Friday, 2 August 2013

Ebay finds: Wishlist

Me and Ebay are like best friends. We mutually benefit each other. They get my money, I get shiny new things (some of which are pointless and I will probably never use like the 1p box of 50 artificial rose heads I bought a month ago). There's no denying though that sometimes you can just strike pure gold if you manage to win a great auction. So, here's a gander inside an Ebay addict's watch list:

Heart shaped sunglasses - 99p (here)

Body chain - £1.98 (here)

Chunky cut out boots - £17.07 (here)

Will Smith 'Fresh' tee - £13.95 (here)

Hair chalk - £2.53 (here)

Cat eye sunglasses - £1.79 (here)

Zara skort dupe - £3.99 (here)

'Ain't no wifey' beanie - £5.99 (here)

Transparent clutch - £18.99 (here)

"You can't sit with us" tee - £6 (here)

Also, if you like Jeffrey Campbell but you don't like the prices, check out these Ebay stores. They sell the cast offs from Office with 'defects' starting at 99p but most of the time you can't tell there's anything wrong with them ;) here and here



  1. You can't beat ebay for bargains! I absolutely love your picks, I want the perspex clutch and cutout boots! x

  2. Those zara skort dupes are a bargain and a lovely colour too :) xx

    1. I know right! They have the other colours too! Thinking of buying them sometime soon :)

  3. I wish I was more of an ebay shopper, but I'm not an online shopper as I hate using bank details ect. I really want those hair chalks as recently I've seen sooo many people rocking them. Plus a beanie, they are so in at the moment! The zara dupes are amazing, That is defo something that I might break my no shopping online rule for because they look AMAZING and soooo like the real versions.

    Lovely blog missus! I'm really enjoying it!
    Oh, and as I've said before on twitter, I love your header haha

    Rachel x x

    1. I feel privileged to potentially be the devil on your shoulder telling you to online shop! Haha and thank you it means a lot! xx

  4. Oh I seriously love the fresh t-shirt !!! Love will so much haha ! Great post

  5. I want the beanie and tshirt sooo bad too, hahah!


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