Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Sorry for the lack of posts lately, i've been moving back in and getting my life together now that i'm back in London and I actually don't have internet at the moment :( last night was perfect - free champagne, free cocktails, the brand new collection before anybody else, Rihanna, Cara, goodie bags - it was like the holy grail of press events. People from Elle, River Island, the paparazzi, and the papers were swarming everywhere - why I didn't get any contacts or come home with an internship is beyond me, but we'll blame the champagne for that one!

Onto the collection... On first impressions from the first press release that Vogue kindly provided us, I was skeptical. I thought, there is just no way you are going to see me in camo. Then you see it in real life and (maybe only if you're a fellow designer) you see the direction they were going in and start to 'get it'. There's a common basketball-jersey mesh theme throughout the whole collection and upon seeing it, i'm literally in love. My favourites were the mesh maxi dresses and like a fool, I didn't snap one up last night! The mesh crop tees in the same style from the last collection (with the half sleeves) are also gorgeous, especially in the camo and has made it onto my post-student loan wishlist.
There's a ton of gorgeous thick cotton garments (such as the G4LIFE jumpers - I bought one) and they're just perfect for the coming season. I had to grab one!
My last ultimate faves were everything in the digital black and white print - which you may have seen on Rihanna herself and Jourdan Dunn this week at NYFW. It really is beautiful and it will get snapped up very fast - meaning I won't have time to buy - but if you're in a position to, I definitely would. You can choose from a midi length, oversized t-shirt dress (a la Jourdan Dunn), a bodycon mini with long sleeves (a la Rihanna) or some super cute leggings that also don the print. There's also an amazing oversized jumper dress that says 'G4LIFE' at the bottom, and it looks incredible on! Who'd have known i'd have loved everything?

Unfortunately, Rihanna wasn't doing fan pics - I did bump into Kavita from She Wears Fashion though, who was unbelievably lucky to be styled by Rihanna personally - so yeah i'm incredibly envious there, but it was lovely to meet her. I did get some photos from the event though (I was drunk, remember that) for you all to see - it was an amazing party and i'm so grateful to have had the chance to be there. Onto Fashion week!

Sorry for allllll the photos guys! I'm still all excited over it as you can see! 
You can shop the collection on-line and in store tomorrow at River Island.



  1. So jealous! Glad you had a good time. I witnessed your tweets when you were trying to win the competition so know how much you wanted it. The collection looks amazing and is sure to make me bankrupt by the end of the month! Are you heading to Somerset House on Saturday? x

    1. Yeah I wanted it so bad haha! So happy I got to be there. And I know there's some seriously amazing stuff, I was pleasantly surprised! And i'm heading over on Friday and Tuesday x

    2. Oh cool. I really wanted to go on Friday but it's looking doubtful due to work! x

  2. This looks like such an amazing event! xo

  3. I love the photos you were able to show us. Bet you were so excited to see her!\

  4. Glad you like them! It was so surreal! x

  5. Oh gawsh looks like you had an amazing time! So cool!!

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