Friday, 9 August 2013

The wait is over... Marc Jacobs beauty is here!

I'm turning into quite the beauty blogger aren't I? I swear i'll do an outfit post soon... But for the time being i'm reeeeeal excited about the brand spankin' new Marc Jacobs beauty line that launched just today! You can shop at or in store now. Sooo, I wanted to share with you all the things i'm swooning over from his new line - why didn't he do this sooner?!

Lip Gel in 'All The Way'

Style Eye-con palette in 'The Starlet' 

Lip Gel in 'Severine'

Bold Blush in 'Obsessed'

Lip Gel in 'Little Pretty'

Style Eye-con palette in 'The Mod'

Hi-shine lacquer in 'Sally'

Concealer pen

Brow tamer grooming gel

Foundation brush

So far the range is only available to the USA and Canada however it can be shopped on Sephora's website (yay!) if anyone has been lucky enough to try anything and has swatched it by all means drop a comment and let us all know



  1. ahh I'm excited for this, that nail polish in particular looks gorgeous!

  2. Oh, my I love 'the mod' eye shadow pallet :))

  3. That nail lacquer *o* all the products look incredibly luxurious, loving the lipsticks - wouldn't expect anything less from Marc I have to say! ;P

    Your blog is really lovely, followed you via Bloglovin! Looking forward to more postings :D

    Amelia xx

    1. He's amazing isn't he! And thank you, followed back :) xx


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