Saturday, 4 January 2014

2013 - Wasn't such a bad year after all!

Hard work as usual
More hard work, and being rewarded with Rihanna's Diamonds World tour!
Spending time with my kitty cat and the amazingness which was CREAMFIELDS!
Meeting Rihanna - THE HIGHLIGHT of 2013!
Rihanna for River Island launch party / AX Paris party
My internship at Cagecity and my big 21! 
Last piece of work for 2013 / Xmas and New Year
I know I already did 2013 in outfits, but I guess i'm just not ready for 2014 and needed that little bit of closure. I must say, it was a looooong ass year - but with the lows there were so many highs! It was definitely the year of the Broke Bitch, but somehow I managed to do some of the most amazing things I have ever done in my life.
Not only did I work my ass off, but I made a couple of my dreams come true - such as meeting Rihanna and going to Fashion week - two things that seemed completely out of reach for little old me!
My other favourite things to happen in 2013 were definitely Creamfields, all of the amazing events I was invited to and of course, meeting all of the amazing bloggers that I have this year. I never thought anything could come of something like this, but it does and the people that you end up surrounding yourself with are just the best people ever! Let's hope to meet so many more of you this year!
Starting my internship at Cagecity was also a pretty big moment for me - it's my first 'step' into industry and it's made me feel that one step closer to my career - and yep, that scares the hell out of me!

This year will be filled with twice as much hard work, hopefully another amazing internship and if I work hard another, a couple of A's would be nice! I don't particularly have any 'resolutions', but I know what this year holds for me, so if I was to have one it would be to keep calm, because it's gonna be a bumpy ride!
I'd love to know any of your resolutions / hopes / dreams for 2014!


  1. looks like you had such a fun year!! (ALSO IS THAT A CHANEL CAKE?! OMG)
    i'm the same as you, i don't have any resolutions - i guess just trying to be better (healthier, study harder etc.) at everything... basically, spend less time online! haha
    happy new year - wishing you all the best for 2014!

    1. Haha it is! Especially for my 21st (it was yummy ;) )
      Good luck with this year then! I hope you get everything that you want :)

  2. Those pink heels are easy to walk in??

    1. They're Louboutin's so they're pretty painful after a while but if you're good with heels then they're not so bad!

  3. Looks like you had such an amazing year! xo

  4. You met Rihanna, that's so cool! x

  5. What an amazing year! :D Love the photos!

  6. ah i love you with pink hair! i tried to toner mine pink, but it sort of 'glowed' pink rather than being dyed :(
    looks like you had a lovely year!

    Ammie x

  7. Looks like an amazing year and still so jealous you got to meet Rihanna! Wishing you a happy 2014 :) Amy x

    Secrets of a PR girl

  8. Very cool blogpost! Love it!

    Happy new year! xoxo Saranda from Sarandipity

  9. wow, looks like you had a great year... love these little compilations, great to look back on :) jealous of meeting Riri!

    1. Yeah it was nice to remember things I had forgotten about! I'm jealous of myself haha!

  10. I love you blog and style, really amazing

  11. An awesome and amazeballs year this was!


  12. your life is literally a dream! so jealous!

    RR xxxx


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