Monday, 5 August 2013

Top 10 lipsticks

So, I did do swatches, but it didn't turn out very well because i'm a numbnuts so i'm just gonna show you. For a while i've been thinking about posting my favourite lipsticks because a few people have asked me about the shades that i'm wearing and it seems to be a hot topic on the #bbloggers chats so after last night's chat, i've decided to finally do the post! Here's my top 10 lipsticks that I can't live without (for now):

Macaroon - Topshop
This is my ultimate favourite, it applies so easily and is low maintenance as well as looking amaziiiiing on! The image above is exactly as it applies, yum! 

Pots - CK
This is CK 'Ultimate edge' in 'Pots' and these are quite lip balm like with a glossiness. For full colour I apply with a brush which can be quite tricky but the stronger colour you get is lovely!

Impassioned - MAC
'Impassioned' is a little bit deeper and bolder than the stock photo here, but in a nice way. This is my favourite bright pink shade I have. Nothing beats MAC in my eyes!

Brighton Rock - Topshop
This is also a little bit different from the stock photo. 'Brighton Rock' is quite a neon shade of the colour shown in the photo, but not too bright on application making it perfect, and it looks amazing with a tan. This is probably one of the best lipsticks Topshop have ever made.

Orange Too - CK
I'm still getting into the whole orange lip thing and working up slowly towards getting a real bright one from MAC so Orange Too is the perfect step as it isn't too out there. It's quite a subtly orange, so if you're pale skinned like me and worried about looking crazy, this is an awesome shade! 

Daredevil - Topshop
This is actually the only red lipstick I own (a fashion student not owning 'Ruby Woo'? I know right!). This is one of the best applying Topshop lipsticks I own other than Brighton Rock. It's so easy to apply without the mess and it's that blue-toned red that looks great on anyone!

Rebel - MAC
Rebel is my signature shade, I love everything about it. I was dying for a purple with a pink hue to it for so long and then what dya know, MAC gave the world this. I don't know what I would do if they ever discontinued it. I would die inside.

Berry Cool - CK
Again, this one has a little gloss to it which makes it a tad difficult to apply with a brush, but the strong colour you get if you are patient with it is lovely! The subtler tone you get when just applied as a balm is nice too as it's quite a deep, pink/red. 

Honey Nude - Clinique
This is the only honey/nude tone I own, and it's definitely the lowest maintenance of them all, it applies so well and it's the kind of tone that would suit a blonde due to the honey shade. This was the first lipstick I ever really started wearing. Perfect for a neutral day.

Depth - Topshop
This one is super, super dark! Some may say, only for Halloween! It's not as black as it seems on application as it's more a really deep purple colour and it is quite hard to apply because of this and it seems to streak a little when applied with a brush so it takes a lot of patience. This is the worst Topshop lipstick I own but I still love the colour when I manage to get it looking perfect. This is probably for people with the guts too only though!



  1. Macaroon is one of my favourites too! It's gorgeous for spring and summer! Lovely post :) xx

  2. Love this post, I'm always a little wary of buying new lipsticks (for their application and quality) so glad there are a few here I might take a look at :)

    Followed you on Twitter/Bloglovin, you deserve more followers than you have!

    L x

  3. Love the first one and the black shade :)

  4. Amazing blog, Followed You :)
    Please follow me back :)

    Mister Dede

  5. I love the look of mac impassioned!

    Rose xo

    1. It's a lovely colour, you should check it out in store, it's quite bright but so nice!

  6. great post, im in love with the calvin klein Berry Cool x

    From your latest follower and follow mine and my 13 year old twin's new blog if you like and let us know what you think xx

  7. Rebel is my favourite! Great choices x

  8. MAC 'Rebel' is one of my favourite lipsticks - I love it!

    Elizabeth x

  9. thank you very much for visiting me, would you like to follow each other? ;)

  10. I've got (and love) Topshop's macaroon too! Emma Louise Layla x

  11. Wonderful colors...I really like your pretty blog.^^
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    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets nessa

  12. Great post! cool blog!


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  13. wonderful post"!!
    really great job..
    wanna follow each other?

  14. Loved reading this :)

    Been lusting after many of these for a whole especially 'macaroon' which I'm now going to have to purchase!


    1. Yeah it's sooo nice! You should google the swatches if you haven't already to fall in love with it some more haha!

  15. Great lipstick review. Personally I love Chanel, and MAC is great choice :)Topshop is very interesting choice :)xo

    1. I was sceptical about Topshop when they first released their make up line around 3 years ago, but I really do love them. I have eyeliner by them too and it's lovely! And I would love love love some Chanel but i'm on a student budget :(

  16. I really love the purple shade lipstick its beautiful xx

  17. The macaroon looks lovely, I never would've guessed that topshop had great makeup! The rebel looks much darker from that picture, but it's such a pretty pinkish cranberry in real life <3 Great picks :)

  18. I'm in love with Topshops Macaroon, such a nice shade! Great post :) xo


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