Friday, 3 January 2014

EBAY WISHLIST / 2014 Blog Goals

Floral jacket (here)
Neon beanie (here)
Neon court shoes (here)
Plaid jacket (here)
Explicit content tee (here)
Harvard sweater (here)

First of all, I just wanna apologise for being rubbish at posting, I have so many outfits to show but the weather is just ridiculous and it's leaving me with super bad lighting indoors *sad times*. 
My first bold move blog-wise for 2014 is that i'll be buying a tripod next week which means I can finally venture outdoors more often for better images... Following that I plan to finally ditch my 18-55mm lens because they are just nooo good for this kind of thing, and replace it with a fixed 50mm. I'm such a saddo cos i'm really excited! 
This year is a big year for the rest of my life career-wise. I either go big, or I go back to Yorkshire and work in retail forever... Or the local chicken factory. It's the year of the work placement for me, so wish me luck! Shits about to get real...
I'm kind of excited but totally scared because of how hard I plan to work these next three months - the finer things in life don't come for free and I intend to work as hard as I need to to get all those things I've been dreaming about! 



  1. loving these items!
    happy new year :)

    xo, Brikena

  2. wow! You seem super excited! that's the way to go!! Good luck! :D (And great choices by the way ;))

  3. The neon shoes are stunning! Happy new year :) xx

  4. Amazing items! Happy new year :)

  5. Love that floral bomber.

  6. Ah thats amazing Hope your placement goes incredibly and you don't have to go back and work at a chicken factory cus girll you're way to good for that! Aha and I love The Harvard sweatshirt ive wanted a uni swestshirt as I love the look and iftgonna be one why not it be the best I might just nab it! Lovely podt hun and Happy New Year! Xo

    1. Haha thank you! Me too, love the whole preppy look!

  7. great wishlist :) i totally like those neon heels,they're fab

  8. I actually need a new tripod too bcause my grandpa knocked over and broke my old one :( I have that beanie in grey and am waiting for the black and beige in the mail! I love it, theyre so cheap :)

    1. Beanies are the best! Ohh, check ebay - some dead cheap ones that look pretty good!


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