Friday, 31 January 2014

What to wear to an interview / Getting a job in Fashion

Jacket - borrowed from a friend / Sheinside (I think) (here)
Peplum top - Topshop
Trousers - c/o French Connection (here)
Bag - Zara
Shoes - New Look

Today's outfit is just a mega quick one. I went for an interview for a studio assistant job this morning and this is what I wore, and guess what? I got the job on the spot! Now i'm not saying that it was the outfit that did it, but it definitely plays a part. Working in fashion means that you don't have to go for the standard smart suit look, but your own take on it definitely doesn't hurt and you still have to look presentable, regardless of the fine boundaries. So, with that in mind - I also have about 5 years in Fashion and I get quite a few people messaging me on twitter (@lauraroganxo) asking for advice about their first steps into Fashion, so I figured i'd do a post on it and tell you everything I know and I hope that I can be of help to someone out there! 

1) Consider university
You don't have to go to uni to get a job, but if you want a 'proper' learning experience and you have that time, it's a good thing to do and I don't regret doing it. There are a lot of employers out there who not only want experience (which is a must in fashion these days), but they also wanna see a BA or something on that CV. 
If uni isn't for you though, I would recommend interning until you drop! If you can show an employer that they can take you seriously without a degree and you have the relevant experience behind you and a passion for what you do (even if you start out on the shop floor), then you're just as valuable to an employer as someone with a degree. 
Some brands/companies do prefer to take on interns who are studying though, so creativity and persistence in how you approach these things is definitely essential sometimes! 

2) Location, location, location
This isn't a huuuuuge biggie, but it does depend on what you want to do. Since I study design, I figured being around London was the best decision, as there isn't much of an industry anywhere else in England other than Manchester (who are definitely on the rise!). 
I chose UCA Epsom. It's close to central London, we have a great reputation, we share tutors with the likes of Central Saint Martins and LCF and the rent is that little bit cheaper being on the outskirts. 
Of course, London is totally obvious, but there are the odd places you can work allover the country. Great online stores like Boohoo and Missguided are based in Manchester and have tons of different opportunities when working for them, AQ/AQ are based in Leeds (also growing their own industry), and there are pattern cutting studios and trend forecasters allover the country aswell as buying and merchandising opportunities for fashion agencies. The Drapers jobs website is really good for Fashion jobs around the whole country. 

3) Try as much as you can
Sometimes, you think you know, but you really don't. Five years ago I thought making clothes and sketching would be so much fun. Turns out it isn't a 9-5, it isn't easy, and making things isn't for everyone - so that ruled out pattern cutting and manufacture for me. 'Dipping my toes' has worked for me. I've tried out many things and gained experience in a lot of areas, which employers actually really like - as long as you have some kind of direction you want to go in and an overall idea of your career, since after all, you can't flit around forever.
You may think that you want to be a buyer and work for a specific brand, but until you've interned and tried and tested it, I don't think you can be sure. I have friends who have interned at their dream companies and unfortunately, they had pretty bad experiences and it put them off for life. There are different experiences everywhere you go, some companies are huge scale and have a zillion departments and some are little studios where you're part of a small team. It's all down to personal preference. 

4) Become a pro
Whether you're studying or not, taking things into your own hands and learning more never hurt nobody. I read a lot of books about all sorts of different careers. I love learning and I love knowing everything about everything and it does nothing but work in your favour because it's all towards getting you that dream job. It's just like the saying 'dress for the job you want', and along with that I would say act like the career woman you want to be, be professional always and make yourself the expert in the field you want to be a professional in. 

5) Be prepared
Be prepared to work your little tush off and start at the bottom, we all have to do it. But remember, the fashion industry isn't as big as it seems and people know people, so always be the best you that you can be and always be professional - you represent yourself in the end. 
From my experience, I would also say be prepared to invest. Since i'm a designer, my investments are luxury fabrics, leather portfolios, equipment, professional printing and travel expenses - all the things I need to be taken seriously and look like a pro who's serious about what she does. 
The same goes for other careers though, there is always something that you can invest in to keep bettering yourself.
And last of all, be prepared to be rejected. There are thousands of people fighting for the same things that we are, and sometimes, there is someone out there who is better fitted for a role than you are. You just got to keep on fighting and keep on working! 

If you want to know anything else, feel free to tweet me at @lauraroganxo  

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The pink PVC skirt x the floral bomber

Jacket - c/o Sheinside (here)
T-shirt - Topshop
Skirt - Missguided (here)
Shoes - Missguided (similar here)
Bag - Celine

This skirt is still one of my most favourite things in my wardrobe (we all know how massive a fan of Missguided I am!!) and the thought of the pastel PVC trend ever going away saddens me, in my eyes it's here to stay - I mean, how cuuuute! I know it's ridiculously cold, but the PVC is kinda awesome and keeps your little tush warm even with bare legs which is a major bonus aside from looking damn hot. 
And of course, the floral bomber has made yet another appearance - i'm obsessed with it. I might have mentioned before but they have a few different prints available so naturally I kind of want them all. As for the t-shirt, i've literally had it for around ten years now. I told you I was a hoarder! It was my first ever Topshop purchase when I was a young 'en and I still love it. I loved it so much then that I bought the entire collection which is stashed away in my extensive wardrobe here at uni, so far inside that they're probably pretty much in Narnia. 


Monday, 27 January 2014

Fashion Week outfit planning

Dress - Lavish Alice (here)
Heels - Jeffrey Campbell
Sunnies - Lavish Alice (here)
Clutch - Lavish Alice (here)

I have been obsessed with this dress ever since I laid my beady little eyes on it on the Lavish Alice website not so long ago - and wearing it to fashion week but pretty much be a street-style dream! Not to mention how aweeeesome it would look with my new Nightwalks! Pretty much dying over the cat-eye shades aswell, how beautifffful! 
Since i'm pretty much a wear-what-you-want kinda gal, that was the only inspiration behind this. I want to wear this dress and keep it forever! 
I'm so excited for Fashion week this year and i've been outfit planning crazy, so I figured why not take part in what Lavish Alice have going on - the Fashion week comp! You can find out more on their blog, which the image below is linked to if you're interested! 


Saturday, 25 January 2014

The printed joggers

Sweater - c/o Sheinside (here)
Crop tee - Missguided
Eagle necklace - c/o Distressed UK (here)
Spacejam pants - c/o Cagecity (here)
Clutch bag - c/o River Island
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

Today the lovely Joanne from Petite Side of Style took my photos for me (and vise-versa!) - turns out we live on the same street which is extremely handy for the both of us, not to mention my homegal Laura from Iamlauranice is on the same street too... Why don't the entire blogosphere just kick all the other residents out and we'll just all live happily ever after?! 
I left my internship at Cagecity this week to move onto other ventures in my 'career' and I actually feel like i've lost an arm! Like I said a couple of posts ago, if you're looking for a hands-on internship based in London and a sense of how a business really works I definitely recommend them for that experience. 
I was also really lucky to receive this trousers at the end of my last day, they knew that I loved them so it was so sweet to get them! They are literally the best trousers ever and they're currently only £47 and the fabric is GORGEOUS! Grab them while you can - I'm never taking mine off!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

How to make the most out of your wardrobe

restyle your wardrobe

make the most out of your wardrobe

classy fashion

what to wear for work

Scarf - c/o New Look
Coat - c/o Rosewholesale
Shirt - Topshop
Disco pants - River Island
Heels - c/o Heelberry (here)

Firstly, this is just what I wore to uni today - i've been a little less colourful lately unfortunately! I guess i'm just being grumpy in this horrible, cold weather! The kind people at Rosewholesale sent me over this black coat so today I got a chance to wear it, along with my favourite scarf from New Look which I got last Fashion week and being Northern, I haven't found it cold enough to wear yet! 
Anyway, onto what this post is really about...

Making the most out of your wardrobe

Lately i've been thinking about what my 'thing' is and what i'm actually good at and a couple of days ago, I noticed that i've not been shopping since September 2012. Somehow, since becoming a student, I have broken my shopping addiction without even realising and enjoyed Fashion by accumulating things. I'm not really a trend follower to start with, so I don't really have that trigger in my brain that makes me rush out to the shop as soon as a big trend hits, but I do have that very female part of my brain that thinks shopping is the answer to everything... Which it may actually be, but sometimes, it's just not an option. 
I figured not-going-shopping was my thing and i'm pretty happy with how I dress, so I guess i'm pretty good at making do with what i've got. So if you're a skint student like me, I hope that you can take something away from my little tips that have helped me survive these bleak shopping-less times! 

1) If you're going to survive without going shopping, you need to make sure that you have all the staples that are going to take you through season after season, e.g tonal (black/white/nude) tees/tops that you can pair with anything, and if you wanna take it up a notch, make them a bit more interesting than just simply a t-shirt... I have lots of simple tops in colours to match everything, but some of them have cut out shoulders, wrap details, cut out waist etc. I also really like multi-coloured tops so I can try them with different coloured bottoms etc to create different outfits with. Yeah, i'm pretty colourful ha!

2) If you drop on lucky on the 'accumulating' front like I have (christmas, birthdays, general gifts, winning things etc.) make sure you pick out things that aren't too basic (if that's your style) - something that would usually be a treat - those special things in your wardrobe or trend pieces. I personally have a thing for accumulating trousers and midi skirts in all the colours and prints of the rainbow. 

3) Don't window shop. It's a pretty obvious tip and as lovely as it is filling up your basket and pretend shopping, it's just not going to happen and when you have to click the X at the top, you'll only be disappointed - or worse - tempted! 

4) Think about what your style is. If you are going to slip up or you do get the chance to sway Daddy into buying you a treat, make sure you're going to like it for a long time and that it's not a disposable piece, or something that's going to make you feel frumpy in the near future. Well-fitting pieces can stay in your wardrobe til the end of their time! 

5) Don't overwear pieces. The more you wear something, the quicker you'll be sick of the sight of it. I've had the disco pants in this post for over two years now. I wore the hell out of them in 2012 and after that I was just tired of seeing them on my legs so they were banished to the back of the closet. Now, i'm in love with them all over again - it's the Fashion-recycling process without spending a penny! 

6) Make sure you're following your favourite brands and stores on all of their social media platforms. Most of them run competitions quite regularly and after all, you've gotta be in it to win it! 

7) Choose your favourite pieces from your wardrobe, and style them and re-style them over and over in different ways - depending on the staple items and accessories you have, you could rinse over 10 outfits out of some pieces! (And there's always your friends closets that you can cheekily raid...)

8) Sometimes, having that 'classic' wardrobe doesn't always mean being right on trend all the time. Just looking good can do the trick. Putting the right pieces together is everything, and you don't need to spend your money on trends, after all, they're just a phase. Flattering shapes will always remain in style, and if you have your own personal style then even better. Accessorising and having versatile pieces can easily keep you up to date and refresh old outfits.

9) If you do really want to delve into a trend, take your hand at customisation if it's something that could be easily done yourself. Learn some new things on Pinterest and Youtube, there are thousands of crafty so-and-so's that can teach you a thing or two, and it will help keep that wallet heavy! 
This is a pretty good tip if you have things in your wardrobe that you hate - if you can do something with them to make them cool then go for it - take 'Mom jeans' for example, who'd have known!

10) ALWAYS look after your clothes. My clothes are my babies and I look after everything I own, which is how I get the most use out of my wardrobe and why most of them are over 5 years old and still look new. Always read care labels and as easy as it is to do, don't throw it all on the floor at the end of the day! 

I really hope I inspired some of you, or even helped to breathe a bit of life into your wardrobes! I used to be a complete addict and have a huge shopping spree every week back when I worked - so if I can do it, so can you! 



Rose playsuit (here)
Monochrome dress (here)
Tartan dress (here)
Powder blue dress (here)
Powder blue jumpsuit (here)

I am a massive fan of Inlovewithfashion, especially lately... I am dying to get my hands on the powder blue jumpsuit above... So when the email offering an exclusive 30% off to my readers came up, I had to let you guys know. The code is LFA30 and and is valid on full priced items only - so what are you waiting for? Go grab a bargain while you can! 


Sunday, 19 January 2014

The baseball jersey / The end of an era

Life update and the end of an era

This week is my last week at Cagecity as I have some pretty exciting things coming up soon, but of course i'm gonna miss it! If you're a Londoner looking for a laid-back work atmosphere I would definitely get in touch (especially if you're a blogger since you'll get to meet a ton of fellow-bloggers on the Cagecity Meets shoots!) as there are some intern positions available including mine and working with the Handmade designers is so fun and inspiring. 
I've loved working with Nadine and Leyla, it's literally like a little family there and it's just a constant flow of creativity and bouncing ideas off one another. You really have a voice there and if you're looking to spread some creative vibe it's a good place to be. It was my first experience as a buyer and it really helped me open my eyes and figure out what I wanted, it was quite the 'toe dipping' experience for me, but not only did I experience buying, I actually experienced everything and saw how a business is run first hand and got to be involved in a decent amount of that process and it's been so much fun. 
So while i'm away pursuing other parts of my life (the design side of fashion if anyone was wondering), i'll be sitting back and watching them go big and remembering the part I got to play in all that, and who knows, maybe i'll make a grand return one day! 

baseball jersey

fashion blogger

fashion blogger

fashion blogger

fashion blogger

jeffrey campbell

Coat - Zara
Baseball jersey - c/o New Look (similar here)
Skirt - Topshop
Suspender socks - House of Holland
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

My designated photographer is with her fella this weekend unfortunately for me, so my photos aren't as good as when she does them, but at least now i've actually used my new tripod! It was a cheap Ebay one so it's a bit wonky but the outcome isn't so bad!
I'm still obsessed with this oversized baseball jersey style tee that the lovely guys at New Look treat me to last Fashion week season, it's my go-to for when I wanna be comfy and I pretty much wear it for uni like everyday! Unfortunately they don't have it anymore *sobs* but Karma Clothing have it in like a zillion colours so you can always grab it there! I have worn the shoes and the tee together before, but now i've digged out the fur coat I had to wear them together! 


Friday, 17 January 2014

Chill the **** out

Sweater - c/o Choies (go cat-crazy here)
Pants - River Island
Bag - Topshop
Sequin converse - Special edition Converse

Today i'm just chillin', and honestly, I really need it. My life has turned into a big old rage and I just have a million things to do and a million things to prove to myself, so I figured a laid out look and a movie day would be the way to go!
I'm getting to the point in my wardrobe now where I've 'been there, worn that' but being on a student budget means no shopping for Laura! Sucks to be me. 
I'm officially dragging out what's been shoved to the bottom of my wardrobe and seeing what I can do with them which is a major challenge. I've had the converse and the rucksack for around 7 years now - i'm a complete hoarder but I can never bring myself to part with things that I think I will use again. The bag is patched up to hell, the straps have been sewn back on a dozen times but I still love it. It's completely battered as well but it's super cute, I probably won't ever let it go. 
As for the sweater, i'm still madly in love with it. I got it a couple of months ago from Choies and it's so cuuuute, it's like John Lennon kitty! I'm a crazy cat lady, I know. If you're not a cat on instagram, I probably don't follow you. 


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Winter florals

Hat - H&M
Playsuit - c/o Pretty Little Thing (here)
Coat - Zara
Bag - Celine
Boots - Missguided

I won this playsuit over Christmas on the Pretty Little Thing facebook page, and at first I wasn't completely sure about it. I wouldn't have chosen it if I was browsing the site, but I tried it on and changed my mind. I actually kinda like the whole curtain kinda thing going on, especially against my blonde hair - so this was definitely a pleasant surprise for me and i've been dying to post it ever since. I've been staring into my shoe cupboard lately too and feeling like i've neglected a few pairs thanks to the season, so today I thought 'screw it' and got out some old faves that I would usually wear in the summer. 
Another old fave that i've dragged out of the closet is my old trusty faux fur coat from Zara. I begged my mum for it on a christmas shopping trip many years ago when I first really started to 'get' fashion and she sneakily went and picked it up for me while I was looking in another shop. It's a little short in the arm now because it really is that old and the pockets are just gaping holes now, but I just can't part with it, it's so warm and I just love it. One day, it will probably be 'vintage' and still hanging in my closet! 


Saturday, 11 January 2014

The floral bomber

Floral bomber - c/o Sheinside (here)
Sunglasses - Wildfox
Leather pants - Missguided (similar here and here)
Crop tee - Missguided (here)
Shoes - c/o Heelberry
Bag - Celine

After the whole Christmas shenanigans I don't know why I have my stomach out because i'm pretty out of shape at the moment, so much so that I'm finally back in the gym doing something instead of eating cheeseburgers all day!
This jacket is just my favourite thing right now, it's so cool and I have like a zillion outfits planned with it already. I've had my eye on it for a verrrry long time so i'm pretty excited to finally have it. It's definitely more of a Spring jacket but since this week has been pretty mild i've been rocking it since it came through my mailbox! I couldn't resist pairing it with two of my favourite items in my wardrobe - the leather joggers, and the heavenly cut-out wedges from Heelberry. Heelberry's website is down at the moment so I can't link you to them, but they are just the cutest things ever, I want them in every colour (not to mention the rest of the store!) 


Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Coat - c/o Sheinside (here)
Top - Primark
Trousers - c/o French Connection (here)
Boots - Missguided
Bag - Zara

My excuses finally got put to the side and I headed outside and got some good lighting! Woohoo! 
I'm not entirely sure this outfit goes, in fact i'm leaning more towards to 'no' myself, but I kind of like that. I'm not the most matchy-matchy person in the world and I like trying to pair things that don't conventionally 'go' and this is definitely one of those things. Today was a uni day so of course, being a student, throwing things on is mandatory! 
I'm being a bit of an eager beaver and planning outfits already for Fashion week which is becoming sooo difficult, I think i'm actually running out of clothes in my million wardrobes - nightmare! 


Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The New Year's Eve outfit

Dress - Missguided (here)
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
Bag - Miss Selfridge

Today, I was 100% ready to get my butt outside and do those ever important images of my New Year's eve outfit for you guys... And then guess what happened? A storm! I'm so disappointed that I had to do them indoors again, and not only that in shocking lighting. But me and my friend are heading out tomorrow in the great outdoors come rain or shine and I will start my 'New years resolution' after all! I just hope you can tell how gorgeous the dress is! I think it's the prettiest dress i've ever owned and I LOVED wearing it. And of course i'm still obsessing over the new JC's to the collection!
My night was a fairly relaxed night, just me and the other half - a few competitive games of pool, a full litre of Grey Goose, and many, many shots of Sambuca - and even some cheesy Grease Lightning and drunken-end-of-the-night slow dancing! It's safe to say the hangover was teetering off the edge of epic level and "I will never be drinking again"!
Hope you all had an amazing start to the year!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

2013 - Wasn't such a bad year after all!

Hard work as usual
More hard work, and being rewarded with Rihanna's Diamonds World tour!
Spending time with my kitty cat and the amazingness which was CREAMFIELDS!
Meeting Rihanna - THE HIGHLIGHT of 2013!
Rihanna for River Island launch party / AX Paris party
My internship at Cagecity and my big 21! 
Last piece of work for 2013 / Xmas and New Year
I know I already did 2013 in outfits, but I guess i'm just not ready for 2014 and needed that little bit of closure. I must say, it was a looooong ass year - but with the lows there were so many highs! It was definitely the year of the Broke Bitch, but somehow I managed to do some of the most amazing things I have ever done in my life.
Not only did I work my ass off, but I made a couple of my dreams come true - such as meeting Rihanna and going to Fashion week - two things that seemed completely out of reach for little old me!
My other favourite things to happen in 2013 were definitely Creamfields, all of the amazing events I was invited to and of course, meeting all of the amazing bloggers that I have this year. I never thought anything could come of something like this, but it does and the people that you end up surrounding yourself with are just the best people ever! Let's hope to meet so many more of you this year!
Starting my internship at Cagecity was also a pretty big moment for me - it's my first 'step' into industry and it's made me feel that one step closer to my career - and yep, that scares the hell out of me!

This year will be filled with twice as much hard work, hopefully another amazing internship and if I work hard another, a couple of A's would be nice! I don't particularly have any 'resolutions', but I know what this year holds for me, so if I was to have one it would be to keep calm, because it's gonna be a bumpy ride!
I'd love to know any of your resolutions / hopes / dreams for 2014!
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