Saturday, 24 May 2014


It's officially been a year this month since I started 'The Fashion Wonderland' and turned my illustration blog into this whole personal style shenanigans, and it's been a fabulous year meeting you all online and in real life, and finding something that I really love has been really fulfilling - so I figured a great way to 'mark' this first anniversary would be to actually let you guys know a little more about me in fact-form, so I hope i'm not too boring for you all and you enjoy hearing some personal things! 

1) I'm extremely Yorkshire. Cooplands, gravy, coal mines, sheep. Yep. You can take the girl out of Yorkshire but you can't take Yorkshire out of the girl.

2) I've travelled 80% of the world - all the way to the Caribbean and back, but never been to Cornwall.

3) Cheeseburgers are my favourite things in my world.

4) Although fashion has been my dream career since the age of 3 (when I used to sketch wedding dresses), I got so obsessed with CSI in my early teens that I wanted to go into criminology and forensics. I'm an actual loser... I also went through a marine biology phase...

5) As a kid I did every extra-curricular activity you can possibly think of - swimming, taekwondo, drama, ballet, modern dance, tennis, badminton, netball, basketball, rounders.... And I thought I hated sports!

6) I used to be in a wheelchair for a year or two after being run over by a car. Tragic times! I completely snapped my leg and had to have bars in there to hold it together while it healed.. Waa! I still have a bend in my leg where it snapped and some scars where the holes were and a very swollen ankle, but I was blessed with pretty decent legs so it balances the imperfections out haha!

7) I'm a bit of a loner, I tend to just work and work and work and in fashion everyone is always busy, so I generally spend all of my free time blogging or having movie marathons with my buddies Ben and Jerry!

8) My ultimate favourite movie is Pulp Fiction. I am a massive Quentin Tarantino fan, I know a lot of people don't understand his movies but I think my top 5 movies would just consist of his.

9) If I was a boy, my mum was going to call me Josh. Josh Rogan. She's not the brightest crayon in the box, bless 'er!

10) I was born on the exact same day as Miley Cyrus, we're obviously twins separated at birth (I wish...)

11) My imaginary friend as a child was Tommy the white ranger from The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers... I was pretty obsessed with him. My mum caught me writing 'I love Tommy' on the back of the sofa once. I was like 3 though so don't judge me haha!

12) I'm the kind of person that will jump around triple grates....

13) I LOVE UFC. (Brb, checking i'm still a girl...)

14) My general day-to-day playlist consists of Alesso, Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angello, Martin Garrix, Nervo, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Iggy Azalea, and Lana Del Rey.

15) I love to adventure. When I go on holiday i'm the least sunbathing type ever. I love jet-skiing, scuba diving, cave swimming, quading, hiking - anything but lazing around when a whole new world is at your feet!

16) My favourite TV show is The Vampire Diaries. I'm totally obsessed with anything vamp-like (except for True Blood which for some reason I refuse to watch)... This is closely followed by Nashville, Pretty Little Liars, Hart of Dixie and The Originals. Bit of a TV fanatic!

17) My ideal date is a take away (McDonalds would even do me!) and a movie night. My other half is very lucky that i'm so low-maintenance...

18) I have around 3 wardrobes worth of clothes, but I only wear about 30% of it and i'm too much of a hoarder to part with any of it.

19) My favourite place in the world is the Algarve, Portugal. I have been countless times on holiday and I can't seem to find friendlier people, or a happier place to be.

20) To say i'm such a massive fashionista, I only spend my money on food. I can't go a day without chocolate and will even go all the way to sainsburys just for sweet treats at night... I'm a fiend... Help me....


  1. Cute post. I'm totally a loner too so don't worry, there is always someone else watching crap when they should really be socialising :) Haha

    [ Lissy Morse Blog ]

  2. Love number 1! Fab post. #Yorkshire4lyf2k14.

  3. You actually sound so much like me its scary :')
    I also loved csi and went into forensics, and also got hit by a car and had to use a wheelchair for a while

    TVD <3

    Great post :) Congrats on being a year old!


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