Saturday, 30 April 2016

Military Workwear

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My wardrobe seems to have been taken over by office attire and I can't help but keep updating my work wardrobe. Staple pieces that you can just throw on will always be my favourites, and trans-seasonal pieces are the life and soul of my wardrobe now I live in Manchester. 
This military jacket is actually a blazer dress, however makes for the perfect alternative to a blazer for a cool, longline look to keep it casual rather than corporate. Opting for a navy over black makes for a lighter substitute to what can be a boring, black wardrobe and works a treat on paler skin tones. 
What's your workwear go-to?


Saturday, 23 April 2016

Pink Soda Sport

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After training myself crazy in previous years, moving around quite a lot over the past eight months has highly affected my gym schedule and with it came bad diet and lack of activity. I sadly said buh-bye to my abs and condemned myself to a life of misery without the gym, but i'm back in action and it's time to get fit again - so to kick off my new fitness journey, I have a fabulous new brand introduction for you!


Sunday, 17 April 2016

Look Fantastic Beauty Box April 2016 #LFBeautyBox

look fantastic beauty box april 2016

This month’s Look Fantastic is all about natural, organic and eco beauty and there’s never a better time to introduce these kind of products into your regime - so get your spring clean on and make way for the good stuff! 
There is a dominating theme of well loved brands in this months box such as Rituals, Elemis and Balance Me, which is always a nice surprise to be welcomed with when you open your box. 

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Glitter Geek

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Taking workwear to the highest level of normcore possible here with an added touch of subtle glitter, comfy days call for sweaters and culottes, and what better way to dress it up than a little bit of sparkle? 
As soon as I saw this bell-sleeved beauty from ASOS in all of it's glitter threaded glory, there was no way I couldn't snap it up, it basically has 'Laura' written allover it - modern with a teeny nod to the 60's/70's. After all, my glitter boots from ASOS needed a new pairing.
Another new addition to my wardrobe was these pink clear lens glasses that I picked up from Glasses Direct... I've always been a bit of a glasses fan (and a secret nerd) so when I saw these retro style frames and in my usual colour of choice I jumped at the chance of owning them, who said geek chic was out? 

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Kylie Lip Kit | Posie K

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So, I jumped on a hype again. I seem to be doing that a lot lately, but after hearing how amazing the Kylie Lip Kit was, it was kind of hard not to find myself waiting for the next re-stock. I kind of wanted every colour, but ended up opting for the Posie K to add a little bit of colour to my make up bag for the coming months and knew it would be a colour i'd use daily with it being quite a muted pink tone.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Spring Detoxing | Skinny Mint Tea

skinny mint teatox blog review

It's no secret that i'm a fan of teatoxes, regularly trying out what's new in the world of Instagram fitness inspo and wondering why I don't look like that really tanned girl doing yoga on the beach in that picture that I scrolled past on my feed - but mostly it's just the fact that i'm a raging tea fanatic.

Since gaining weight during the Autumn, i'm now on a huge health kick and a mission to shed a few pounds, and getting back into the swing of things when you previously worked super hard (and are now about as fit as a 60 year old cigar smoker) is really difficult and sometimes discouraging. We all need a helping hand sometimes - be it a gym buddy, a new diet plan or a detox, and already being on a new diet plan and finding my time otherwise occupied I opted for the detox option. After trying a few of the popular teatoxes to no avail, I decided to go for Skinny Mint after a recommendation from a friend who told me how amazing she felt whilst doing their cleanse.

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