Thursday, 19 September 2013

London Fashion Week - S/S '14 - 'What bloggers think'

As you may or may not already know, last week I headed over to London Fashion Week to see some Fashion Scout shows and while I was around I went to the New Look Refuel Room that they hosted for us bloggers, where we could refresh, sort ourselves out in between shows and meet fellow bloggers.
Since then, i've been asked about my views of Fashion week and been asked a few questions, so I thought I'd do a post with some of the questions i've been asked for you all to see!

1. Was there a key fashion theme running through this year's LFW?

One thing I did notice when I was keeping up with shows is that pink is definitely still reigning after A/W which makes me super happy because as you might have noticed, I wear a ton of pink. Sport inspired silhouettes also remain key as well as sheer fabrics and my ultimate favourite that seems to be popular for S/S14 - the baggy/wide leg trouser. 

s/s14 burberry
Sheer fabrics at Burberry

2. Which collection were you most excited to see before coming to LFW?

Mary Katrantzou. Since discovering her a couple of years ago i've become obsessed with her print work. I study Fashion design myself and print design has become my favourite part of what I do, so she is a solid favourite in my books and always creates perfection. She's a genius.

s/s14 mary katranzou
Mary Katrantzou S/S14

3. Do you have any tips for making the most out of your time at LFW?

Yes! I made the mistake of going for the big wedges - which turned out to kill my feet (my toes are still numb, whoopsieeee!) but luckily I took a pair of dolly shoes with me and they were just my absolute saviours. I would suggest being realistic about which shows you can make too as it can be so hectic. I find it best to prioritise so you don't end up missing the designer's you're really excited about - and dress as best you can - people are snapping Street Style at every angle! 
One of my favourite parts of LFW was definitely the Refuel room though, so if you're a fellow blogger and you get an invite I definitely recommend heading over - New Look are just amazing for what they did for us!

new look refuel room
Hanging out in the Refuel Room with some fellow bloggers and New Look in the swank Waldorf hotel

4. If you could sit on the front row with all the celebs, who would you want to sit next to? 

Very tough question because if there is one celebrity in the whole, entire world that I would loooove to sit next to, I would most definitely choose Rihanna - but in fashion terms, if you could get that seat next to Anna Wintour and make her love you, she could really do some good things for your career!

5. If you could take home one of the collections, whose would it be? 

As much as Mary Katrantzou is my all-time favourite, I would love to be the Preen girl. The collection is just amazing. All white? Check. Geo print? Check. I'm in pure love, especially with the asymmetry. 

preen s/s14
Preen S/S14

6. What would you say are the biggest challenges as a blog owner?

There are actually so many. First of all, getting yourself out there and getting people to actually read - but this surprisingly hasn't been the hardest part. I still find it hard to admit to it with people that I know in real life. I feel judged and I don't even know why. It's quite tough coming up with things that people actually wanna see aswell, so I find myself lucky that people seem to enjoy my outfit posts. 
Another big challenge is carrying on. I know that a lot of others have been discouraged at times aswell because followers don't come over night and people don't find you over night either. You have to stick with it for the readers to come in, which is something i'm still working on.



  1. I feel your pain with the wedges situation, my feet are still recovering as I was stupid and didn't pack flats! Completely agree with your last paragraph, as a new blogger I'm still trying to get over feeling judged.


    1. Eeek! I'd have CRIED if that was me! It's hard isn't it, I feel like I won't stop caring until i'm really good - which maybe I will be one day! x

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  3. I love Mary Katrantzou! I did Textiles for Fashion so she was such an inspiration when I was doing my final collection this year. I also really loved Peter Pilotto's collection.
    Good idea to take flats, I have no pain tolerance when it comes to my feet in heels so I definitely would have needed the flats!
    I totally agree with your last paragraph, just last night my friends were laughing at me for taking pictures of our dinner party, not being horrible but it is discouraging. It is hard to stick at it sometimes but I'm determined as I really love it :)
    pretty eclectic

    1. You have the exact same taste in designers as me! I loveee Peter Pilotto too. Anything with an impeccable print wins me over :) and I feel like that's so rude of them to laugh :( i'd beat my friends asses haha! YES keep at it, don't stop! x

  4. You are truly living the dream. its my dream to be able to see fashion week. I love your blog!

    Care to follow each other in gfc and BL? Let me know! :)


    1. I'm sure you will! Ask around for next season, you will love it! :)

  5. Great post!!


  6. Wonderful post! I enjoyed reading your answers,and I have to admit that i'm afraid of being judged too. I think every blogger does! :)

    1. Oh thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! And yeah, I guess none of us will ever get over that :( x

  7. So jealous that you got to go to LFW! Completely agree with your point on trying to think of things people want to read, as a new blogger I really struggle with that! Great post :D


    1. So tough isn't it! My readership goes through phases too so everydays a challenge for us bloggers!

  8. Wow, you were there. Great!

    Great blog. Would you like to follow each ohter? - it would be fantastic;)


    Minnja Blog

  9. I love your insight on LFW but I can't tell you how much I agree with #6, not even my closes friends know about my blog. I mostly started it because I did not have an outlet to talk about those things with them, but I'm scared to handle the judgement I'd receive for admitting I had one. Comments like "who really cares about what you wear/post?"

    -Stina |

    1. Me too! I bet everyone I know thinks that but if people read, I guess we just have to remember it doesn't matter what the others think :)

    2. That's true :P They're irrelevant haha

  10. Like this collection!

    Christina Klein

  11. I'm super happy that the pastel shades are coming back, Burberry was my favourite collection :) Good luck getting more followers, I'm new and trying to stay positive at all times x
    You look nice on the picture xx

    P.S. Would you like to check out at my post about LFW?


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