Monday, 28 March 2016

Instagram's New Algorithm: For Better or For Worse?

instagram algorithm fashion blogger

The world of social media was slightly shaken up this week with the introduction of Instagram's new algorithm, particularly in the blogging world. I mean, how dare they? We've worked our asses off for years building a following on the platform for them to decide that actually, we're gonna change your feeds to show you what interests you the most instead - isn't it just outrageous?!

Well, no. Not really. 
Yes, it might mean that likes come in a little slower and those loyal followers that previously 'liked' your every move miss that photo of the bagel you had for breakfast, but what we gain is the original concept of social media back in our lives. One thing i've always said with my friends (all bloggers alike, however real life friends also, whose personal lives interest me so much more than Chiara Ferragni's daily antics) is that I never see their posts. Their images are diluted in a world full of beautiful girls pulling yoga poses on the beach somewhere in the Maldives and more people that I don't know and have never met showing off their enviable peachy bottoms and holding up the teatox they claim to be the 'be all and end all'. 

Sure, I enjoy following influencers and it's incredible how Instagram alone (never mind the other social media platforms) has become an integral marketing tool and connects millions of people to another each day, but what I enjoy the most is keeping in touch with my friends that I love and miss. I want to see their lives and be there for each celebratory moment, selfies and all. All of this has been lost in a world where Instagram has become only for the social elite, instead of being a place to share our authentic lives with family and friends. It's become a place of influence (which by all means isn't a terrible thing at all, I work in this world too) but it has also become a place of obsession, greed and smoke and mirrors. 
Don't get me wrong, I love the Instagram world for all of it's brilliance and creativity and every personality that I follow - I wouldn't change that for anything as I love being inspired every single day by these people who show us their amazing lives. But maybe the new algorithm is Instagram's way of telling us that we need to relax a little bit and enjoy the important bits, too. 

Let's all remember that just because your friends engagement photo our your aunty's selfie with her child isn't as Instagrammable as you'd like, it's so much more important than a consistent 'Valencia' filter and your favourite bloggers new hair. Embrace the new algorithm for all it has to offer! 

What are your thoughts on the big change to Instagram?


Saturday, 26 March 2016


binky felstead style 2016

Working hard at the gym always feels better when you can finally throw on a beautiful dress and get your legs out without instantly turning into a icicle! Being a blonde, red is one of my favourite colours to wear, so when I saw this gorgeous dress from Binky's latest In The Style collection I snapped it up immediately. Isn't it the prettiest? 
Spring is my favourite season of the year, you finally get that anticipation for the months to come and opportunities start to open up that push the boat out a little further from duvet days and Deliveroo! I'm so excited to keep exploring Manchester for all it has to offer and I might even be starting to get used to it already! As well as in my wardrobe, it's like a Spring clean in my life too - clearing out the old to make way for the new, and that new is my new city (but obviously new season shopping is much more exciting than that is - priorities).

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Stop and Stare

fur shoes fashion blogger

Office dressing - who said it had to be boring? This outfit is all about the shoes (when is it not with me?) and these Kurt Geiger Lulu trainers are dreamy. If it's furry, it's mine - and if it's pink, even more so. When I first started my job, I was in heeled boots constantly and got so used to that pain. Then the icy weather set in and I started opting for trainers (at this point this was completely out of the norm for me) and since then, i'm fairly positive there's been no going back! Am I just getting old and putting comfort first? Who knows, but at least i'm opting for the cute ones. 
For office attire, I like to keep it casual with a pair of culottes or tapered trousers dressed down with an oversized shirt, sweater and trainers (the fluffier the better). Life's far too short for corporate suits and boring footwear. 

Monday, 21 March 2016

Home Sweet Home: Manchester Northern Quarter

home sweet home manchester review blog

As well as being my actual new home, to make it even homelier, nearby is a restaurant/cafe/bakery/temple of heavenly food under the name of Home Sweet Home. It's a haven for whacky cakes, a good old cuppa, a five dollar shake or an absolute meat feast - whatever takes your fancy that day. It's comfort food at it's finest.
Seemingly a popular haunt for the regular Mancunian, Home Sweet Home attracts an all-round array of customers. Hipster and non-hipster.
Specifically on a cake mission, I wasn't disappointed with the crazy choices available. From peanut butter goodness, to all-out-sugar-feast covered in jelly sweets - it's truly diabetes in a cake display.
There's a really welcoming vibe that kept my housemate and I there drinking tea for hours - like a little bit of tucked-away peace in the city... The sweet potato fries also played a fairly large part in keeping me there, the same going for the buttermilk chicken. Leaving without trying everything is almost impossible since everything to leave the kitchen looks incredibly delicious, and if this isn't the kind of restaurant that you have your fellow guests taste your meal and vice versa, then I don't know what is. As for skipping dessert, dieters, it's just not gonna happen! With a hulk-sized Oreo pancake to challenge all pancakes and cakes to break a sweat out of a sweet-toothed champ, you know you're gaining 5 pounds when you visit. Will you find me there every weekend? YES.


Friday, 18 March 2016

London Fashion Week | Day 5

london fashion week missguided blogger

The last day of fashion week was another day well spent at The Apartment winding down from the chaos of the week and getting to grips with the fact that it was almost time to head back to Manchester. The others were pretty thrilled with that idea, but being a former Londoner, leaving is always the hardest part - particularly after a whirlwind week that feels like you never left.
Day 5 was all about the braids, this one in particular being courtesy of the amazing Mark Hill team that we had at hand all week. After a week of envying bloggers having some amazing styles done, I definitely utilised them on the final day when the craziness had all wound down to jump on the braid hype.
If there's a trend every lazy girl needs to grasp hold of right now, it's the slogan tee trend! Yep, they're back and they're 'sassier' than ever - and most importantly, they're acceptable to wear and be classed as 'on fleek'. Missguided have some really cool ones online at the moment, and I definitely couldn't resist this 'Ya Blew It' tee paired with a leather pencil skirt to keep it a little less casual. Oh and these new season Public Desire lace ups? Yep, couldn't resist those either! I told you I was a shoe addict... Can you blame me?


Monday, 14 March 2016

London Fashion Week | Day 4 | #MyBoohooStyle

fashion blogger london fashion week 2016

Phew! Who knew one could have so much London Fashion Week content? For so many years, I lived in London and had the opportunity to soak in LFW in all of its glory whenever I pleased, but it only happens to be when I actually leave London, I appreciate the entire week for what it can truly offer. On many occasion I sat in my little flat, staring through the window and the avoidable weather and opting for a day in bed with pizza over struggling in heels through torrential rain, however this year coming from so far, I had to stick it out and experience it as it was meant to be - hated and loved all at the same time.
Day 4 was about chill vibes and the comfy, cosy, fail-safe monochrome. I picked up a few bits from Boohoo the day before London Fashion Week kicked off, and knew that one day of the week was going to be calling for something over-sized and relaxed - que this amazing oversized sheer shirt paired with these cropped jogger style trousers. It's all I ever needed in life!


Saturday, 12 March 2016

Look Fantastic Beauty Box March 2016 #LFBEAUTYBOX

look fantastic beauty box march 2016

It's the #LFBeautyBox time again, and this months is all about New York, Paris and London in celebration of fashion month! Featuring products from each of the cities, Look Fantastic themed this months box around those city gals who need their beauty essentials catered around their busy bee lifestyles! So, what's in the box? 


Thursday, 10 March 2016

Markus Lupfer: A/W16

Markus lupfer aw16 collection

One of my ultimate favourite presentations of the season: Markus Lupfer. Known for delivering beautiful, detailed pieces season after season, the team sure as hell did it again. With longer, softer lines that usual, the brand offered up something unimaginably more than the equally incredible previous season. With decorative touches in the form of both printed and hand appliqu├ęd florals, Lupfer paired the feminine with the dark and mysterious. Ruffled necks made the case for the feminine, while tough leathers and imperfect, stray hair made for the dirty-stop-out alter ego of the Lupfer woman.
With his inspiration forming around 24-hours-in-the-life-of, Lupfer created his collection starting from the relaxed, day-to-day woman and ending at the disco. Disco vibes shone through with touches of golden, lurex metallic pieces, embellished boots and excessively glittered eyes. The conclusion? One of the most perfectly wearable and beautifully intricate A/W16 collections to present at London Fashion Week and a beauty trend that I want to jump on right now.


Tuesday, 8 March 2016

London Fashion Week | Day 3

lfw aw16 trends blog

Day 3 was expectedly another rainy, windy, miserable day in London and luckily with not too much going on at Brewer Street with it being Sunday, Sophie and I got a whole day of Mark Hill goodness in the sheltered company of The Apartment, with tons of bloggers getting some amazing hair styles for the day (but there's a whole exciting post to come about this...). 

For the sake of warmth and comfort, I opted for full-on-fur with this amazingly shaggy faux fur jacket I picked up from - believe it or not - Primark for just £10. Apparently Manchester's Market Street Primark actually has sales, something I wasn't aware of with the Tottenham Court Road store being my usual Primark stop. This outfit felt so 60's and I think that's why it was one of my favourites from the week, even Sophie said 'yep this look is so you'! That's the sign of a good outfit, right?! Obviously I couldn't leave the North for London without the other pair of my trusty In The Style trousers which I featured in Wine in my previous post. Nothing can beat a tailored, comfortable fit in my wardrobe. Can I get them in every colour, please?


Saturday, 5 March 2016

London Fashion Week | Day 2

lfw street style blogger

A little late in posting but all in good reason as i've been making the grand move to MANCHESTER! I've finally moved into my brand new apartment and I couldn't be happier (no more dreaded Monday morning commutes and sleepy train rides home!)... But anyway, less about that for now....

Day 2 was a super rainy one and we spent the day Ubering back and forth from show to show with some fellow bloggers, checking out presentations such as Georgia Hardinge and Markus Lupfer before heading back to The Apartment for some seriously needed chill time!
To combat the rain and stay comfy, I opted for this burgundy In The Style co-ord suit, easy enough to keep me warm and even easier to pair with Converse (bonus!). This is my second suit co-ord from ITS, and after absolutely loving the quality of the one I wore last season, I knew I needed the new season colour.

Oh, and did I mention how obsessed I am with the Moschino bag? Can. Not. Stop. Using. I spotted this baby on Tessuti and immediately had to snap it up, even though i'm usually a giant handbag kinda gal. There's something a girl can't quite resist about quilted leather paired with Moschino...

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