Sunday, 29 December 2013

2013 in outfits / top outfits

All of this started in July (the 2nd to be precise)... I always posted my fashion illustrations or recent catwalk shows that I loved but it was never really a 'thing' until then. I can't even pinpoint when it became 'a thing' or even why I started taking outfit photos. All I know is i'm here today making outfits here and there to show you all and updating you on my boring life.
I'm a total newbie and i've only been around this 'blogosphere' for six months now, but i'm so proud of what it's become. 2013 has been a great year and i've had some amazing opportunities come from this - LFW, meeting Rihanna at the Rihanna for River Island launch party, the AX Paris party and ultimately getting an internship with Cagecity (and we have a sale on so get your butts over to!)
I never expected to get even 50 followers, let alone the amazing amount I seem to have acquired and for that i'm so grateful. I've also made some pretty awesome friends in the process and I really wanna thank Jess from and my already-friend-before-blogging Laura as they've both really been there and helped me out when I needed a friend. Soppy, I know.
I've worked with some AMAZING brands in these little six months such as Sheinside, Cagecity, French Connection, New Look and Choies which I never thought could happen but it did and i'm super happy to have been given the chance to work with each of them.
If you were to ask me what my goals are for 2014, I think they would be to continue to not give a damn, keep getting dressed, and possibly get my ass outside to do proper photos (I decide this at the end of December just before the snow season commences...)
Here's a look back at my favourite looks from this year, feel free to let me know which your faves were and also what you'd like to see on Lost in Wonderland in 2014! :)

Ways To Wear The Pastel Coat // Finally

What To Wear To A Xmas Party // Ways To Wear The Printed Trousers

The Christmas Day Dress // Ways To Wear The Printed Trousers

The Pink PVC Pencil Skirt // The Sun Don't Shine

We're Going Through Changes // Never Let The Fear Of Striking Out Keep You From Playing The Game

The Storm // Bud Life

Neon Pink // Monochrome
Happy New Year everyone! Hope you go hard on Tuesday (or are perfectly happy doing whatever else haha) i'll be hitting the Grey Goose and hazily entering 2014!


Friday, 27 December 2013

The pink PVC pencil skirt

Sweater - c/o Sheinside (here)
Skirt - Missguided (here)
Bag - Miss Selfridge
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

After what feels like forever dreaming of getting my mits on the gorrrrgeous Missguided PVC pencil skirt, Santa finally brought it to me on Tuesday night and i've been super excited ever since to wear it - and of course my brand new Jeffrey Campbell's which i'm in loveee with! 
If you're looking for a midi skirt that doesn't show off your lumps and bumps, I would definitely give the PVC ones a try, I mean look how flat my Christmas belly looks in this baby! I have my eye on the blue one for sure, I am officially obsessed! Missguided, never stop selling them... In fact, just make them in every colour and i'll be the ambassador of the garment!
Lately i'm just bored with clothes, and my case with things now is if it ain't different, it ain't gonna get bought. I'm so done with plain lately, for me a good print or an unusual fabric choice does the trick and that's pretty much my motive with any new additions to my wardrobe now. Life's too short for boring clothes! 

Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Christmas Haul

I hope you all had an awwwwesome Christmas yesterday - and most importantly an awesome christmas dinner! And if you were affected by any of the awful flooding down South then I hope it didn't spoil your day too much.
I don't want this to come across as a braggy post because it isn't at all, just me sharing my Christmas antics with you all!
It was a day filled with proper yorkshire puddings, too much chocolate (even for a chocaholic like myself), champers, gifting and cats - so all in all, a pretty great day! Now that i'm in my 20's I don't really expect too much, and honestly anything I do get now is great because being a student means that I NEVER get to go shopping or treat myself, so i'm very grateful for anything that comes my way, including a free roast dinner - and that roast dinner was pretty damn good... My dad made the Yorkshire puddings the size of my head and instead of turkey we had chicken, served with a thousand stuffing balls (on my plate anyway!) and it was heavenly! Of course we had copious amounts of alcohol and my dad ended up dressing up as Batman and waving at people in the village. Maybe it's a Northern thing, maybe it's Rogan thing...
I think my favourite part is actually giving presents. I love the whole process of picking things out for people that you think they will love and then seeing their faces when they open it... And the satisfaction of getting it right - which of course I did ;)
Anyway, I was on Santa's good girl list this year luckily, so I was treat to a few lovelyyyy things... Just one problem with my amazing gifts and that's getting them back to uni! The only downfall of Christmas!

new years eve outfit ideas
My New Year's Eve dress from Missguided

pink pvc skirt
The coveted pink PVC skirt from Missguided

boohoo onesie
Wouldn't be Christmas without a Onesie now would it? 

filofax dupe
You know you're getting old when you're excited about getting an organiser! (This one's from Paperchase)

perfume xmas gift
Smellies, obv!

xmas gift idea
More bathing delights!

naked palette
I finally lost my Naked palette virginity, and got a new MAC shade - 'Flat out Fabulous'

grey goose
The other half knows me so well...

jeffrey campbell nightwalk
My Christmas tradition, a new pair of Jeffrey Campbell's every year!


Monday, 23 December 2013


Sheinside is just one of those stores that I can sit on for hours and hours and they just have zillions of products that I lust over every single day. Since my folder especially for Sheinside products in my bookmarks keeps on getting longer and longer, I figured it was time to share all of the amazing things I was swooning over! If you haven't bought from them before I do highly recommend them, you're guaranteed to find a few diamonds and they have the best prices as well as free shipping! Their products are gradually taking over my entire wardrobe.... Here's my current Sheinside loves:

new year wishlist

Purple quilted sweater (here)
Blue two-tone jumper (here)
Geometric contrast sweater (here)
Religious parody sweater (here

new year wishlist

Two tone pink strappy dress (here)
Floral print dress (here)
Cross-halter dress (here)

new year wishlist

Asymmetric printed skirt (here)
Tartan trousers (here)
Leather skort (here)

new year wishlist

Lilac boyfriend coat (here)
Contrast faux fur coat (here)
White faux fur coat (here)
Coffee contrast coat (here)


Saturday, 21 December 2013

Home for Christmas

karma clothing dress

karma clothing dress

karma clothing dress

christmas tree star

christmas tree ideas

christmas stocking ideas

Sweater dress - c/o Karma Clothing (here)
Bag - Celine
Shoes - Missguided

At winter I just wanna throw things on and be warm and cosy, so when I spotted this sweater dress I knew it would fulfill all my lazy winter needs! As much as I love fashion, warm and cosy wins every time - sometimes it's just too cold to be chic, especially when home is the North! 
It's far too stormy outside in the abyss of Yorkshire today so there was no way in hell I was gonna go outside to do photos, so I thought i'd show you the way I do Christmas at home. If it was up to me I would cover the place in multi-coloured tinsel and the tree would obviously be decorated in pink - but my mum's one of those mums that just has to have every single thing matching, bless her! 
Just a few more days til Santa comes now and i'm ridiculously excited, not just for presents but my favourite part is actually giving presents and seeing how much they like them - and the part where we have cake and champagne, can't beat it! 
I'm not big on turkey and all the trimmings so i'm looking forward to an Indian banquet this Christmas with my family and lots and lots of drinks - i'll be getting Grandma on the Asti! 
What's everyone else looking forward to on Wednesday? 

Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Christmas day dress

sheinside dress

christmas day outfit

sheinside dress

christmas day outfit

Dress - c/o Sheinside (here)
Bag - c/o River Island ( sold out in pink but available in purple and blue here / here)
Shoes - Kurt Geiger

Probably a pretty obvious dress for a blogger to have, but since the summer i've had my beady little eyes on it and I couldn't resist given the opportunity. Because it's so floaty I just think that it could suit anyone so it's the perfect dress for any occasion. It's one of those dress it up or dress it down dresses that just works every single time! I may even go as far as to say it's the perfect LBD! As always with Sheinside quality and price go hand in hand and my long-reigning love for them continues! 
Also, check out the change of scenery! No more dingy student room for the rest of 2013! I will probably gradually go up a dress size in my photos now it's Christmas... I have a serious shopping list for my mother which involves tins of roses, donuts, christmas cupcakes and a lot of indian food! That's what christmas is for, right? 


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Varsity jacket

varsity jacket london designer

london designer

varsity jacket

varsity jacket

Jacket - Laura Alice Rogan
Tshirt - Missguided
Skirt - Primark

I know, I have a whole lotta 'fro going on here... Some days, it just can't be tamed! I just wanted to show everyone what has been all-consuming for me lately, the reason for my blogging absence and twitter hiatus. I'm not saying i'm Galliano by all means but I worked super hard on this jacket for weeks and weeks and in the end (despite the felt folding on the sleeves) it definitely paid off. I had never before made a jacket so i'm so pleased with myself - it's lined and finished professionally and everything - plus the elbow pads are weaved and took 7 hours altogether to weave both! 
Obviously there are things I learned and things I could do better next time, but i'm just too happy with it to let it sit away in a cupboard. My inspiration was primarily Ivy League with a hint of 'Industrial Evolution', which is where my colour and fabrics came from - in case you were wondering why it was such a strange varsity jacket! 
Now, onto the next project! 


Saturday, 14 December 2013

Ways to wear printed trousers part 2

french connection trousers

celine bag

colour blocking

celine bag

house of holland sunglasses

Peplum top - Topshop
Trousers - c/o French Connection (here)
Sunnies - c/o Choies (here)
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

The christmas tree is up, Harry Potter is on and i'm feeling suuuuper festive! Onesie on, xmas jumper over the top - bliss! 
But less of me and onto the clothes - I love to challenge myself and pair up things that I wouldn't usually put together just to try and make outfits a bit more fun than usual, so I figured i'd try some colour clashing and I actually like it! I'm not one of those people that like to stick black or white with a colour - it's so easy to do it, and we alllll do it, but it's fun to try something new. I think it's something i'm gonna stick by more often - i'm forever complaining at my friend, also called Laura, for wearing black on black on black so I have to stick to my word and stay away from it myself haha! 


Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Ways to wear the printed trousers

french connection


celine bag

french connection

Sweater - c/o Sheinside (here)
Trousers - c/o French Connection (here)
Bag - Celine
Fur headband - c/o Southbeach (here)
Shoes - c/o Heelberry (here)
The amount of c/o's here was definitely not intentional :( 

I am finally free for Christmas! It's quite exciting to say actually, I literally just finished writing and printing my essay which is due for the morning, so to celebrate i'm going to eat lots of cake and watch a ton of catch up TV and plan some outfits so I can keep updated while i'm out of London over Christmas (I'M SO EXCITED!)

I recently received these beeeeautiful trousers from French Connection. I saw them on the site and they are just 100% me so I was really happy to get the chance to have them. In all honesty, I never really bothered with French Connection. I was always led to believe that they were just another brand that my mum liked, so I never really took it upon myself to look around. They may generally be aimed at an older audience, but they really do have some amazing stuff, especially if you're looking for some fashion-led work wear. I wore these to the office today and they are just the perfect light, slouchy-yet-smart trousers that i'll be taking through to S/S 14! I actually spent my entire night last night writing down outfit possibilities for these trousers... I'm a saddo and proud! You may also be happy to hear (if you love them as much as I do) that they are also on sale now! Woohoo!
So, there we have it, I am officially a French Connection fan, and they have secured themselves a spot in my bookmarks list with their own folder (i'm a big wishlist maker!).


Monday, 9 December 2013

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: What's new pussycat?

cat jumper

celine bag

choies jumper

Cat sweater - c/o Choies
Midi dress - Topshop
Bag - Celine
Boots - Kurt Geiger

Kind of an obvious title, I know, but it had to be done! I really wanted to show off my new jumper from Choies - i'm a massive cat fan so as soon as I saw it I had to have it, and it reminded me of John Lennon who is another love of mine. I really wanted to pair it with the famous leather joggers but I wear them so much I figured I should probably steer clear for a while and ban myself from putting them on!
If you're a Cat lover like myself you should definitely head on over to Choies, they have like 100 of them - they really know how to make a girl spend hours browsing clothes!
I'm literally counting down the days to go home, all this Christmas shopping is getting me too excited and I just want to give everyone their gifts already, and me and my family are having indian food for Christmas dinner this year so i'm majorly excited for that... Unconventional I know, but we're curry addicts at my household! Plus, I get to see Harry the cat finally. He's a buggar, but I miss him!
If you love Choies, don't forget to check out their Xmas sale too, there's some gems in there! (here)

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