Sunday, 29 December 2013

2013 in outfits / top outfits

All of this started in July (the 2nd to be precise)... I always posted my fashion illustrations or recent catwalk shows that I loved but it was never really a 'thing' until then. I can't even pinpoint when it became 'a thing' or even why I started taking outfit photos. All I know is i'm here today making outfits here and there to show you all and updating you on my boring life.
I'm a total newbie and i've only been around this 'blogosphere' for six months now, but i'm so proud of what it's become. 2013 has been a great year and i've had some amazing opportunities come from this - LFW, meeting Rihanna at the Rihanna for River Island launch party, the AX Paris party and ultimately getting an internship with Cagecity (and we have a sale on so get your butts over to!)
I never expected to get even 50 followers, let alone the amazing amount I seem to have acquired and for that i'm so grateful. I've also made some pretty awesome friends in the process and I really wanna thank Jess from and my already-friend-before-blogging Laura as they've both really been there and helped me out when I needed a friend. Soppy, I know.
I've worked with some AMAZING brands in these little six months such as Sheinside, Cagecity, French Connection, New Look and Choies which I never thought could happen but it did and i'm super happy to have been given the chance to work with each of them.
If you were to ask me what my goals are for 2014, I think they would be to continue to not give a damn, keep getting dressed, and possibly get my ass outside to do proper photos (I decide this at the end of December just before the snow season commences...)
Here's a look back at my favourite looks from this year, feel free to let me know which your faves were and also what you'd like to see on Lost in Wonderland in 2014! :)

Ways To Wear The Pastel Coat // Finally

What To Wear To A Xmas Party // Ways To Wear The Printed Trousers

The Christmas Day Dress // Ways To Wear The Printed Trousers

The Pink PVC Pencil Skirt // The Sun Don't Shine

We're Going Through Changes // Never Let The Fear Of Striking Out Keep You From Playing The Game

The Storm // Bud Life

Neon Pink // Monochrome
Happy New Year everyone! Hope you go hard on Tuesday (or are perfectly happy doing whatever else haha) i'll be hitting the Grey Goose and hazily entering 2014!



  1. Loove you style girl when I followed a few mmoths bavk I haf no Idea you were a newbie I deffo thought you were a pro cus of your stunning outfits! Love your blog keeo the beaut posts coming chicka! And happy New Year! xo

  2. Love the style. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy New Year


  3. love the way you dress up! def a personal style

  4. Such a lovely and versatile style! I have that SheInside black dress too! :)

  5. Love your style, think my favourite of yours is what to wear to a Christmas party, so classy! xo

  6. wow you've achieved so much in such a short space of time! Well done :)
    you've got yourself a new follower - loving your style


    1. Thank you! I know, it's all thanks to you guys though!

  7. Love the third outfit, you look amazing! Hope you have a wonderful 2014! <3

    Love Ellen xx

  8. I'm really glad I found you blog! It's so lovely :) x

  9. You had some really cool outfits for 2013! Love it! Can't wait to see more this year x


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