Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2015 goals

Here it is, 2015... And didn't that creep up on us fast?

Since 2012, 2015 has been a year of dread for me. Not in a super terrible way with one of those horrible gut feelings, it's just because this year is going to be huge for me. 
The year of the graduation. Gulp. 

My degree has been a tough road and i'm just one of the many that has suffered in my time here from stress, anxiety and self-doubt - but it's just one of those things that comes with the territory and I haven't been alone in it. Fashion is hard and competitive and I know that and am used to that - but along with the uni stress came a lot of change in my life in 2014, and that was the most difficult. I said goodbye to people who were once extremely important to me and had massive impacts on my life, I sacrificed it all in the name of fashion - and in 2015, those sacrifices are just going to keep on coming. Scary, huh?

Say goodbye to the 'social life'

We all do it. We all say 'that's it, i'm hibernating, I have too much to do' and then find ourselves in the local nightclub down the road on a Thursday night getting wasted on £1 drinks because 'I can always do it tomorrow, I won't be hungover, it's fine!' - but no more. 2015 is my last shot at being the best me I can be work-wise and i'm ready for the challenge! FMP, come at me! 
Not only is uni my biggest priority now, but my favourite hobby being my blog and caring so much about it, my drive to push it further and further for 2015 is huge, so i'm excited to see all the things I can do in the next 12 months on The Fashion Wonderland. 

Healthy life, happy life

In my little, wonderful friendship circle it's a well known fact that I do too much and get a tad (and by that I mean huge amounts) irate when schedules aren't going my way and things aren't done when I want them to be. I'm a stressy person, but I have good work ethics and that's something that i'm proud of. It doesn't matter what i'm doing, i'll put 100% whether i'm being paid or not and everything has to go smoothly. Basically, I need to chill out.
I've not been looking after myself much lately as i've been super busy, especially with uni work and sleeping and eating well had to take a step back, while all-nighters and Dominos took a step forward. 
This has had a huge effect on my health recently and i've been suffering exhaustion and major anxiety  which has made me so ill, so a retreat is needed. 
From now on, it's eating well, scheduling better, and taking a moment for myself when I need it. 

Save, save, save

This year I better hope to win the lottery. It's gonna be an expensive one!
Not only is my FMP going to be excruciatingly expensive as I have to pay out for my collection to be made as well as buying the fabrics which doesn't come cheap, my last few months in my current flat are looming, and Annabel and I are hoping to move into somewhere new to call home for our new lives as graduates! Exciting and scary!

The 'grown up' job

Soon, the 'grown up' job search will begin and hopefully, i'll officially be a 9-5er (or whatever, you know what I mean)... I loved my time in industry so this is really exciting - the first step in my career! It's something i've been working towards for over 5 years now and the time is finally near! Fingers crossed for the perfect graduate job - eek!

Happy New Year guys! I hope 2015 brings you all the things you deserve, and I hope you send 2014 out with a bang - whether your idea of the perfect night be chilling with Netflix, or popping bottles!


Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New Years Eve outfit

Venetian mask - Jesters (fancy dress store)
Jumpsuit - c/o Primark
Shoes - Heelberry

I'm a little bit late in posting this as Christmas has set me a little back as I had to travel back and forth up the country visiting family that I haven't seen since the previous Christmas being a busy bee and all, but here it is, the day before! - And does anyone else feel like this year has gone way too fast? I feel like i'm still recovering from last NYE's hangover!
As you can see, this year i'll be at a masquerade themed party which i'm really excited about as i've always wanted to do this kind of theme even though it is pretty overdone, i've never had a chance to get a pretty mask and go to one... I wanted to keep it all black and simple as after all, i'm a girl of versatility and comfort and the last thing I want is to freeze in this bitter weather we're having right now in London - and how perfect is this jumpsuit from Primark?! It reminded me of one we had in at Whistles which I loved and since I had a £100 gift card at Primark I decided to go for it as it's so cute and D-ring belted waists are my fave this season - so hats off to Primark for this one!


Friday, 26 December 2014

Sale Picks

I spent most of my Christmas sifting through the sales as my gift money was just burning a hole in my pocket - and other than your size being sold out, the sales are not disappointing! I'm not gonna lie, I spent my evening necking green tea so I could stay awake for Zara's sale which started at midnight, and thank god I did since almost everything I bought is now sold out!
Anyway, since sale shopping is a bit of a pain, I figured I do some of the hard work for you and show you my top sale picks from my fave stores, enjoy!


Structured kimono jumper (here)
White pencil skirt (here)
Brush print dress (here)
Peplum hem dress (here)
Racer detail jumpsuit (here)


Brush stroke tshirt (here)
Leather jacket (here)
Cashmere scarf (here)
High waisted trousers (here)

Wavy faux fur pencil skirt (here)
Faux fur mini skirt (here)
Boucle front jumper (here)
Sparkle tshirt dress (here)


Silver sequin oversized dress (here)
Floral playsuit (here)
Brocade bralet/midi skirt co-ord (here) and (here)
Metallic contrast co-ord (here) and (here)

Checked shift dress (here)
Paisley print co-ord (here) and (here)
Cracked check blazer (here)
Holographic snake sandals (here)


Grey seamed dress (here)
Lace skirt (here)
Doctor bag (here)
Faux leather skirt (here)

Metallic pleated skirt (here)
Pink knit sweater (here)
Track sole boots (here)
Lingerie style dress (here)


Thursday, 25 December 2014


Last week on a day out fabric shopping I swung by Good Housekeeping Institute to have a little sneak peek at Deichmann's S/S15 preview - and Birkenstock and Festival lovers, you're in for a treat because Deichmann have you set all season. 
We were shown around each collection with the key themes being their own take on monk inspired footwear -*que Birkenstock inspired sandals and sliders in earthy tones* (those dusky pink sliders are the ultimate faves), super-bright holiday-ready heels and sandals, and all-season versatile flats and slip-on trainers. What more could you ask for for your Spring-Summer shoe cupboard?  


Merry Christmas!

Bag - Whistles (here)

Merry Christmas guys! I hope you've all had a fab day, whatever you did! I haven't had a lot of time lately to get stuff done as i've been pretty sick with vertigo with doesn't make good for shooting, so I just thought i'd share a couple of snaps from my day as a little update. 
I spent my day with my family in Yorkshire and from 8am (yeah we get pretty excited....) spent the morning opening presents and my dad and I preparing christmas dinner and playing with the cats (it's the little things that make christmas so great). 
Being 22 I don't exactly get lavished in toys and gifts anymore, but I was treated and my favourite gift of all has to be this gorgeous bag from Whistle's limited collection which is definitely going to be glued to my shoulder! Other than that, I received random bits like euros for my February trip to Paris, perfume and of course, a zillion kilos of chocolate!
And now, i'm going to gain another 20 stone and finish off christmas leftovers (definitely going to be needing some teatox/detox suggestions after this week!), ciao for now and enjoy the rest of your christmas guys! xoxoxo

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Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Luckily for us and unluckily for our bank balances (especially this particular week of the year!) the sales have started early and i'm literally going wild burning away my overdraft, but you know it's christmas and you should always treat yourself to a gift or 20, right? 
Anyway, I loved the Motel Rocks sale so much (i've been pining over most of the stuff and checking for new lines on a daily basis, 'cause i'm a total shopping fiend) and I figured, why not do the hard part for the rest of you and pick out the best of the sale so you don't have to! Here are my top picks from the Motel sale! <3 

Purple tinsel cami top (here)
Faux leather white midi skirt (here)
Cracked gold tshirt (here)
Black A-line mini dress (here)
Sequin shift dress (here)
Red keyhole playsuit (here)
Palm print leggings (here)
Tie die babydoll dress (here)

Silver shift dress (here)
Shirt dress (here)
Blue/white playsuit (here)
Floral print playsuit (here)
Lemon print t-shirt (here)
Sheer check midi skirt (here)
Check dress (here)
Black cross-over jumpsuit (here)


Saturday, 20 December 2014

The Sequin Dress

Dress - c/o Pretty Little Thing (here)
Coat - Zara
Shoes - c/o Boohoo (here)

And so it returns, the essentially 'vintage' Zara fur coat that i've had since my extremely early teens. Despite the totally ripped up lining, there's something about it that I just can't part with, and I just love the way it finishes off a winter party outfit. 
Whilst growing Pretty Little Thing's website, I noticed they had some serious sparkle going on this season, and I couldn't resist the 60's fit of this dress. There's something so Edie Sedgwick about it - or maybe that's just me, but I love it even still! For me, fur and sequins are the ultimate NYE look - it's the best of both worlds, cosiness and glamour!


Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Sequin Cami part 2

Cami - c/o Pretty Little Thing (here)
Roll neck - c/o Primark
Jeans - c/o Urban Outfitters (here)
Shoes - River Island (here)

I've never been much of a layering person, but this sequin cami from my previous post was the perfect excuse for a time to start and this cute little roll neck from Primark is so perfect for the job. 
I do love getting dressed up, but when it's cold outside it's so easy to prefer not to leave the house and freeze in the name of fashion, which is where a bit of casual and sparkly layering is our saviour - the best of both worlds! 


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Sequin Cami part 1

Sequin cami - c/o Pretty Little Thing (here)
Culottes - Boohoo
Bag - Reiss (here)
Shoes - Heelberry (here)

Every year until now i've steered well clear of sequins, but this year I found myself craving them in my December wardrobe and this sequin cami is one of the nicest things I currently own. As soon as I put it on I was like 'ok, i'm gonna wear this on christmas eve and boxing day and new years eve and all events that follow...' Turns out i'm a sucker for some sparkles after all! 
But, me being me (not the girliest of girls) pairing with culottes was a more suitable option to 'tone it down' a tad... And fluffy shoes, 'cause you know who can resist fluffy shoes.... 

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