Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Sure, blogging can be a lot of hard work, especially if you really enjoy doing it and want to post frequently... But doing it with a friend makes it way more fun. Sure, generally all we do is talk about boys and clothes, eat pizza and watch The Vampire Diaries - but we do actually do work too (and a lot of it).

Blogging itself, if you're serious about it and it's your main hobby, is a full-time job, even if you're a part-timer like myself and Annabel. Since i've been away for a little while being super busy with upcoming projects and moving house, I figured a little peak into my routine would be a good way to shake things up between outfit posts as well as answering that frequent question we all think of fellow bloggers - what is their routine and how do they do it?


As a designer, one thing that is forever drilled into my brain in everything that I do is research. I research everything. Sometimes, it just comes naturally, other times, Vogue and Pinterest are my best friends - especially when my mind is having a total dry patch. Plus, it's always great to be inspired by other bloggers. This doesn't mean copying (but that goes without saying!), but being influenced by how another blogger puts things together, be it clothes, layout, or post style - there's always something you can learn from likewise people - which is why it's great having a blogging buddy who has so much in common with me lifestyle-wise. 


Having a calendar and a diary is when life got that little bit easier for me. Every occasion and holiday is marked in my calendar, which is a great little saviour when planning posts, as if anything relevant pops up that you think could influence a post - then job done! This year I marked occasions such as Valentines day, Easter, Epsom Derby day and of course, Fashion week. Another thing I take into consideration when marking my calendar is a rough estimate of press day months as they all come at once. This way you can keep your calendar clear for those all important press day posts! 


You can never have too many clothes, but you can have too little money. Being at an art uni specialising in Fashion means I have a very stylish circle around me, with very inviting wardrobes. Me and Annabel are constantly swapping clothes and combining wardrobes and re-styling to our own personal style makes blogging so much easier. 


I have a crazy, compulsive habit of making notes, but it's super helpful and you never forget an idea when it's there in writing to look back on. Any idea that pops into my head gets written down and crossed off once posted, meaning I have a constant backlog of ideas that haven't been used - therefore lots of emergency content. I also use the reminders app on the iPhone - hands down the best thing that came into my life. 


Generally this is done in bulk a couple of times a week (preferably when it's not raining), leaving me a couple of days to draft up the writing (if I have something to say) and a couple of days to correct lighting if I need to. 


I spend ridiculous amounts of times drafting since I love writing - not that it's my best skill - hence the amount of time I spent being picky about my sentences. I always try to have something valuable to say which can be hard sometimes in fashion if you don't have something amazing to show, which is why I like to venture off sometimes into things happening in my life. You never know who you could help or who could enjoy reading it, so if you have something to say - say it! 


The all-consuming social media time. Lets face it, we spend all our time on it, work or not - but networking never hurt nobody! 



  1. Lovely post, it's nice to read about how others blog

    Written with style

  2. This post inspired me so much! Thank you so much haha X

  3. Such a lovely post! :) I am suffering from the lack of time,too, I want to spend on blogging. If I find a little, I get on the computer, catch up the new blog posts and explore new blogs. However, I do not have any blogger around me. Wish I had one too as you do. Someday, hope so.
    Cherié Chloé

  4. Great post! Inspiring and helpful! I wished I had a blog-buddy too! :)
    xx, Marky

  5. Such a great post, so helpful to see how others organise things!
    Rather inspired right now, especially to find a blogging bud!!
    Ashley x


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