Sunday, 15 March 2015

#DebsLovesMums - What my Mother taught me

I was contacted by Debenhams to be a part of their Mother's day celebrations which is their #DebsLovesMums campaign, and being at the other side of the country from my mother I figured, why not - I haven't been able to spend mother's day at home for 3 years now being so far away! A photo with my mum seems to be a rare occasion as this was the only one I could find (and with my baby sis... I look nothing like my family do I? Haha) - and this is one I was forced into last Summer on one of their visits to London - believe it or not, i'm not much of a photo person!

My mum is still a young mum and to be fair, I'm the teacher when it comes to all things fashion and beauty - but that doesn't mean my mum hasn't taught me anything over the years - I mean, she's a bigger party animal these days than I could ever be, even in my prime 20's! We pretty much disagree on everything and i've always been very rebellious and don't really listen to anybody else and I impulsively make my own decisions, but in recent years she taught me that I should only worry about number 1 and work for the career of my dreams which is exactly what i'm doing now!

Along with having me as part of their Mother's Day celebration, they have also provided me with the best gifts ever! The La Perla perfume is absolutely gorgeous and the Babyliss Diamond hair dryer was also a great touch, especially with my Mum being a hair dresser!

How are you celebrating your Mother's today? And what did yours teach you?

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