Monday, 3 March 2014


I've been incredibly busy this past week, hence the total hiatus going on here - but i've finally finished my latest collection and handed in and i'm now ready to get back on track and that all starts with a cheeky haul!
A couple of weeks ago I won a £150 River Island voucher which i'm dead chuffed about, and today I finaaaaally got a chance to head up to Oxford Street and get my spend on which i've not actually done since 2012 when I had a job before uni... Oh how I miss those money making days...
Anyhoo... Here's some of my cheeky purchases that I made today!

These hot mama's... The last pair in the entire store. I saw a few people with the pink versions and was totally in love with them, so I snapped them up in a size 7, which are a tad too big, but can you blame me?

I did realllllly want the 'Donut talk to me' tee, but I couldn't find it anywhere which really sucked and I hate shopping so I refused to go to the flagship store because i'd have been there for absolute hours deliberating what to buy, but I still think this is kinda cute... 

How cute is this? At first I just picked it up for the sake of it, and then (with all the 20,000 other items I took to the changing room) I tried it on, and as soon as I zipped it, I knew it was the one. True love. Find it here

For a few days now i've been having the debate about whether to get the trouser version of these, or the skort version.... I'm still obsessed with the whole check thing going down and these were so hard to resist, i'm a sucker for a pair of trousers - not to mention, my thighs made this decision for me... Definitely not short ready quite yet! Here's the links to the amazingness: trousers / skorts 

I'm a bit late on this one, but i've wanted a pair of school girl socks since they surfaced the fashion world like a year ago, and I finally got some! They're so cute and I can't wait to wear them with my new hot-as-hell shoes! Find them here

I think that these (along with the shoes of course) are my favourite purchase today. I know I can't wear them for a while but how 80's cool? 



  1. Everything looks so pretty! Those shoes are to die for :)

  2. I love the shoes and the floral skirt! Lovely purchases x

  3. I LOVE the shoes!!
    Congrats on your win :)

    Jess xo

  4. I loved the shoes, they're really nice! x

  5. Love the trousers and print!:)x

  6. I am so getting those jeans! Amazing!

  7. Very good selection ! I love the last shorts ! X


  8. Love the shoes and shorts! Couldn't get away with the shoes though as I would tower above everyone!

    Jaynie Beauty & Style - I Follow Back. xox


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