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UNI ESSENTIALS: The things that saved my life during first year

This time last year, I left home and moved allllllll the way to the South of London from my little country-side hometown in Yorkshire - all alone! I had never lived on my own before so it was so weird, it was a definite culture shock having to do housework for the first time in my life, that's for sure. Being a student means letting all the luxuries in life go and learning how to live the best you can on the lowest budget that you can - being a Princess about it will make everyone hate you, but surely that's a given (who wants to pay a zillion pounds on central heating when you can buy clothes instead? Not gonna happen!). So many little things in my life became my best friend, especially in the winter and I will never leave them unappreciated again! Here's some of the things that I became life savers last year:

Dry shampoo
I always try and get the cheapest I can, but I noticed when I bought Superdrug's that it really was the most rubbish dry shampoo to exist so I definitely don't recommend it, stick with what you know. I found this a life saver because I hate washing my hair, especially when it's cold and being in a student house, it's gonna be - plus when you're rolling in at 4am and have a lecture to get up for, washing your hair is the last thing on your mind!

Double fleece blankets
Trust me on this one, i've always had them but never really bothered as my parents house is always toasty, but once I experienced a student winter, I became attached. Some nights I even used more than one on top of my duvet to keep me nice and warm at night - as well as taking them everywhere in the house with me and being snug 24 hours a day - what can I say, I like to be cosy!

Slipper socks
Who ever invented these needs an award. I would turn up to class in these babies, pom poms and all hanging from my biker boots and could not have cared less. They are just the comfiest things ever - and not to mention walking around barefoot in a house where hoovering doesn't happen as often as it should is not nice! Cold feet is not the one.

Your entire wardrobe
This is actually just half of my summer wardrobe, but last year I mainly took with me all of my winter attire, and soon found myself calling my parents to send everything else and getting my boyfriend to pick things up on his way down. I was forever thinking of clothes I wanted to wear on nights out, using them for photoshoots or thinking of things to sell on ebay when I wanted to buy Dominos - plus, at least for a month, you'll find yourself going out of your way to look your best before showing people your inner slob! I also ended up taking every single pair of shoes I own with me - which is a good 40+... I was forever comparing my style to other peoples and learning different ways to dress, so a variety of shoes is mandatory if you want to dress to impress.

Forgotten gift sets
For the past ten years, people have gifted me with lovely perfumes and beauty products such as lotions and showers gels, bath bombs, bath salts - you name it, and never once did I use them. I never thought about them and when i'd go take a shower or a bath, I would just use whatever my mum would buy. This actually worked to my advantage because i'm still working through all of the shower gels and lotions people have gifted me over the years, which means I don't have to go out and buy any - more alcohol for Laura!

Care packages
These are actual god-sends if you have people willing to send them. Luckily I have family who like to look after me so I got to enjoy care packages of wine and chocolate and my favourites - rhubarb and custard! Although a few months in you'll just be happy with tinned beans and soup!

Now, a fur throw would be the dream of course, but at uni, any old throw will do. Landlords don't really seem to care about aesthetics when it comes to student accommodation (my sofa is a vile green colour which has seen better days) so you kind of have to do the best you can with what you've got to make it more homely!

I can't even stress how beneficial these are, they have saved me hundreds of pounds on travel in the past year - especially travelling around London and from one side of the country to the other. I didn't go home much last year, but I saved around £5 each time when travelling around London city - and even more when I did decide to visit back home.

Scented candles
These aren't usually allowed, so you'd have to be careful, but sometimes air freshener just doesn't do the trick. I really love the Febreze candles which I found in Sainsburys as they seem to get rid of any smell that won't shift, plus I kinda love that flickering of the flame when snuggled up to a movie.

A giant handbag
I love my oversized bags, so luckily I already owned one. This is the actual bag that I use for uni, it's huge so I can fit everything in it - pattern cutting equipment, laptop, clothes, shoes, books, bla bla bla... I really recommend Zara for bags. I got this one at Christmas in the boxing day sale and it's took some serious hammer and is still in perfect condition. I use it for travelling too.... And it's gorgeous which is a bonus!



  1. Enjoyed reading this! Love your blog <3


  2. great roundup of essentials for college!


  3. I so agree with these. I live quite far away from my uni and must have saved over £100+ by using my railcard during the first year. I also agree with slipper socks, they're a life saver!

    - Rhi | Beauty Bucket List

    1. Aren't they just, I find it hard to take them off from November onwards haha!

  4. I love this. I moved from Bristol to Newcastle for uni and I need all of these. ESPECIALLY the slippers and blankets... you Northerners must be made of steel to cope with the cold!

    JaynieShannon | Beauty & Style Blog | I follow back.


    1. Haha we cope with great difficulty! To be fair, I found it just as awful in London as I usually would in Yorkshire :(

  5. very useful post! Can't wait to start a new year at uni!

  6. I completely agree with this post, especially the throw! My uni sofa is bloody disgusting. It's black and I would hate to think what the marks are, so the first thing we did was buy a throw. And I definitely agree with the scented candles, as I have lived with stinky boys for the past 2 years ha!

    Lauren x

  7. My throw was the best thing I took with me ha!



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