in the wrong era (i.e. not a good look).
That brings me on to the new neutral. For years the rule has applied to everyone everywhere that to 'play it safe', black is your universal colour match up to go with everything - but who wants to wear black in the summer just because it goes with everything? 
There are plenty of other colours that the rule applies to - white, grey and.... tan. Who knew? Tan has become the contemporary shade for that ultimate colour link up (thank Chloe and Stella McCartney) and this year it's not going anywhere. Pair with bright, electric colours for a refreshed feel and you're good to go! 

Monday, 23 May 2016

A Match Made in Debenhams

city break fashion blog

It's that time of year when everyone's jetting off to their destination of choice, and if I was going away this year it would definitely be all about the city break - and in spirit of that, Debenhams challenged me to style up an outfit worthy of the occasion. 
I opted for the trusty denim dress and fringed bag to work day and night, with a cute pair of summer worthy sandals in a neutral tone - a combination to have you ready for anything. 'Too much' isn't really my thing, so when I spotted this little denim dress I knew it was the perfect addition to my wardrobe - especially given it's ability to layer over things which we all know by now i'm quite the fan of!
Are you going on holiday this year? Let me know if you're a city break kinda gal, or hitting the beach this summer! 

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | May 2016

look fantastic beauty box may 2016 review

Hello Beautiful…. As this month’s Look Fantastic Beauty Box greets us! A box packed with products designed to show off your natural beauty, I was really intrigued to see what would be inside. When it comes to the Summer months, i’m all about going au naturelle beauty-wise and toning down the foundation - which means lots of skincare is needed! 


Sunday, 15 May 2016

Lace Me Up

manchester 2016 fashion bloggers

It's nice to finally think about outfits in a way where how warm you'll be is taken into full consideration, and changing up the colour scheme from blacks and deep forest tones to pretty pale nudes is a massive relief. Let's face it, it must be warm if i'm saying this from Manchester (no, I still can't believe I live here either). Living life without colour is boring to say the least, so i'm definitely a fan of being able to mix it up again and look like a rainbow exploded on me.
Public Desire's SS16 collection has been having me drooling over every single pair that hits the new in section. It's not a secret that i'm a huge fan of PD and that most of my shoe collection is from there, and the love definitely isn't fading out anytime soon. I picked up the Blake's as soon as I saw them and i've hardly taken them off since *insert heart eyed emoji here*. They're super easy to team up with jeans for a more laid back evening look, or a floaty summery dress if you're feeling like being a little pretty - and the best part? The colour goes with pretty much everthangggg. Happy little shoe addict.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Home Life in Manchester

bedroom decor inspiration blog

So, I moved! I kept it pretty quiet and i've barely spoken about it on my blog or social, but in case you speculated - yep, I moved back to the North. I officially live in Manchester now in a perfectly bloggeresque apartment (because what else could a girl want) and decorating is finally almost finished! After years of living in student accommodation and renting grotty rooms in huge Victorian houses in London where you have about 4 housemates, i'm finally in a grown up living situation where homeware is actually something that you want to spend your money on. Who knew i'd become such an adult? 

Saturday, 7 May 2016

When Doves Cry | Glitter Trousers and Rainbow Hair

how to wear glitter trousers

Does there ever need to be an occasion for glitter trousers and rainbow hair? If you ask me, the answer to that will definitely be no.
There's something about the seventies that has a place in my wardrobe and a prominent one at that. If you know me in real life (or live with me like the lovely Rebecca, who yes I do feel sorry for for having to put up with me), you'll be aware that my collection of glitter clad shoes and clothing is excessive and my approach to colour is pretty spontaneous. Did I live a past life in Studio 54? I do hope so - who wouldn't have wanted to be bezzies with Queen Bianca Jagger?
 But anyway, moving on. I picked up these glitter trousers from H&M about a year ago and they've been a staple part of my wardrobe ever since. Sticking to a tailored fit when opting for a fun colour or finish makes for a more wearable approach for any occasion. Pair with a contrasting colour such as white and you're good to go!

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Kylie Jenner Coachella Hair with Matrix Haircare

how to get kylie jenner coachella hair

You may have seen my new look hanging around on my Instagram feed lately (which you can stalk here) looking all mermaid like and colourful - and it's all thanks to the guys at Matrix Haircare

To celebrate the launch of their brand new Color Sync Watercolors, the team invited me to get a hair makeover by one of the fabulous creative directors Adam at the Ethos salon in Manchester's Northern Quarter. Adam was absolutely fantastic from the first initial consultation about the range and it was a really exciting journey with me being quite adventurous with colour. I decided the moment I got in the chair what we should go for and as soon as the words 'Kylie Jenner' and 'Coachella' left my mouth, he got what I was going for straight away!


Monday, 2 May 2016

Pink Soda at Train Manchester

pink soda sport ss16

A couple of weeks ago I attended my very first Manchester blogger event with Pink Soda Sport to take part in a cross fit session at TRAIN Castlefield, a pretty serious cross fit gym for those who can hack it (and I can assure, I currently cannot!)
Being into fitness this was right up my street, and the opportunity of meeting some Manchester bloggers being a lone ranger up here made it all the more exciting for me - so off I went to the gym kitted out in my brand new Pink Soda Sport pieces ready to train hard (wanna check out which kit I chose? Check out my last Pink Soda post!).

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